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Small Change

Brian Cavanaugh opened Small Change in the main gallery at Pirate last night. He has amazing sculptures bordering on mini installations. Here’s a great description from an online review:

“SMALL CHANGE” is an installation by Brian Cavanaugh toying with content, context and scale using sound, LEDs, motorized turntables and repurposed objects. Twelve new kinetic sculptural constructs, one monthly for the duration of 2017, emphasize the cyclical nature of history, nature, and explore culture’s darker carnival atmosphere, where metaphor is ringmaster to a circus parade of divisive disparity on national tour.


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Friday’s Best

Cindi was staying with me for last few days. She left this morning for Winter Park before heading back to Santa Fe. We had an early dinner last night before hitting the galleries. I was really impressed with an artist new to the Pirate roster. Vinni Alfonso presented Domestic Beasts as his first show at Pirate. He’s a young emerging talent on the local art scene who has a promising future.

Stressle, acrylic and latex on canvas, $1,200.

Box, acrylic and latex on canvas, $825.


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A Few Favorites

Here are a few of my favorites from the Degas exhibit I attended last night. I had words with Perry so the evening wasn’t as pleasant as I expected. She was taking pain pills and drinking. I told Perry she should have stayed home instead of driving across town to get to the museum. The art did not disappoint.

The Bather, 1895, pastel and charcoal on paper.

Standing Woman Fastening Her Corset,
1883, oil paint on canvas.

The Laundress Ironing, 1882, oil paint on canvas.

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Ripping The Bandage Off

I went to the opening at Redline last night. The non-profit contemporary art center was having their ten-year anniversary celebration. The cavernous space was filled with fixtures of local art scene. I’ll need to go back for a second look as it was too crowded to get a good look at art. My favorite piece is this diptych by Stephen Batura. I love the non-traditional color palette. He’s represented by the high-end Robischon Gallery so I’m guessing this painting is close to ten grand.

After the gallery opening, I met my friend whose partner moved out of the house. He didn’t want to spend another Friday night alone in his palatial home so he hit a few bars. We had a late dinner and a good talk. He is in therapy now with his partner, which is a good thing. His partner showed up for the second therapy session stoned, which is not a good thing. The partner moved home for a week and then moved back into his apartment my friend is paying for.

I’ve known this man for twenty-eight years. It’s hard to watch this relationship flounder. It reminds me of what I went through a few years ago, except my partner didn’t want to go to therapy. He had checked out and started a new relationship. Writing that last sentence was like ripping a bandage off a fresh wound.

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Just A Photo

Here’s a photo I took on the night of the eclipse. It’s not your typical eclipse photo.

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Friday Night Favorites

Mack and I hit the galleries on Friday night. Along with seeing a coffin in the back of a pickup truck, we saw some great art. Stops were made at Walker, Havu, Rule, Mai Wyn, Michael Warren, Niza Knoll, Spark and Core. I also attend an opening at Space on Thursday night. Here are some of my favorites.

Space Gallery, Jason Lee Gimbel, Indigo Daze, oil on canvas, 80 x 60, $11,500.

Space Gallery, Jason Lee Gimbel, The Bather, oil on wood panel, 57 x 45, $6,300.

Space Gallery, Jason Lee Gimbel, Crystal Blu, oil on wood panel, 45 x 57, $6,300.

Walker Fine Art, Mark Penner-Howell, Everything Is Going To Be, mixed media on wood panel, 24 x 24, $2,200.

Walker Fine Art, Mark Penner-Howell, Hallelujah, mixed media on wood panel, 24 x 24, $2,200.

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I went to the opening of Carlos Frésquez’s, Sangre Colorado, at the Center for Visual Art (CVA) on Friday night. The opening was packed with art and patrons. The CVA exhibit consists of work created over Carlos’ forty-year career. It’s billed as a mid-career survey which means there is a lot more to expect from Carlos. I need to go back for a second look when the gallery is less crowded. Here a passage from the CVA website:

The intention behind Frésquez’s work is often to make the viewer reexamine commonly accepted beliefs about the human condition and the façade of hierarchy among different groups of people. The title of the exhibition, “Sangre Colorado” is an example of Carlos’s playful use of language paired with imagery to convey meaning that is on one level humorous, but with a serious message behind the pun. The use of Sangre, Spanish for “blood” and Colorado, which means “red color” together are a play on the colloquialism, “red-blooded American.” Like that of many self-identifying Chicano/as, Carlos’s family has lived in Colorado for several generations. As he says, “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us.”

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