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Correcting Poor Behavior

Two weeks ago, the detective asked me to go out for breakfast on Sunday. We were to talk on Saturday afternoon to firm up plans. I left him a voice mail early Saturday afternoon. The detective went MIA. I made other plans for Sunday as I’m not about to sit at home at wait for a man to call.

Last Friday, I texted the detective to see if he was still alive. He was. He asked me to have lunch on Sunday. I agreed to have lunch. I didn’t bring up the previous weekend as that was a conversation I wanted to have in person. I told the detective to pick me up at noon on Sunday.

I had a most enjoyable time at lunch. I always have fun with him. The detective told about the circumstances that caused him to blow me off the previous weekend. I told him my friends don’t treat me that way. If he wanted to be my friend he had to treat me with respect. If he does it again, he’s out of my life. I spoke in a calm and deliberate manner. The detective had a deer in the headlights look. It was as if he’d never been called out for his poor behavior. He apologized and agreed to never blow me off again. If he had to cancel plans, he’d text or call. Mission accomplished. And then the detective paid for lunch.

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Best of Friday

I don’t have time to write a post. Here’s my favorite piece of art from my gallery tour on Friday night.

Mary Mackey, Read Between the Lines, mixed media on panel, 64 x 84. Available at Mary Mackey Fine Art.

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Saved From Demolition

When this house sold, I was sure it was destined to be torn down. It had not been kept up and sits on a prime lot across from a park in a highly-desired neighborhood. Instead, the new owners decided to take it down to the studs and start over. I’m thankful the owners decided to preserve this local gem.

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Emoji Help Needed

I attended an art opening last night. While there, I ran into a friend whose husband died in September after a brief illness. We had a nice chat. At the end of our conversation, my friend suggested we trade contact information as he has moved and has a new cell number. I texted him so he would have my number. Later in the evening, my friend replied to my text by saying it was great to see me. The text ended with a red heart.

I’m not the most qualified person to interpret emojis. I thought a red heart meant love or passion. I’m confused. Is my friend trying to suggest he has feelings for me, or wants to date? Could he be ready for dating four months after his husband’s death? Has the red heart become a common way to end a text between friends? What do you think?

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Building Projects

A developer bought a house on my street a few months ago. The house, built in the early 1950’s, will be scrapped to make room for a new six-bedroom house. A meeting will be held for the residents to review and comment on the plan. In preparation for meeting, I surveyed the existing construction projects. Here’s what’s currently underway.

The owners of this house decided to scrape their house as it was less expensive than remodeling their old house.

This is considered a remodel since part of one wall was left in place. The property tax on remodel is less than new construction.

This house was a red-brick colonial. Now it’s clad in white stone. Architectural restrictions prohibit manufactured stone so stone masons have been working on this house for months.

Another new construction project.

This remodel, which includes a small addition, will start any day.

Work on the rich guys’ estate goes on. The main house is finished but landscaping and a new wrought iron fence surrounding the six-acre property are still in progress. Change is constant in my neighborhood.

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Picture of the Day

I find this image simultaneously funny and disturbing. I hope you’re having a great weekend. I’m off to brunch with my neighbors.

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A Survivor, Not A Victim

I watched the Surviving R Kelly documentary over the weekend. I only watched it because my cousin is a co-executive producer. I knew a few of his songs and had seen him on various award shows, but I never followed him, or cared much about him. The documentary was disturbing and appalling. I was relieved to see that most of the women who were abused by R Kelly have moved on with their lives and can now be seen as survivors, and not, victims. And now investigations have been opened because of the documentary. Did you watch it? What did you think?

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I hope Andy Cohen sees this.

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Friday Night Art

I spent a good portion of Friday evening hanging out with Mai Wyn and Stephanie at Mai Wyn’s Gallery. I had a great time talking about art with these wonderful women. Here are a few selections from the group show currently on display at Mai Wyn Fine Art.

Katharine McGuinness, Black Poppies, litho ink and spray paint on panel, 48 x 48, $3,600.
Fawn Atencio, Constructed Territories #3, Graphite, gouache, and litho ink on panel, 12 x 12, $350.
Sharon Strasburg, Meandering, laser cut monotypes on panel, 12 x 12, $1,000.
Mai Wyn Schantz, Witness, oil on stainless steel, 48 x 42, $6,500.

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A Non-existent Work Ethic

One of the consultants at work, who happens to be a millennial, is getting fired. His manager informed one of my team members, who, in turn, told me. His manager, who is a woman known for getting the job done, described the millennial’s work ethic as “non-existent”.

The millennial was an employee who quit to pursue his dream job in another country. When that job didn’t work out, he returned to the states and tried to get his old job back. He was hired as a contractor on another team, as his former peers did not want him returning to their team. He was known for doing little and seldom followed through on commitments. The man I work for recommend the millennial to woman who is firing him. Clearly, the man I work for has lost credibility.

He’s only been in his current position less than three months and he’s getting the boot. He recently moved out of his parent’s house into a new apartment. Guess who will probably be moving home again?

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