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I don’t want your prayers.  I want a ban on assault rifles along with stronger gun control laws.  Columbine, Aurora Theater and now Club Q.  How may shootings will happen before action is taken?  I can’t help but wonder if a child of a member of Congress were killed in a mass shooting if that would be enough of a catalyst for change.  Apparently, the rest of us are simply considered collateral damage.

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Wanting to Die

I took my father to lunch the day before my nephew’s wedding.  He’ll turn 96 soon.  Over lunch I asked my father if he thought he would make it to 100.  He hopes he doesn’t.  He started talking about the assisted suicide law in Oregon.  He wishes there was a similar law in his state.  He’s tired of life and watching his abilities decline.  He’s ready to die.  He wants to die.  He has no friends left living except for a neighbor who takes him to church every Sunday. 

Despite several heart attacks and a couple of minor strokes he has no pressing health issues which will hasten his departure.  He still lives alone about an hour from my brother.  He’s hoping he will die in his sleep soon.  I hope he does too.  Seeing him made me realize I don’t want to live to be 96.  I think 85 will be a good age to check out.  Only 20 more years.

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One Task to Accomplish

My sister had one task to accomplish.  She was to bring my father to my nephew’s wedding as she was staying with him.  She failed miserably.  My sil had told my sister to leave my father’s house two hours before the ceremony.  Even though the site was remote only three highways were needed to get there.  The trip would take an hour at the most from my father’s house.  Fifteen minutes before the ceremony was to start my sister called my brother.  She was on the wrong highway 45 minutes away.  She left late and couldn’t follow simple directions.  She wasn’t using her GPS or Google maps. The highway she was on was nowhere close in number to the highway she needed to be on.  My brother was furious.  The ceremony started on time without my father and sister. 

When I arrived at the reception hall, my sister and father were waiting at the front steps.  I greeted my sister, but she looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language.  She didn’t even say hello. I talked to my father.  I could tell he was upset.  He was looking forward to the wedding which was to be one of the last big family events of his life. 

My sister insulted my other nephew’s wife at the reception.  It was a tasteless remark.  My sister should have known better.  We were seated at the same table for dinner. She made a snide remark about my BMW. I chose not to respond as my brother’s face had a look like he knew a war was about to start. I avoid her the rest of the evening. 

I drove home on Saturday.  My sister was to stay with my dad until Tuesday.  She drove back to Indiana on Sunday.  When she got home, she texted my brother to let him know my dad was sick.  Her text included a list of things my dad needed from the pharmacy.  She didn’t want to get sick, so she went home.  There’s a Walgreens and a Walmart a few blocks from my father’s house yet she didn’t bother to get what my dad needed.  My brother would have to drive an hour to my dad’s house.  My brother was furious.

Thankfully, I don’t have to see or talk to my sister until my dad’s funeral.  That will be the last time I ever have to see her. 

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No Armani

I’ll be attending my nephew’s wedding in November.  The ceremony is being held outside in a park in the Missouri countryside.  The evening reception will be inside the park’s multipurpose  hall.  The couple will walk down the aisle together as the bride is not property and no man has the right to give her away to another man.  The ceremony will be officiated by the bride’s brother who was ordained online.  This disappointed the bride’s mother as her new husband is a Pentecostal minister.  The bride and groom are not fans of organized religion.  They turned down an offer the have the minister perform the ceremony.

I called my brother to review a few logistical items.  He told me wedding is being held in a very rural setting.  The newlyweds will be staying in a cabin without indoor plumbing for the weekend.  He described the location as being akin to the movie set of Deliverance with Subarus.  He went on to say he knows I have nice clothes, but they will be out of place at wedding.  He said, “No Armani!” I had to laugh.  I assured him I would leave my fancy clothes at home.  I’ll be headed to REI to look for suitable duds.

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