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I hope Andy Cohen sees this.

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Friday Night Art

I stopped by Pirate Contemporary Art for the opening of their group show. Here are a few of my favorites.

Lisa Fernandez, You Can’t Go Home Again, oil on Canvas, $1,600.

Louis Recchia, Wounded Angel, oil on canvas, $1,200.

Tsogo Mijig, Inception, acrylic on canvas, $1,850.

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Pricey Art

I had a great time in Santa Fe. Cindi and I did a gallery tour on Friday. I saw some great art but most was priced out of my reach. I managed to spend a day in the galleries and not make a purchase. One gallery we visited had $2m worth of art in two rooms. Granted, it was a large gallery, but that’s a lot of expensive art for one space. In addition, there were two abstract metal sculptures outside the gallery that were priced at $750,000 and $350,000. The more expensive sculpture had sold.

Santa Fe is a wonderful place but it seems to be populated by people with money and people who are struggling, with very few people who could be considered middle class. It also has some of the worst drivers on the planet along with a high number of drunk driving arrests. Make sure your car insurance premium is paid if you take your car to Santa Fe.

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Post Election Art

How about some post-election art to center our minds after the mid-term elections?

Mai Wyn Schantz, Echo Lake, oil on stainless steel, 36 x 36, $4,500. Available at Mai Wyn Fine Art.

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Art For Friday

Cy Twombly is one of my favorite artists. He died in 2011. He was part of the generation of artist that included Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. Cy was painter, sculptor and photographer. I feel he was under appreciated.

Cy Twombly, untitled 1954, gouache, wax crayon and colored pencil on paper, 19 x 27. Collection of MoMA, New York.

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A Great Time

I had another great time in Santa Fe. Saw some beautiful art but was easily restrained from purchases by the price points. Had my fill of green chili for a while. Enjoyed the company of many friends over lunches and dinners. My hosts, D & P, chauffeured me around the entire time. I didn’t drive my car until the trip home. Cindi seems to be thriving in Santa Fe. She’s positively beaming. She’s producing some great work. Madame is nearing the end of a six year legal battle over workplace discrimination. Her heiress/artist girlfriend is working on an exhibit for a museum in Taos. A group drove up into the mountains to see the fall colors making a stop at 10,000 Waves on the way home. I stopped in Miss N’s studio to see her new works, which are stunning watercolors inspired by the New Mexican landscape. I also went to a few open houses in the Las Companas area. Saw a stunning house with great views on 2.5 acres. It comes with a two-bedroom guest house. I loved the house. Sadly, I’m not ready to move to Santa Fe. I really don’t need a 4,500 sq. ft. house. It was fun to look.

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Friday Night Art Pics

A few pics from the Friday night art tour.

Walker Fine Art, Angela Beloian, Blue Buzz, black gesso, silver ink pen and acrylic on panel, 40 x 48, $3,800.

Goodwin Fine Art, Jill Hadley Hooper, Still Life 1, mixed media on panel, 52 x 36, $5,500.

Next Gallery, Betsy $B Rudolph, no description or price given.

Core New Art Space, Rolf Helland, Chinese Apartment, oil paint on canvas, $450.

Pirate Contemporary Art, Charles Livingston, paper, graphite and resin, NFS. Charles drew 5,184 circles on the paper.

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