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Giving Back Again

The fundraising circuit came roaring back to life after mask mandates were dropped.  I’m not sure the pandemic is over, but most people are behaving as if it is.  Tonight, there’s a fundraiser for a non-profit whose mission is to deliver nutritious meals to people living with severe illnesses. Friday night, a non-profit gallery with many community outreach events is hosting a fundraiser. Saturday night, JP and I are attending an art auction benefitting a pediatric cancer non-profit.  There are upcoming fundraising events for AIDS, MS and a LGBTQ mental health service organization.  Time to start giving back again.

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An Enjoyable Evening

It was a night where everything aligned to create a most enjoyable evening.  The galleries were packed with patrons who all seemed to be in a good mood. And the art, from a $200 sculpture to a $40,000 painting, was stellar.  Even though the sky was gray and overcast due to a recently arrived cold front, the temperature was still warm enough navigate in shirt sleeves.  As the evening wore on, the increasing winds blew tumbleweeds down the street. 

Friday evening started by meeting Bruce and his guy at Space Gallery to see new offerings from Noelle Phares and Philip Tarlow.  The offerings did not disappoint.  After Space, the guys dropped me off a few blocks north at D’art Gallery before they headed off to drinks and dinner.  D’art’s juried print show is one not to miss.  I walked down the street to Rule after leaving D’art.  Rule was hosting an opening for Martha Hughes, who normally shows at the Rule’s sister gallery in Marfa, Texas.  After Rule, I walked a few blocks back to my car parked across the street from Space.  I was happy to see the gallery packed with a lively crowd. 

I drove out west to see the offerings at the co-ops located near Casa Bonita, the Mexican restaurant made famous by the popular animated television series, South Park.  Core Gallery’s, Architecture of Form Show, is another one not to be missed.  The show is filled with works from local artists, many of whom are pillars of the regional art community.  Nicholas Kremske opened a show of new mixed-media work at the adjacent Next Gallery.  The works are simultaneously haunting and stunning. The Next show is another must see given it showcases the work of a rising star.

Here are a few of my favorites from my gallery tour:

Nicholas Kremske, Tethered, mixed media on board, 48 x 72, Next Gallery.
Noelle Phares, Plume, oil, oil pastel, acrylic and gouache on panel, 40 x 30, Space Gallery.
Martha Hughes, Untitled 1219, oil on canvas, 72 x 72, Rule Gallery.
Phillip Tarlow, Fly Anywhere, oil/collages on canvas, 32 x 42, Space Gallery.
One of the tumbleweeds.

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He’s A Great Guy

It was a pleasure meeting the new guy.  After the art opening, we had drinks followed by dinner at an upscale restaurant in Cherry Creek.  No tongue tacos on the menu.  The guy is highly educated and has a great sense of humor.  He’s two years younger than me.  He’s the type of guy I’d like to date.  He’s not interested in guys near his age as he prefers guys in their thirties.  I’ll see him again this Friday as we are hitting another gallery opening or two.

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Meeting The New Guy

I’m meeting Bruce and his new guy at a gallery opening tonight.  We’re having dinner after the opening but forgoing high-end fine dining.  Initially, Bruce wanted to cook dinner at his house but every time I’ve been to his house for dinner, we end up ordering in.  Dropping $150 on take out from a pricey restaurant, which is past its prime when it arrives, is not my idea of a good meal.  I suggested going to El Taco de México, which is a bare-bones stainless-steel counter joint with some booths known for traditional Mexico City-style plates.  The food is tasty, but the ambiance is similar to a 1970’s Dairy Queen in a small Midwestern town.  Most of the staff are only fluent in Spanish.  It will be interesting to see how the new guy, who is well-heeled, will react.  Perhaps it will be time to try a tongue taco.

Photo by Ellen von Unwerth.

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April Fools’

Yesterday’s post was an April Fools’ joke.  I’m still working.  My VP approved my contract extension before she left but it was waiting for the CEO’s signature.  He signed it earlier in the week.  I have another 6 months of employment along with a higher billing rate.

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Now What?

Retirement day 1. Now, what do I do?

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