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Opening Pandora’s Box

The detective called as I was getting ready for the art tour last night. I hadn’t heard from him since August when he texted to cancel plans we had made. He was calling me from the car on his way up to the high country. He sold his house in Denver and moved in with a relative who lives in a small town on the Colorado western slope (five hours from Denver). He had another back surgery to re-repair an injury he sustained when he was hit by a drunk driver while assisting a motorist with car trouble when he was a highway patrolman. The accident ended his patrol days but opened the door to being a detective. He’s still in pain which means he’s still taking opioids. We talked for a half hour. He apologized for past behaviors. He wants to renew our friendship, or whatever it was. I agreed knowing he’ll be five hours away, and, if anything, the detective does not do well with follow up. I’m not going to be proactive in maintaining contact. I’ll meet him for dinner if he’s in town but I’m not sure if I can offer anything more than that.

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A Different Direction

Kelly had six interviews before being told they were going in a different direction. She was devastated when she got the news from her executive head hunter. I felt for her as I know she really wanted the job and the hefty paycheck would have had many benefits. She’s taking a week off before resuming her search.

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A Huge Relief

I saw a cardiologist last week. My gene pool is filled with relatives on both sides with heart attacks and strokes. My father, who is now 93, has had several minor heart attacks and strokes but keeps on ticking. After an EKG, and a coronary calcium scan, the cardiologist said I have good heart health. I have a small blockage in my descending aorta which means I have a minor chance of having a heart attack. I guess the low fat/low sodium diet along with exercise is doing some good. It was huge relief. Given family history, I fully expected to be killed by sudden heart attack. I no longer have that fear, which, is a good thing.

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Five Openings

I hit five gallery openings (Spark, Sync, Niza Knoll, Next and Pirate) last night. The best of the night was the Vinni Alfonso/Scottie Burgess exhibit at Pirate Contemporary Art. Both artist took control of their spaces and presented new and exciting works.

Vinni Alfonso, untitled, latex on panel, 48 x 144.

Vinni Alfonso, detail of previous work.

Vinni Alfonso, Out of Thousands, latex on photo paper, 144 x 296.

Scottie Burgess, Abounding Veil, twine, tar and silicone carbide, 42 x 76 x 24.

Scottie Burgess, Unearthed Screen, twine and mixed media, 53 x 53 x 9.

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Double A Dates

Double A has been dating a guy for two months. This is the first time he’s dated in many years. Double A originally met the guy 20 years ago, but due to circumstances, they never got involved. Double A is 63 while the guy is 56. I had a long conversation with Double A yesterday about dating. During the conversation I reminded him that Valentine’s Day is on Friday. Double A had made no plans. Double A seems ambivalent about dating the guy. He likes the companionship but thinks, at times, sex is too much trouble. It’s not like the sex isn’t exciting or rewarding. Double A simply seems to have lost interest in sex. Perhaps I should introduce Double A to Morgan, who at 70, gets laid several times a week. I wonder if Morgan would have any suggestions for Double A.

Double A is renovating his condo in the city. He’s planning on selling his house in suburbs, which, he bought to please his last partner. He’ll move back into the city when the renovations are completed. He’ll be a lot closer to work, many of his friends and his Temple. And closer to the guy he is dating, which, may not last if he doesn’t start dropping trou more often.

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A Break In The Action

It has snowed 7 out of the last 12 days. Today marks the start of a break in the snowfall until Monday. I’m looking forward to the break as I’m tired of shoveling snow. And the car looks disgusting but there’s no sense making a trip to the carwash until after the melt. On a positive note, shoveling is a great upper body and cardio workout.

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The Institution

I was in my client’s office this morning. I snapped these pictures of the hallway which runs by the R&D labs. I feel like I’m in a mental institution when I’m in this area as all the doors are looked and only accessible by those with high-level security clearances. By contrast, the customer briefing center, which is beautifully designed to showcase the latest technology, is on the other side of building.

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