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It’s a Win

I foolishly thought Medicare was free until I started to investigate enrollment and the various options for coverage.  After talking to a few people I know on Medicare, I estimated by monthly payment to be under $200.  Image my surprise when I was informed by the Social Security Administration that my monthly bill for Medicare Part B was $442.30.  The payment is a lot less than I’m currently paying for health insurance but more than what I was expecting.  I’ll also pay a small amount for a Medicare Advantage plan offered through one of the companies I retired from.  My monthly budget is based on a much higher health insurance bill so I’ll have a few extra dollars to spend each month on entertainment once this pandemic ends.  Overall, I’m pleased.  I will soon be able to terminate my coverage with worst healthcare insurance company in the world.  It’s a win.

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Building Boom

There’s another round of scraping and building about to start. All of these houses are being torn down in the next 2 months. Buyers are spending unbelievable amounts of cash to get the land. They only care about the size of the lot and the location. They don’t care about the house. When a house sells it’s not a matter of if it will get torn down, but rather, how soon in will be scrapped.

Sold for $950k.
Sold for $1m.
Sold for $2.1m.
Sold for 2.75m.
Sold for 1.84m.
Sold for 2.6m.
Sold for 1.84m.

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