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Not Too Bad

I had my first workout since the gym reservation system was suspended. I arrived around 3. The first hour wasn’t bad at all. The gym was sparsely populated. Towards the end of my workout, the arrival rate started to pick up. By this time I had moved onto cardio, which I felt safe doing as this area has less demand most of the time. Overall, it was a positive experience. I’ll need to keep working out in midafternoon before the after work crowd arrives.

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16 Hour Fitness

My gym, 24 Hour Fitness, no longer requires appointments to work out. They have also stopped cleaning the gym every 90 minutes and limiting attendance. Members are now free to go at any time and pack the place to the rafters. I guess I missed the CDC announcement about COVID-19 not being as lethal as it used to be. And it hasn’t been open 24 hours a day for a long time. It’s only open 16 hours a day but 16 Hour Fitness doesn’t sound very marketable. I’ve changed my work out schedule to avoid Monday and Wednesday as they are historically the busiest days. I’ll give a go for the next week or two. If it’s too busy, I’ll find a new gym. Change is constant. Change is good. Right?

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We Could Split the Jet

Friday evening I met Bart, Bruce and the new guy at Walker Fine Art to check out the new exhibit, Land Lines which provides a contemporary spin on traditional cartography. It’s a beautiful show. Bruce found a number of pieces he liked.

After the opening, I had dinner with Bruce and the new guy along with CJ and two young women from Bruce’s building. Bart opted out of dinner as he had a pending hook up. The women, who I met previously, were dressed for dinner in tastefully short skits, stylish tops and four-inch heels. It was a long, but most entertaining dinner. We sat down at 7:45 but didn’t leave the restaurant until a little after 11. The food was excellent. One stand out was the oak fired octopus. I had pan seared steelhead trout. Desert was two dozen chocolate chip cookies for the table. There was never a lull in conversation which covered a wide range of topics but never veered toward politics. At one point, a post-Covid trip to Chile was proposed. One of the women suggested we could split the jet. With six people it would be less than flying first class. When the bill was presented the credit cards hit the silver tray. Two black, one silver, two gold American Expresses and my Costco Visa were thrown on the tray. Clearly, I was the one the low end of the economic spectrum. Bruce picked up the wine tab while the rest of us split the food. I got out of there for only a hundred bucks, which was most reasonable given the amount and stellar quality of the food.

It was a most enjoyable evening. A great way to end the work week and start the weekend.

Heather Patterson, Preserved, mixed media on panel, 45 x 45, $6,000, Walker Fine Art

Ben Strawn, Precarious Not Falling, mixed media on canvas, 56 x 48, $7,000, Walker Fine Art

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Thought For The Day

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You Are Blessed

I realize many people are living in fear because of the pandemic. I’m fearful too. I’ve been through this before. During the early years of AIDS, you didn’t know who would get sick. You didn’t know who would live or die. There were no medications but it didn’t really matter because it was only gay men dying. The general public and government didn’t care about that marginalized group of men. I lived in fear of dying for years. Eventually, attitudes changed and research produced drugs to help keep those infected alive. Thankfully, the COVID vaccine research is on a fast track. Soon there will be a remedy. You will not have to wait years while most of your friends die. You will not have to live in fear for years that any day you will get sick in die. Consider yourself blessed even though the cure is not yet here.

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Sunday Escapades

Sunday started out with my usual activities. Slept in until almost 8. A leisurely breakfast followed by some Netflix. Texted with Bruce about Friday evening. I finally showered in the late morning. After lunch I headed to the gym which was sparsely attended. I had a great workout. Mike texted on my way home from the gym. He was on the way to my house to pick me up. We didn’t have plans but since I had no commitments I agreed to hang out with him. I quickly cleaned up and changed clothes. Mike texted from his car in my driveway to let me know he arrived.

A few weeks ago, Mike had asked me to take new pictures of him for his online accounts. We headed to his house in Greenwood Village with its heavily landscaped yard perfect for pictures. After taking a few pictures in Mike’s yard, a suitable image was found for his profile picture. With the new profile picture uploaded. Mike asked me to snap a few photos of him in the shower. Why me? Why not one of his FWBs? I met Mike 30 years ago. I have never seen him naked. I would rather have seen him naked when he was an in-shape young man. I reluctantly agreed to take the photos. Friday night Bart showed me pictures of his dick and now I’m standing in Mike’s master bath waiting for his shower to steam up so I can take nudes of him in a fog. It was the weekend of seeing my friend’s dicks. A no win situation. Mike had put on weight. I needed to try and make him look as appealing as possible and not overweight. Why me?

