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It’s a cool spring morning. The sun has managed to burn off the cloud cover. I’m back in bed after getting up early. I enjoyed a breakfast of avocado toast and a banana while catching up on a few blogs. It’s the kind of morning that makes me miss cuddling in bed with a guy on a weekend morning.

I need to hit the shower and take Morgan to the grocery store but I keep stalling. The bed feels incredibly comfortable in the cool bedroom. The cat is sunning himself in front of the French doors on bedroom floor. His other half in being warmed by the in-floor heat. It’s no shave Sunday so I only need to shower, brush me teeth and dress. Jacqueline cut off nearly all my hair on Friday so I don’t have to spend time on it. I’m practically bald and barely need product.

Morgan and his partner returned from Italy last Wednesday. Morgan fell ill the last part of the trip. He was hospitalized on Thursday with pneumonia. He was discharged on Friday afternoon. His partner fled to the bathhouse after Morgan returned home and has yet to resurface. I’m taking Morgan to the market. That’s what friends do when a friend is married to man who puts his sexual desires before his husband’s recuperation. Perhaps being single isn’t as bad as I thought.

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A New Career?

Last night, I attended the opening of the Space Gallery Annex, the new sibling of the über successful Space Gallery. It was a soft opening as the construction is not 100% complete. I ran into quite a few people I know, including my friend Sharon. After the opening, Sharon invited me to her house across the street to see the monotypes for her next show at Mai Wyn’s gallery. Her house is filled with her work. All of it stunning. She’s working a new color palette for the exhibit. Sharon prints monochromatic monotypes to start her process. The next step is to craft a design which is used to laser cut the monotypes. Sharon will use four to five monotypes to produce three to four prints. Sharon asked me to try my luck at assembling a monotype from the pieces left over after her first print was created. I would compare it to assembling a jigsaw puzzle. While I don’t think it was as good as Sharon’s, she liked it and may incorporate it into her show, with a few tweaks.

Mine is on the left while Sharon’s is on the right.

A cropped version of mine

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Another Married Man

I met a guy for coffee a few weeks ago. He looked like his pictures. He was my age, my height, in shape and good looking. He was no stranger to a gym. The conversation was going in a direction which indicated he wanted to head straight to bedroom. Then I noticed there was a mark where a wedding ring would be. I asked if he was married. He confirmed he was. I asked if he was in an open relationship. He was not. I asked if he was married to a man or a woman. He got upset with me. He wanted to know why I would think he would be married to man. I was almost speechless. It was as if gay marriage was only for fags. I pointed out we met on a dating app in the MFM section. I asked why I wouldn’t think he would be married to man as he was online looking for male companionship. He didn’t answer. He just got up an left. Another bullet dodged.

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Whimsical Sunday

I met another married man. I’ll post about it in a few days. In the meantime, enjoy this whimsical sculpture by Gayla Lemke currently on view at Edge Gallery in Denver.

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Screwing Themselves

My health insurance company dropped my HIV medication from their plan. I was faced with spending over $25k to continue taking the drug for a year. I switched to another medication which the plan covers. The pharmaceutical company offers a co-pay card so I don’t have an out-of-pocket expense. The new medication has four drugs in one pill taken once a day. I started the drug on Monday. My body is still getting used to the new drugs. I’ve not felt well for the past few days. I’ve had headaches and a general feeling of malaise. I’m feeling better today. The drug costs over 43k a year. The insurance company screwed themselves. I’m expecting them to drop the medication from their coverage next year. If they do, I’ll be looking for new health insurance.

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