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The Ceremonial End Of A Dinner

I snapped this picture in the bathroom in Cindi’s studio. When I showed the picture to Cindi she laughed. Cindi explained that a woman needs choices. One never knows when a hot man will pop into the studio and a choice of lipsticks is crucial. She’s selling herself as an artist along with her art.

One night at dinner at La Choza, Miss N proclaimed the meal was officially over when she pulled a lipstick out of her purse for a post-meal application. Cindi soon followed. The ceremonial end of a dining experience being marked by the re-application of lipstick before leaving a restaurant. It’s a ritual I’ve seen a thousand times. It’s the signal to gather one’s things and prepare for departure.

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A Great Time

I had another great time in Santa Fe. Saw some beautiful art but was easily restrained from purchases by the price points. Had my fill of green chili for a while. Enjoyed the company of many friends over lunches and dinners. My hosts, D & P, chauffeured me around the entire time. I didn’t drive my car until the trip home. Cindi seems to be thriving in Santa Fe. She’s positively beaming. She’s producing some great work. Madame is nearing the end of a six year legal battle over workplace discrimination. Her heiress/artist girlfriend is working on an exhibit for a museum in Taos. A group drove up into the mountains to see the fall colors making a stop at 10,000 Waves on the way home. I stopped in Miss N’s studio to see her new works, which are stunning watercolors inspired by the New Mexican landscape. I also went to a few open houses in the Las Companas area. Saw a stunning house with great views on 2.5 acres. It comes with a two-bedroom guest house. I loved the house. Sadly, I’m not ready to move to Santa Fe. I really don’t need a 4,500 sq. ft. house. It was fun to look.

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Another Year

My contract was renewed today for another year. The new contract includes a salary increase. My existing contract expires on Sunday. I’ll have continuous employment without a break. It doesn’t always work out that way, especially in times when senior leadership changes. Income, it’s a good thing.

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Headed To Santa Fe

My contract is running out of billable hours which means I need to take a few days off. What better excuse for a road trip to Santa Fe? I’ll be staying out in the desert with the guys. I’ll also be doing an art tour with Cindi and possibly helping her hang art at a client’s new home. I hope to see Madame and her artist/heiress girlfriend (better living through chemistry) because they are always fun to hang out with. And I want to see Miss N, an artist/BMW enthusiast along with her handsome bear of a husband. It should be great weather for an end of summer, beginning of fall road trip.

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The Scary Ironing Board

I was mowing the lawn on Monday night. The cat was reclined on the grass under a maple tree watching me. I kept getting close and closer to the cat. He just sat there unfazed by the lawn mower. He finally moved when I got about two feet away.

On Sunday, I was vacuuming the rug in the family room. The cat wandered in and sat on the rug watching me. The noisy vacuum didn’t bother him. When I got about a foot from his tail he finally walked slowly out of the room.

Last night, I was carrying the ironing board from the laundry room into the family room. The cat was reclined on the chaise in the family room. When he saw the ironing board, he jumped up and ran out of the room, down the basement stairs and hid behind the water heater. How strange is that? He’s not bothered by the lawn mower or the vacuum, but the ironing board scares him. This cat has no end to his strange ways.

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Photo Of The Day

Here’s something one would not have seen a few years ago. A line of Teslas, mostly model S, being charged in the parking garage at the upscale Cherry Creek Mall.

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Friday Night Art Pics

A few pics from the Friday night art tour.

Walker Fine Art, Angela Beloian, Blue Buzz, black gesso, silver ink pen and acrylic on panel, 40 x 48, $3,800.

Goodwin Fine Art, Jill Hadley Hooper, Still Life 1, mixed media on panel, 52 x 36, $5,500.

Next Gallery, Betsy $B Rudolph, no description or price given.

Core New Art Space, Rolf Helland, Chinese Apartment, oil paint on canvas, $450.

Pirate Contemporary Art, Charles Livingston, paper, graphite and resin, NFS. Charles drew 5,184 circles on the paper.

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Knocking It Out Of The Park

There are times when I look forward to the Friday night gallery opening with expectations of greatness only to be slapped in face disappointment. Artists or galleries with proven track records veer off course with less than stellar presentations. It happens. You take it in stride with hope the next round of openings will knock it out of the park. The start of fall art season here opened with bang and then fell into a whimper. Tonight’s round of openings one again proved there is a plethora of talent in the Queen City of the Plains.

Mack and I started the night at Walker Fine Art in the Golden Triangle. Walker presented another excellently curated group show with seven artist showing works. Our next stop was Goodwin Fine Art just a few blocks away. Goodwin had a double hitter of Jill Hadley Hooper and Mark Villarreal. I loved every piece in this show. Both artists at one point in their careers were members of Pirate Contemporary Art. It’s great to artists move from a co-op to a blue chip gallery.

Our next stop was the Santa Fe Arts District to see a juried show at Core New Art Space. I’m not always a fan of group, or juried shows, but there are some nicely executed works in this presentation.

Our final destination was the 40 West Art District in Lakewood to see what the co-ops were offering. Stops were made at Next, EDGE and Pirate Contemporary Art. Gayla Lemke is showing wonderful clay totems at EDGE. But the star of the co-ops was the Charles Livingston opening at Pirate.

Charles opened Catalyst (1,000,000), a multimedia performance piece that knocked it out of the park. Charles was cutting old bicycle inner tubes sourced from local bike shops. Think of it as the art version of farm to table, but rather bike shop to gallery. Charles sat silently in a black chair dressed in a black t-shirt and black jeans with his hair freshly buzzed. He had been cutting the inner tubes into small pieces since 6 p.m. The cut rubber pieces were piled on the gallery floor contained by black lumber. A pile of inner tubes sat on the floor next to Charles. Charles composed an ethereal soundtrack, which included some Brian Eno, that played in the back ground. Charles counted the number of cuts and tallied them by the hundred. There were also some mixed media pieces consisting of circles drawn on paper which was torn and covered in resin. I can’t explain why, but people were overcome with various emotions. I saw a number of men and women weeping. I felt overwhelmed with a feeling of awe. It was an art happening which I was experiencing firsthand.

It’s a night I will always remember. A night like the time I walked into Pirate many years ago and saw a four-foot wide continuous charcoal drawing by Peter Illig which wrapped around three walls of the gallery. It was stunning, as was Charles’ presentation was tonight.

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An Internet Star Is Born

Mack’s former roommate has a Tumblr page. It’s a naughty page. A very naughty page. He has posted pictures of himself, his boyfriend and other men. Most of the pics are X-rated. There’s no part of his body which is hidden from view. Some pictures show him engaging in relations with his boyfriend and other men. He’s doing something I could never do. What I find amazing is how many other blogs have reposted his pictures. He’s spreading across the Internet (no pun intended). He’s becoming an online star. Again, that’s something I would never want.

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Reward On Thursday

One of my peers is on medical leave for a knee replacement. She asked me to cover one of her product lines while she is out of the office for 16 weeks. She told me there is very little activity on the product. She also said there shouldn’t be any life cycle changes until 2019, and that none of the company’s pending acquisitions will affect the product line.

It’s been smooth sailing. That is, until today, when changes my peer instituted went live and caused some issues.

I know next to nothing about this product so I’ve been struggling to understand the issues and formulate a corrective action. The product manager is in India so we’ve only been communicating via email. It’s going to be a trying week.

On the other hand, there’s a Rembrandt exhibition opening at the Denver Art Museum on Thursday night that I’m looking forward too. It’s will be a nice reward for making it through this week.

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