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Taken Away

My neighbor texted to let me know three police cars were at the home of the troubled woman who lives with her parents around the corner.  A second text advised she was taken away unrestrained in the back of one of the police cars.  I can’t help but wonder if she would have been shot or handcuffed if she were black. 

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I hit that galleries by myself on Friday night.  I needed a break from Bart and his negativity.  I often wonder how he has a desire to keep living given his bleak look on life, society, his job and the future of our planet. 

I was asked two times where my boyfriend was during my gallery tour.  Both times I explained that Bart was just a friend and we were not involved.  It seems people assumed Bart and I are a couple given we attend so many gallery openings together.  I guess there could be worse things people could assume about me.

Saturday morning I ran into Mrs. N at the grocery store.  We hadn’t seen much of each other even though we live on the same street.  Pandemics can have that effect on neighborly relationships.  We had a nice conversation in dairy aisle.  Mrs. N told me she heard I had a new boyfriend who has a Lamborghini.  I told Mrs. N that Bruce was not by boyfriend and, in fact, I’m still single.  At least she didn’t remark on the age difference.  Mrs. N did extend one of those vague invitations to come over for cocktails sometime. 

Two very handsome men in my life but neither one is right for me.  The search continues.

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Bruce met me at a gallery on Santa Fe yesterday afternoon to preview the show opening last night.  Bruce had wanted to meet M, the gallery owner, for many months but schedules and his many trips never allowed it.  The stars aligned and a meeting was arranged.  We wanted to view the new presentation and get out of the Santa Fe Arts District before the crowds descended for the monthly art walk. 

Bruce arrived.  Introductions were made. M gave us a personalized tour of new exhibit featuring work of three artists.  Soon glasses of a good Scotch were offered followed shortly by Bruce dropping $7k on a painting.  Bruce also put a sculpture and a monotype on hold for consideration.  We’ll be going back for a second look.

What was supposed to be a simple meet and greet turned into an event.  I didn’t expect Bruce to buy a painting given he just finished construction of a rooftop deck for his townhouse ($$$). We left just before 6.  Bruce headed to the airport to pick up his sister who flew in to have dinner with him.  She leaves this afternoon.  I went home and had leftovers for dinner before binging the final season of Bosch on Prime.  I wasn’t up for the art walk by myself as Bart was MIA, which, usually means he had a sex date with one of his meth-addicted FWBs.  I was content with Bosch, a bath and bed by myself.

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