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Departing Soon

Today was the last day for a colleague.  He decided to retire after 37 years.  He follows two other peers who left last month.  Another will leave in June.  I’ve known these people for most of my career.  It seems to be time for my generation to turn the reigns over to our successors.  Watching the end of an era makes me sad, but also hopeful for the next chapter in my life.  The departures remind me feeling I don’t want to be the last one at the party.  I hope to make my exit in two years, if I can last that long.  I want to leave before I’m perceived as hanging on past my expiration date. 

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A New Etiquette

Spending a quiet evening at home after a long day of yard work and errands allowed me to enjoy the beauty of the flowering crabapple trees in the neighbor’s yard. I ate dinner on the rear terrace while muted sounds of conversation from another neighbor’s small al fresco dinner party provided atmosphere. Hearing people enjoy their yards, in what I hope, is the final phase of our pandemic was a trophy on the mantle of proper pandemic behavior. It feels like what I speculate getting out of prison must feel like as I’ve never been in prison or jail. Just rewards for limiting personal contact while wearing masks.

At the art openings last night, there was a new etiquette on display. The art crowd is slowly starting to emerge from hibernation. Most conversations started with an inquiry as to the vaccination status of those involved. If fully vaccinated status was disclosed, people actually hugged. It was a small, but remarkable, sign that our lives are slowly returning to our pre-pandemic normal. A normal I welcome with open arms.

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