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It’s Friday!

Betty Page photographed by Irving Klaw.

I’m skipping the holiday party tonight. I’m hitting a few gallery openings before ending the evening at a dive bar to celebrate Kelly’s husband’s birthday. Miss Y., the former Mrs. L., will be there with new tales of splitting the community property with her soon to be ex-husband. I’ll probably run into the ex-husband earlier in the evening, which may make for an interesting encounter.

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Tomorrow morning I leave the land of enchantment ending my holiday. Today was filled with gallery hopping with Cindi and P-Bear, one of my hosts. Saw stunning art all day including the heiress’ new series of photos at a gallery on Canyon Road. We got caught in a thunderstorm which lead to small hail, followed by sleet, and then snow. All of this happened in a span of ten minutes. Speaking of raining, spending time in Santa Fe is like walking into a strip club and making in rain with dollar bills. The exception being that one needs $20 bills in Santa Fe. Everything one does seems to cost multiples of twenty. A simple lunch is $20. Dinner is $40 or $60. A quick stop at the grocery store is $60. One can burn through money at a rapid pace here. And then there’s the price of art. It’s not uncommon to see $100k works of art, or sculpture nearing $1m. It’s hard to find art under a grand unless it’s small drawing. There’s a lot of art in $2,500 to $7,500 range. This is to be expected for an international art mecca. The target market is the wealthy, but looking is free. The beauty and sometimes funky charm of Santa Fe is free. The mountain vistas and ever changing colors of the desert are inspiring and also free. My memories of time spent in Santa Fe are priceless. As are my friendships. I look forward to creating more memories on my next visit.

Linda Stojack, untitled (figure 102), oil on canvas, 72 x 60, $44,000, Lew Allen Galleries.

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Wearing it Well

I hit the gym after work yesterday. I had a great work out which included 30 minutes of cardio. After the gym, I rustled together a dinner of leftover roasted chicken and vegetables. I set my alarm and hit the bed for a 30 minute nap. When the alarm went off, I wanted to roll over and go back to sleep. My bed felt so good and I was exhausted. I almost decided to skip the art tour and go back to sleep but I had made commitments to see the show Brenda curated, and to stop by to see Sharon and Mai Wyn. I also wanted to see Walter Barton’s show at pirate. After a few minutes of indecision, I rolled out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom to shower. I pulled myself together leaving the house a short time later.

It was a most rewarding art tour even though I was still felt fatigued. Oddly, I had three people tell me how good I looked last night. I must wear exhaustion well.

Here are two of my favorite pieces from the art tour. These pricey paintings (topping out at $30k) were at the opening at the William Havu Gallery.

Jivan Lee, Monument #5 – Sunrise Spectrum, oil on linen, 68 x 50

Jivan Lee, Monument #1 – Morning Rhythms, oil on panel, 30 x 24.

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Friday Night Art

Friday night turned out to be more about socializing than art. I only made it to two openings as I kept running into friends. Conversations ruled the night. After the galleries, I had a late dinner with Miss Y and Miss H. Here are some of my favorites from the new exhibition at Walker Fine Art.

Peter Illig, Night at Yoshiware, oil on wood, panel, 24 x 42.

Mark Penner Howell, Jack in the Box, acrylic and color pencil on wood panel, 41 x 31.

Sabin Aell, Wanderlust 4, mixed media, 25 x 20.

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A Private Concert

I met up with Miss Y. (formerly Mrs. L.) last night for the art tour. We hit the closing party at the Art Gym in east Denver to start off the night. Nude vs. Naked included the works of Michael Dowling, Brenda LaBier and Noah Sodano. Our next stop was the Sandra Phillips Gallery in the Golden Triangle for the opening of Tom Linker and Cassandra Lilllard: The Nature of Abstraction. It’s a nice, but small, show. I especially liked Tom’s abstracts. Our next stop was Walker Fine Art to check out a concert by a band which consisted of four members, two of which are artists who be up at bat at Walker’s opening next Friday. It was like attending a private concert as there were only a few patrons in attendance. It was First Friday so crowds were over on Santa Fe Drive for the art crawl. The band’s songs were a mix of ethereal and rock and roll. They played well but the cavernous gallery space did not help acoustically. After the band’s first set, we called it a night. I dropped Miss Y. off at her car and headed home to finish the night with Netflix.

Doug Haeussner, Infusion, pigment print on birch panel, 36 x 48, Walker Fine Art.

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Household Upkeep

I bought the dishwasher last night. I probably paid more than I should have but I didn’t want to spend all weekend driving around town shopping for the best deal. I didn’t mind spending a little more for the convenience of enjoying my weekend. The dishwasher will be installed next Saturday. A week of doing dishes by hand. Yuk!

I also bought new window shades for the kitchen windows and door last week. I bought cordless top down, bottom up honeycomb shades. I like having the top down since it provides privacy yet still allows light in. My kitchen faces the side street so I like being able to keep prying eyes out. The shades for five windows and a door was a hair under two grand. A bit pricey but I needed to replace the existing shades as they were at end of life and looked a bit sad. The shades will be installed on Monday.

Virginia is also stopping by on Monday morning with a portable welder to repair her sculpture in my front yard. Thankfully, her repair will be free and will only take a few minutes.

I’ve also scheduled a tree trimming for the two maples on the south side of the lot by the side street. The city complained about the trees hanging over the street because they interfere with the street sweepers. This will be another pricey expense but it is needed.

Finally, Berry, a local gay handyman, is stopping by this week to give me an estimate for building a new garden gate. The existing gate is falling apart. My ex built the gate. He can split an atom and argue torts (he was a nuclear physicist/lawyer) but carpentry was not one his strong suits. It’s not one of my skills either. I have to gingerly open the gate to keep it from falling apart. I’m sure the new gate will be a few hundred. I don’t mind spending the money as I like preserving the privacy of my back yard. Having a gay handyman is a good thing.

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Friday Night Art Pics

A few pics from the Friday night art tour:

Jeff Juhlin, Black Strata #2, beeswax and mixed media on panel, 41 x 41, Space Gallery.

Karen Freedman, Ruche 0352.32, encaustic on panel, 12 x 12, Space Gallery.

Park Younggyun, Putting Up Propaganda During the War, oil on canvas, 1990, Redline.

Stephen Shugart, Bullet, pine, MDF, spray paint, brass screws, glass fragment and remote control LED lights, EDGE gallery.

Virginia T Coleman, Starboard Horizon, hot rolled steel, aluminum, patina and wax, Next Gallery.

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