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How Did He Know?

Morgan and I went to the new beer bust at Trade yesterday afternoon. It turned out to be a great time. The crowd was older and not afraid of a man in a harness. I met a handful of very friendly men and ran into a few guys I’d recently met. I received an invitation to a naked cocktail party in Boulder. I’m not sure I will attend as nice as it was nice to receive the invitation.

Morgan, being a social butterfly, introduced me to most of the men I met. He’s on a mission to make sure I don’t spend the next few years alone. Morgan was bit sloshed when we left the bar. I treated him to dinner at Swing Thai to thank him for the introductions. He was sobered up before I dropping him off at the condo he shares with his husband.

I arrived home around 9. I watched Netflix for a while before heading to bed. I had done laundry before meeting Morgan and neglected to put sheets back on my bed. I didn’t feel like dressing the bed so I slept in the guest bedroom.

Around 4 this morning, Ferdinand was sitting on the fence outside the guest bedroom window meowing. How did he know I was sleeping in the guest bedroom? He left the house when I left to pick up Morgan. He was on his rounds for almost twelve hours. I wonder if he meowed outside all the windows and doors until he found me.

Ferdinand slept in a chair in my office all day as I worked from home. I periodically tossed a paper clip on him to wake him up. Payback is a bitch. What he will do to me next?

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He’s A Monster

Doesn’t Ferdinand look cute? In reality, he’s a monster put on earth to torment me. He wants out at four in the morning every day. He’s developed a habit of banging on the wood blinds on the French doors in the bedroom to be let out. I raised the blinds only to discover he stands on his hind legs the reach the blinds. I raised the blinds out of his reach so he sits on a chair by the window and beats the blinds with his paw. I feel like Pavlov’s dog. Last week Ferdinand started leaving headless baby rabbits in the garden by the family room door. It’s such a joy disposing of the carcasses. He’s also developed a habit of meowing at the family room door to go outside. He sits on the flagstone step and meows to get back in as soon as the door closes. When I open the door, he looks as if he never seen a door open. I could go on and on but you get the picture. And just when I’ve had enough of him, he’ll curl up beside me and rest his head on my leg when I’m watching something on Netflix. I’m being manipulated by a cat.

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Praying For A Tasty Mouse


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