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No Central Theme

Blogging hasn’t been a priority with me in recent history. I still enjoy reading the blogs I follow but when it comes time to composing a post, nothing really seems important. I’m sure the current political chaos dominating the 24-hour news cycle is contributing to my funk. Here are some random thoughts with no central theme.

Miss Y, the former Mrs. L, is now dating a woman. I know the woman and she’s a very nice person. I’ve seen this countless times. A woman has a devastating break-up with a man and falls into the arms of woman. At least for a while.

Kelly has three more interviews scheduled with three behind her. She hopes to exit her present gig by March 1st. She’ll be moving to either Los Angeles or New York. I’ll miss her when she goes. She was trying to play matchmaker for me. She was buying Tom Ford lipsticks at Neiman’s. She thought the salesman would be a good match for me. As luck would have it, he moved here as a trailing spouse to his executive husband. It nice to know Kelly is looking out for me. Visions of Jungle Red flashed in my mind when she told me this. Anyone get that reference?

Mack moves into a new place this weekend. I have no other details. He sent an email last night letting me he was moving. I had not heard from him for 8 days.

There was a very complimentary profile of one the rich guys (the one who made the money) published in a local glossy magazine. The couple recently hosted their first fundraiser since moving into their renovated historic mansion. It was for Joe Biden. Amazingly, I was not invited. Neither were most of the neighbors.

A developer started construction on another $3m spec home on my street. The $6m spec home has been on the market for over a year and hasn’t sold. The developer will not budge on the price. I think the developers are unrealistic in their expectations of what people will pay to live on this street. A quarter mile further west these house would have no trouble finding a buyer.

The man across the street has disappeared. His house is on the market for $350k more that he paid for it 18 months ago. I’m guessing he’s moving back to Houston.

Morgan and his husband are flying to Palm Springs today for a long weekend of debauchery. I expect Morgan will start texting tales of his exploits this evening. He wastes no time once the hotel door opens.

Cindi came and went. She saw the Monet exhibit. We had dinner last Friday and toured the art gallery openings. She’s now housesitting in Abiquiú, which is where Georgia O’Keeffe had a house and studio.

Work is just work. The man I work for continues to be boastful and socially unaware. I’m really nothing more than a highly-paid corporate whore.

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My Other Homeless Friend

My other homeless friend, Cindi, is in town. She’s homeless by choice. Her lease was up on her house and her landlord decided to move her boyfriend into the house. Cindi knew she’d only have a year in the house so moving was not unexpected. As luck would have it, she’s been house sitting since the beginning of December. It seems people who do not like to ski migrate to one of their other residences during the Santa Fe winter. Cindi will be house sitting until the end of March with most of her possessions in storage.

Cindi arrived in town last night. I bought a Monet exhibit ticket for her a few weeks ago before the exhibit sold out. She’ll be looking at art while I’ll be working this afternoon. Cindi returns to Santa Fe on Monday.

In other homeless news, I have not talked to Mack. He has initiated all communication via text or email. I know very little about the situation as he only chooses to answer certain questions. He has referenced “his latest bout of depression”. Oddly, I never heard him talk about being depressed but I guess this may not be unusual. He has not explained why his brother or father will not help him. I agreed to talk face to face. I’m waiting for Mack to propose a date and time. I’m not pursuing the matter because I really don’t look forward to meeting with him. Mack told me he wore out his welcome with his current host. I expect him to ask me to take him in. I’m not sure I want to do that.

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What To Do?

Mack texted me last week. It had been eight months since our last communication. His text said work was fine but the rest was rocky. Last night he sent an email which I read this morning. Mack has been evicted. He’s asking me to help. Not sure what I’m going to do.

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Two Men, Two Lives

I ran into Garrett in a bar on Friday night after the art tour. I hadn’t seen Garrett for months. We had a good time catching up. He would like to move back into my neighborhood. He and his ex-partner sold their house when they broke up about a decade ago. Garrett had another very successful year. His passion is sales and his income reflects his success. He told me spends $4,000 a month on eating out as he seldom wants to cook after a long day. Garrett only eats at high-end restaurants so it’s not hard to rack up expensive dinner tabs. I would wager a large part of the 4 grand is spent on alcohol. He hasn’t had a steady boyfriend since he split from his ex. He “dates” strippers who seem to be easily attracted to his expensive clothes, flashy watches and the always immaculate Range Rover. Garrett is a really nice guy. Once you strip away all the fluff, you realized he’s a honorable guy with a good heart. When I met him many years ago, he was one of the most handsome men I’d ever seen. Years of living a rich life and drinking have taken a toll on his looks but he’s still a very good-looking man.

On Saturday morning, Morgan called to let me know a mutual friend of ours committed suicide a few weeks ago. Oddly, a guy Morgan hooked up with on Friday night was the source of the news. Rod was a guy who knew a lot of people but didn’t seem to have an inner circle of friends. Rod had an art degree but never made his living off art. He was one of those people who seemed to have struggled their whole life. When I met Rod he had a partner but they had separate apartments. Rod couldn’t afford a car so he relied on public transportation when he couldn’t use his partner’s car. Rod had an hourly job at Walmart. A year ago he received a promotion shortly after his relationship ended. He was so proud of his promotion. He boasted about making $4,000 a month. It was the most money he had ever made. Rod was 61 when he was promoted to management. I only saw Rob socially. I didn’t communicate with him outside of social situations. I didn’t feel I had anything in common with him other that we were both gay men.

Two men living two very different lives. Garrett spends four grand a month on eating out, while Rod only made four grand a month. Garrett drives a Range Rover while Rod couldn’t afford a car even after his promotion. Is it life choices, or just fate, that these two men have such dissimilar lives? What motivated Garrett to be a super star salesman while Rod didn’t ever seem to have any motivation to improve his life? Garrett is always looking for the next big deal. He thrives on the financial rewards. Rod seemed to accept his life would never be any better than it had been. To be fair, I could be misjudging Rod. I only knew him for 3 years while I’ve known Garrett for 30 years.

In any case, learning of Rod’s death made me sad. I guess he felt like he had nothing left to live for. I wonder if Rod lost hope. What’s life without hope?

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Feeling Invisible

I snapped this shot of Bug’s (a local artist) contribution to Pirate Contemporary Art’s 40th anniversary party on Friday night. The gallery was packed with all the fixtures of the local art scene. This piece sums up how I feel at times when I’m out in a bar. Invisible in room full of people.

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