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Best Of Friday

I hit the galleries last night. I saw the good and the not so good. I ran into Mrs. L late in the evening. She looked stunning. She was touring the galleries with the woman who hosted that fun summer party. The hostess and I talked briefly about her boyfriend moving out of the house after the party. The edges are still raw as she teared up at one point. I gave her a big hug and let her know she is stronger than she may feel at this point.

Here are two of my favorite paintings I saw last night. The first by Caleb Hahne is at the powerhouse Rule Gallery, while the other, by emerging artist, Abby Gregg, is from Pirate Contemporay Art, one of the most cutting edge galleries in town.

Caleb Hahne, Rest, acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 36 x 48.

Abby Gregg, Fluid Luster, acrylic and oil on canvas crapped panel.

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Out With The Guys

Last night I went with the guys to First Friday at the Santa Fe Arts District. The street was closed down for four blocks so it made for a much more enjoyable adventure. It was a lively scene with food trucks, live music, chalk drawings, street painting and an unbelievably interesting crowd. Afterwards we had a late dinner at Swing Thai. Here are my favorite paintings all from the current show at Space Gallery:

Nick Young, Balance, mixed media on panel, 36 x 36.

Judy Campbell, Samurai, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 60 x 60.

Nick Young, After Hours, mixed media on panel, 66 x 52.

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A Call For Action

D’art, the newest local co-op art gallery, will have a sneak peek opening on August 1st. The grand opening will be on August 9th. The new gallery will also be open for First Friday. It’s amazing how quickly the artist formed the gallery, recruited members and organized an opening group show. It shows how determination and drive can produce results. It’s the same type of independent spirit that has kept Spark Gallery, the co-op in the space next door, going for 40 years. It’s similar to the pioneering spirit of the early settlers of the western United States. The artists have created a new venue out of nothing in a matter of weeks. A call for action has been issued. It’s time for the local art community to embrace and support this new co-op.

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Feeding My Addiction

Yesterday afternoon I stopped in to see the show at Michael Warren Contemporary as it was the last day. While I was there, a truck arrived with a load of art from Taos for new exhibit which opens this week. The current exhibit was a group show pulled from their inventory which depicted how to group and hang art from various artists in a residence. There were a number of pieces I loved but most were out of my price range. I picked up a piece by Meghan Wilbur which I liked and was reasonably priced. Her work has been on my wish list ever since I discovered her. The addiction has been fed once again.

Meghan Wilbar, Cloud Stamps from the Rio Grande, oil on wood panel, 18 x 16.

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40 Years

I attended the 40th Anniversary show at Spark Gallery last night. Started in 1979, Spark is Denver’s oldest cooperative gallery. The gallery was started by a group of recently graduated art students who had no place to exhibit their work. The students started their own gallery and created a new art scene in Denver. Spark was soon followed by Pirate Contemporary Art, Core New Art Space and EDGE Gallery. Many of the Spark members have gone on to have very successful art careers. Many have been picked up by high-end commercial galleries. Some members have had museum retrospectives of their work. The original members had that pioneering spirit that help settle the western United States only they created an art community in an urban environment. The Spark legend will live on as the gallery just signed a new five-year lease on their space in the Santa Fe Arts District. Congratulations on a job well done.

Rob Gratiot, Capitol Bar, Denver, acrylic on canvas, $17,500.

Patricia Aaron, Spring 4 a.m. Iceland, encaustic wax and mixed media on panel, $4,000.

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I took the photographer to a summer backyard party hosted by an artist and his girlfriend who are fixtures on the local art scene. The photographer knew the host as they have both taught art at local colleges. The photographer also knew many of the artists at the party. There were many reunion conversations as the photographer has strayed from the social art scene. A jazz ensemble played while guests socialized and dined on the buffet. It was a most enjoyable evening.

The photographer had two of his black and white photographs with him when he arrived at my house. Both were very beautiful homoerotic images of nude men. We spent the next hour looking at the art in my house, including my wall of shame, which are pieces hanging in the basement stairwell that have fallen out of favor. When we returned to my house after the party, he asked which of his photographs I liked best. The photographer gave the photograph to me. I was honored but a little reluctant to accept the gift.

Is it too soon for gifts? The cost of the photograph is next to nothing but it’s a high value gift given his photographs start in the high hundreds of dollars and reach into the thousands. Giving a gift of high value on second date seems a little too soon. If it was a jar of homemade strawberry jam I wouldn’t think twice about it.

Perhaps I’m overthinking it. I have a history of men giving me gifts over the years. Although, most of those gifts were given when I much younger. My first boyfriend gave me a Gucci belt after dating a month. One man, who was the only “daddy” I dated, gave me a Tiffany key ring with my initials engraved on it, which I still use. The following week it was a Steuben hand cooler. A month later he bought himself a Porsche for his birthday, which, he gave to me a week later to drive. I had if for a few days and returned it to him, as he was more into me, than I was into him. What’s a simple unframed black and white photograph?

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Art for the 4th

I couldn’t resist posting a work by one of my favorite artists which happened to pay homage to the USA.

Jasper Johns, Flag, encaustic, oil and collage on fabric mounted on plywood, 42 1/2 x 69 5/8, MoMA, NY.

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