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Class Differences

At the previous gig, I worked in a class A office building with paneled walls, stone floors and luxurious fixtures in the public areas. My current gig is in what, at best, is a class C building. It’s a former telephone company central office that used to house switching equipment used to connect and route calls over the public switched telephone network (I’m sure that means nothing to most of you). The building was decommissioned as a central office and converted into office space. Since most central offices are windowless, window had to be cut into the building as part of the renovation. The raised floor was left in place and carpeted over. It’s not a glamourous place, which is fine by me. I rather work at a great gig in bland building than work in a high-end building for a company that’s worse than the seventh level of hell.

The elevator at the last gig with terrazzo floors:

The elevator in the present gig with industrial carpeting:

And no, I’m not wearing the same pants in both pictures. The top pair is a dark navy while the bottom is black.

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The Best Of Friday Night

I attended the Craig Robb opening at Pirate Contemporary Art on Friday night. As usual, Craig offered interesting and inventive sculptures this time incorporating LED lights and mixed materials. Have a look.

Blind Side, $400.

Variant Of The Sublime, $300

A Fractious Embrace, $400

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