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Avoiding Reality

Mack and I hit the art openings on Friday night. Space Gallery opened another stellar show of large scale abstract paintings, Tracey Russell presented her wonderful abstract paintings at Core New Art Space and Bug opened an installation at Pirate Contemporary Art which seems to be a commentary on the current political unrest, along with choosing good, bad or indifference. It was a good night for art.

Mack finally secured full time employment at Crate & Barrel which included a promotion. He’s making more money in retail than he was at the architectural firm. Mack is now concentrating on building up a financial reserve, which, is a good thing.

After the art tour, I rushed home as Cindi was arriving from New York. I should have known better. She was flying out of JFK in the evening which usually means the flight will be delayed. Cindi was due to be at my house by 9 but didn’t arrive until after 11. She had planned on leaving first thing in the morning but ended up sleeping in which meant my plans for Saturday were tossed out the window. Cindi treated me to lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant which has excellent pho. After lunch, I dug some yarrow and rose campion out of my garden for Cindi to take back to Santa Fe. Cindi finally left a little after 2, making a stop in Boulder for art supplies, and then back to New Mexico.

I headed to the gym after Cindi left. I had a long, much needed workout. Post workout, I watched Hinterland, a Welsh crime drama series on Netflix, in an attempt to avoid any media coverage of current events. I spent the rest of the weekend doing household chores, watching Hinterland and reading non-political articles in the New York Times. I didn’t want to return to reality.

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One Less Bucket List Item

Cindi stopped by earlier in the week to drop off her car off at my house before flying to New York. A friend of hers scored Bruce Springsteen concert tickets for the amazing low price of $800 each. A Springsteen concert was a bucket list item so Cindi threw financial caution to the wind and hopped on a plane. She returns too late this evening to drive back to Santa Fe so she’s spending the night in my guest room. Tomorrow morning she makes a stop in Boulder before taking the back roads to Taos and then on to Santa Fe.

I have to admire Cindi’s sense of adventure but I would never spend $800 for a concert ticket. I have no problem spending $800 or more on a painting so I guess it’s all about priorities. Pollack, Lichtenstein and Warhol are on my bucket list. They will probably still be there when I die.

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