After the photo sessions, we had a quick bite to eat before we hopped in his G-wagon and headed to Nordstrom to shop for shoes. Nordstrom was like a morgue. The store had a fraction of the merchandise it had pre-COVID. Mike picked up three pairs of shoes. I found a cool black leather jacket that was great for fall but I passed. I have at least 30 coats. Do I really need another one?

After leaving Nordstrom, we hopped on the highway and headed into town to check out the beer bust at Trade. Our socially-distant table outside allowed us to view others at their tables. It was a look, but don’t touch, situation. Since we could not interact with other patrons, we had to entertain ourselves. We reminisced about the good times we had over the years. Mike ordered a pickle shot. He asked me to try it, which I did. It was one of the most disgusting things I ever drank. Why would anyone want to drink pickle juice and vodka? Soon it was almost 8. I asked Mike to take me home. I was tired and wanted to wind down. It had been a long and adventurous weekend. I needed to rest and reset in order to hit the ground running on Monday morning.

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More Art & Gays

On Saturday morning, Bart and I met Bruce and his houseguest from LA at the DAM. The houseguest was a similar to all the other satellites that orbit planet Bruce. Late fifties/early sixties, in shape, handsome, well-groomed, educated and professional. The guys enjoyed the exhibits. Bruce especially liked The Treasures of British Art exhibit. After touring the museum, we walked around the Golden Triangle neighborhood. Stops were made at Walker Fine Art and the William Havu Gallery. Bruce found an $8,000 painting he wants, which means, he will buy it. What Bruce wants, Bruce acquires. After the galleries, we had lunch at the Rendezvous Café in the lobby of the History Colorado Center. We were the only ones in the café. We had a leisurely lunch with enjoyable conversation. After lunch, Bruce had to get on a business call. Bart and I declined an invitation to join Bruce and his houseguest for some hot tub time at CJ’s house. It was in the high eighties so the thought of sitting in a hot tub was not appealing. Bart and I knew there would be drinks with the inevitable passing of a joint, which, would lead to other activities. I didn’t want to spend the rest of the day liquored up and stoned as I had some things at home to attend to. We parted ways after making plans to attend Walker’s opening on Friday evening followed by dinner at Colt & Gray, where Bruce has a standing Friday night reservation. Looks like next weekend is shaping up to be another adventure.

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Friday Night Art Pics

Here are a few pics from the Friday night art adventure.

Robert Brinker, Ruby Woo, acrylic and oil on linen stretched over panel, 44 x 44, $11,500, Michael Warren Contemporary.

Robert Brinker, Big Me 6X, framed archival print on watercolor paper, 49 x 61, $6,500, Michael Warren Contemporary.

Robert Brinker, Giggle Clop, acrylic and oil on linen stretched over panel, 44 x 44, $11,500. Michael Warren Contemporary.

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Art & Grief

Bart and I went to see Robert Brinker’s new works at Michael Warren Contemporary last night. It was a subdued crowd. The passing of RBG seemed to come up in every conversation. After the gallery we went for a drink. Bart had wine at the gallery and then a martini at the bar. He was much more relaxed after a few drinks. He let the walls down last night. He started showing me dick pics of his FWBs. He has quite the stable of FWBs. After I had seen enough he told me the last four picture were him. The man is blessed.

After the bar we walked down the street to Voodoo Donuts to pick up a few treats.
Bart bought donuts so I know he was liquored up. On the way back to my car we stopped for pizza slices at Fat Sully’s pick-up window. We enjoyed our slices while we watched the South Broadway street action and crowd. It was as entertaining as always. It was soon time to call it a night.

Today, Bart and I are meeting Bruce and his houseguest at the DAM. After the museum, were having a late lunch. I’m not sure what will happen after lunch…..

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Retirement Postponed

My new contract was signed today. I’ll have another year of employment. Yeah! My forced retirement is postponed for another year, which, is a good thing.

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