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It’s Gone!

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It’s Getting Better

Photograph by Vasjen Katro

It’s getting better. Help in on the way. One day we will look back on 2020 and recall the time we had to wear masks and socially distance.  This is the first time in my life I have been truly inconvenienced unlike my parents who experienced war rationing, financial disaster followed by poverty and hunger.  Wearing a mask and not having holiday celebrations is just a minor blip on the radar.  A good doctor has recommended having an adventure if you can’t have tradition.  My adventure is starting by dropping off a significant check at the youth homeless shelter downtown.  Can you imagine being under 21 and homeless in this climate?  That’s an adventure I don’t wish on anyone.

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Nativity Scenes

Do you have a favorite? Or, are these too abstract for you?

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Sexy Garage Door

Isn’t this the sexiest garage door you’ve ever seen?  It matches the front door and other wood accents on this house which has been under construction for 18 months.  Everything seems to be custom on the house which helps explain why the project is taking so long to finish.

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Kelly Update

Kelly is being laid off at the end of January without a severance.  She’s been looking for other opportunities for the last year but nothing has come to fruition.  Coincidentally, a Private Equity firm is interested in buying her product line and bringing her on in a key role.  This all depends on the sale actually happening.  The last time the company tried to sell her product line the CEO killed the sale at the last minute only to later decide to end sale of the product.  Kelly opened backchannel communications with the PE firm in the hope of securing a new gig.

I think getting laid off will be good for Kelly.  She will leave a toxic work environment where she is underappreciated.  Kelly needs to land a new gig soon.  She’s the primary wage earner.  Also, she has a daughter in college and her son will start college in the fall.  I know there’s a better opportunity for her. 

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Another Scrape

Here’s another 1950’s ranch house that’s getting scraped.  The house, which sits on a half-acre, was only marketed as a tear down.  The asking price was $2m.  The property sold rather quickly and has been sitting empty.  I’m guessing the new house will be at least 8,000 sq. ft. 

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Monday Cheer

A little bit of holiday cheer for a Monday morning. These trees are on the gay guy’s east lawn. They are very striking.

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Another Opening

Bruce was my plus one for the opening of Senga Nengudi: Topologies at the Denver Art Museum on Thursday evening.  It’s a small but moving exhibit of works by a woman of color and a certain age.  It’s refreshing to see the museum present more diversity in their exhibits.  This one on the heels of the Mexican Modernism show. 

After the exhibit with swag in hand, Bruce and I chatted briefly before he went home to a dinner prepared by LA, who left the next day.  Bruce moved into his new townhouse west of downtown on Monday.  He’s already planning renovations on the newly constructed townhouse which has sweeping views of downtown.  I bet he moves again in two years.

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Another Dream House

A young couple paid $3m for this sprawling 1950’s house on an acre lot.  The house will be scraped to make way for their dream home.  The new house will be 14,000 sq. ft. with underground garage, a pool and a guest house of yet undetermined size.  The surrounding neighbors are upset about the underground garage.  I wonder why they would rather see an eight car garage above grade. 

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LA texted this morning inviting CJ and me to one last get together at Bruce’s apartment before Bruce’s move into his new townhouse on Monday.  LA surprised Bruce by taking the red eye this morning from LAX.  Yesterday, Bruce seemed down as he didn’t know when LA would be back in town.  I’m sure Bruce is elated. Before LA arrived, I had texted Bruce offering to help pack today.  Luckily, Bruce hired concierge movers so he has people to take care of everything.   

It’s a beautiful sunny day here yet I’m feeling down.  There are million things I could be doing but I have no motivation.  I put a play list on earlier which included a lot of Joy Division and The Cure.  Joy Division is one of my favorite bands but the music tends to be dark. Perhaps I subconsciously sabotaged my day.  I switched over to a more uplifting 80’s playlist.  It’s the music of one of the happiest, yet darkest, times of my life. 

I walked around the neighborhood last night after Bart went home.  There’s an amazing number of houses with holiday lights this year.  Not surprisingly, the large homes in the western section of the neighborhood have the best displays.  The beer heir and his husband have outdone themselves this year.  On the way home, I rounded a bend in a street where every house was lit up.  It’s a half circle street so as I walked a new display was slowly revealed. It was so cheerful I almost cried.  It put me in a great mood.

Yet, today I’m down, even though a 23-year-old grad student at DU hit me up on Scruff again this morning. There seems to be no end to the nudes he will send me.  I find it amusing so I haven’t blocked him.  I’ve told him I’m not interested as having one twenty-something in my life is enough, even though our relationship is now platonic.  The more I tell him no, the more he seems to be interested.  Coincidentally, the guy is one of CJ’s FWBs, which, to me, means he’s off limits.  There also seems to be some odd rivalry between the grad student and Bruce. And then there’s the 40-year age difference.  At times, this is a really small town. 

I need to pull myself out of this mood before this evening.  I have a workout reservation at 5 which should help.  A post-workout protein shake and shower before heading to Bruce’s for a take-out dinner will also help.  I’m sure the evening will include joints and tequila shots. The responsible me will kick in, making me hold back, so I don’t overindulge causing me to Uber home alone drunk to an empty house. 

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