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Illig At Walker

Peter Illig, one of my favorites of the local art scene, will be included in the next show at Walker Fine Art. The new exhibit, entitled Metaphors, will open on April 28th. Peter has incorporated neon in his new works. Walker always presents great art and this show should continue that trend. Click the link below the see a short video covering twenty plus years of Peter’s art.


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How about $550?

Several comments on the last post centered on the price of the paintings. The Lewis McInnis paintings in the last post are pricey. Space is a high-end gallery representing some of the best local and regional artists. Space has a reputation for exhibiting great art. There were a number of smaller works on exhibit at a much lower price point.

Lewis McInnis, Untitled, gouache on paper, 15” x 15” framed, $550

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Abstract Easter Art

I not big on Easter. All those pastel colors drive me crazy. Give me strong colors. Instead of Easter eggs, I give you Easter art, my style. Space gallery is exhibiting paintings by Lewis McInnis. I love his color palate and subtle references to Diebenkorn.

Lewis McInnis, oil on canvas, 40″ x 48″, $4,500 each

Lewis McInnis, Loud Music, oil on canvas, 44″ x 44″, $4,500

Lewis McInnis, Shelves, oil on canvas, 54″ x 48″, $5,000

Lewis McInnis, Untitled, oil on canvas, 60″ x 48″, $5,500

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Available Now

The Navajo Arts district is dying a slow death. Next and Edge have vacated their spaces. The galleries will be on hiatus until their new spaces are finished. Pirate will move in May to a space in Lakewood. Denver’s loss is Lakewood’s gain. Zip37 will be the only gallery left on Navajo. The Bug Theater remains in place but one gallery and a performance venue don’t make a vibrant art scene. The good news is the galleries will reopen some day in their new locations. It’s the end of an era but also the start of a new adventure.

I flew solo last night. Navajo was eerily quiet. The dark empty gallery spaces added a feeling of abandonment to the evening. Zip37 had an opening but it didn’t draw a crowd. The area is turning into a mini ghost town just a short distance away from shiny new townhouses and condos, which caused property taxes to increase, which in turn led to rising rents and the galleries exodus. But the developers are getting richer.

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Mask 7

I found this mask at a neighborhood garage sale. The tag indicates it’s from Zaire, now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Pics From the Weekend

I’ve got nothing except for a few pics from the weekend.

Friday evening in the Golden Triangle.

Cuddle time with Ferdinand.

Detail of Peter Illig painting Shipwreck/Redemption. Painting is mixed media and neon lights measuring 108 x 72, priced at $3,500. Peter is represented by Walker Fine Art.

Mark Penner-Howell, Harbinger, acrylic and colored pencil on canvas, 72 x 60, $4,500. Mark is represented by Walker Fine Art.

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Scenes From Art Night

Perry and I hit the galleries last night. Stops were made at Havu in the Golden Triangle, Mai Wyn Fine Art, Michael Warren Contemporary and Sync on Santa Fe and Next, Pirate and Zip37 on Navajo. Havu’s offer is once again excellent but pricey. My favorite works were at Zip37.

I snapped this pic as we were leaving the Golden Triangle.

We hit the always reliable El Taco de Mexico for burritos, street tacos and Mexican Cokes. El Taco is not a glamorous place but the food is always good.

Zip37 is exhibiting great paintings by Ryan Talbot. The paintings are based on Ryan’s memories of storms in southern Colorado and playing in the rain puddles after the storm had passed. Ryan’s unique style makes the paintings fresh and exciting. It’s small show but definitely worth checking out.

Zip37, Ryan Talbot, Madison, oil on canvas, 24 x 36, $850

Zip37, Ryan Talbot, Jack, oil and mixed media on canvas, 24 X 36, NFS

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