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My neighbors, Sheila and Thom, who are financially blessed, have instructed their property management firm not to collect April’s rent on their residential rental properties. They are compassionate people who recognize that many of their tenants struggle to pay their rent. Waiving April rent is one way they can give back and help those who may be facing financial ruin by being unemployed. Even those who are employed are getting a break. Sheila and Thom are good people who are dear to my heart.

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Turtle On The Run

I found this flyer on one of my daily walks this week. This is the second time this turtle has gone missing. I wonder is the turtle has a pet door, or if the owners are putting it outside and forgetting about it. I hope it was found as it snowed last night.

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Work Goes On

Earlier this week, Governor Polis issued a stay-at-home order for all Coloradans. Almost all business have closed with the exception of grocery stores, medical offices, gas stations, pharmacies, liquor stores, hardware stores and marijuana dispensaries. Yet construction continues on two spec homes in my neighborhood. How is that possible? Because the city and state are run by developers who have lined the pockets of many of the politicians. It would be a crisis if these expensive homes were not completed on time, which, means the carry costs would impact the developer’s profits. And we can’t have that.

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Shaggy, Hairy and Wrinkled

I was thinking about all the people who get haircuts and color on a regular basis, waxed often, manicures and pedicures weekly and Botox and other injections to prevent wrinkles. In few weeks they are going to start looking shaggy, hairy and wrinkled. Oh the horror!

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6 Feet

I walked through the neighborhood this afternoon. I found this on my walk. The sign says 6 feet.

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Or Else

You’d better be washing your hands or I’ll whip your butt.

Ellen von Unwerth photograph of Dominatrix Iris.

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The Contraction

My client suspended the contracts of most of the consultants yesterday. They are prepping for a major downtown in sales from Fortune 500 companies. Even though sales of remote agent applications and multi-media conferencing are up 800%, that’s only a short-term gain and not enough to sustain the company for the next few fiscal quarters. My position was deemed mission critical by my VP so I’m still working. That is, for now. The contraction of the economy is coming down the tracks like out of control train. This difficult historic time is going to be challenging for everyone.

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People Are Pissed

Think about all the corporations who did stock buy backs in the last few years to boost their stock prices which made their stock holders richer. For example, American Airlines spent $12 billion on stock buy backs since 2014. Now, American, and other airlines, claim they need a government bailout to survive. Think about the recent tax cuts instituted by the current administration which mainly benefited big business and the rich. There is talk of the government sending $1,000 checks to tax payers. A $1,000 check is not enough to help most people. Tax breaks need to be given to middle and low-income wage earners and raised on corporations and the ultra-wealthy. People are pissed. Do I see a guillotine being built?

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As if dealing with the Coronavirus isn’t a trauma by itself, a very good friend, who lives in New Mexico, is currently going through an ordeal most people only read about in the news.

Her 47-year-old brother has lived with her mother in a small town in Montana for many years. Her mother winters at her second home in Tucson. Her brother has had some mental health issues but recently found god. His new-found faith in Jesus seemed to stabilize him, that is, until Friday night.

On Friday, her brother’s friend took her brother to the ER. The details are sketchy. He was treated and released.

On Friday night, a 911 call was placed from her mother’s house in Montana seeking medical attention. When help arrived, the friend was found dead from a gunshot wound. Her brother was missing. On Sunday night, her brother was stopped by the police. Her brother shot himself. The police opened fire on his truck thinking he was firing at them. Two men are dead. Two families are devastated. Her mother’s home is a crime scene.

I’ve seen news stories about similar incidents for years. I’ve never been this close to someone whose family was involved. It’s very unsettling even though I only met her brother twice. My friend is completely broken, as is the rest of her family. Nobody really knows what happened, or why, as the two key figures are dead.

And they say Jesus saves. Apparently, not in this case.

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Plastic Babies

I couldn’t buy milk, eggs or toilet paper at the grocery store this weekend. The good news is packages of plastic babies were on the sale rack. Yes, a bag of plastic babies was on sale for $5. No doubt a post Mardi Gras markdown. I have no plans to make a king cake so I left the plastic babies for others.

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