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Friday Night Favorite

Here’s my favorite painting from the Friday night art tour:

Meghan Wilbar, Faith, oil on panel, 42 x 32. Currently on view at Michael Warren Contemporary.

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I started the art tour last night at Space Gallery. A few pinpoint-sized rain drops were intermittingly hitting the windshield when I arrived at the gallery. By the time I left Pirate Contemporary Art two hours later it was a full-fledged snowstorm. When I got home, I cut some hyacinths from the garden that survived the bomb cyclone. I felt I needed to rescue them from a second round of snow.

Here’s my favorite piece of art from my tour:

Madeleine Dodge, Indras Net Diptych, aluminum paint and carbon transfer on steel, 80 x 52, Space Gallery

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Treating Myself

I treated myself to a new piece of art when Cindi was in town a few weeks ago. I took her to see Jason Lee Gimbel’s opening. As expected, she loved his paintings. Earlier that day, my accountant told me I was getting a sizeable tax return. The first one in nine years. I was expecting to pay ten grand or so. Knowing a tax refund was on the way, I bought one of the smaller works in the show. Jason loves to paint large format pieces ($$$$) which will not fit in my 1950’s house. I’ve admired and desired to own one of Jason’s painting for a while. Now that desire has been fulfilled.

Unbound By Gravity, mixed media oil paint collage, 13 x 16.

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A New Career?

Last night, I attended the opening of the Space Gallery Annex, the new sibling of the über successful Space Gallery. It was a soft opening as the construction is not 100% complete. I ran into quite a few people I know, including my friend Sharon. After the opening, Sharon invited me to her house across the street to see the monotypes for her next show at Mai Wyn’s gallery. Her house is filled with her work. All of it stunning. She’s working a new color palette for the exhibit. Sharon prints monochromatic monotypes to start her process. The next step is to craft a design which is used to laser cut the monotypes. Sharon will use four to five monotypes to produce three to four prints. Sharon asked me to try my luck at assembling a monotype from the pieces left over after her first print was created. I would compare it to assembling a jigsaw puzzle. While I don’t think it was as good as Sharon’s, she liked it and may incorporate it into her show, with a few tweaks.

Mine is on the left while Sharon’s is on the right.

A cropped version of mine

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A Missed Opening

My friend, Tasha Osrtander, opened an exhibit of her works at the Harwood Museum of Art, in Taos, NM this past weekend. The exhibit also includes works by Izumi Yokoyama. Most of the usual suspects from Santa Fe attended the opening. I wish I could have been there. Here are a few pieces included in the show.

Plains of Apparition IV (The Disappearance Series I), archival lightjet print on aluminum di bond, 26 x 32.

Chemical Spirit Portrait Series

Chemical Spirit No. 38

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Shoes Can Wait

I have a tale to tell about shoes but I don’t have time to compose it today. In the meantime, enjoy this fantastic photo by the great Ellen von Unwerth of Claudia Schiffer and great vintage Chevrolet taken in 1991.

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Best Of Friday

Fawn Atencio opened a show of new works at Mai Wyn Fine Art on Thursday. I saw the show on Thursday night. I liked Fawn’s work better than anything I saw Friday night at the galleries.

Wayfinding, gouache and mixed media on BFK paper on panel.

Upper Rio Grande, gouache and mixed media on BFK paper on panel.

Sucession, mixed media on paper on panel.

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