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Cloudy Friday

I snapped this picture of two cranes in Cherry Creek on my way to the galleries last night. They are hidden behind the utility poles and wires. It was a cloudy and rainy Friday. I saw some great art which I’ll share in the next post.

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From Seedy to Chic

This mid-century former motel in the Golden Triangle was saved from the wrecking ball. The motel rooms have been converted into individual business suites. The award-winning renovation converted the seedy Broadway Plaza Motel into a hip small business center now called the Broadway Plaza Metlo. I particularly like the new color scheme and the floor to ceiling windows.

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9 Cranes

I was driving south on I-25 on Sunday afternoon. Traffic came to a standstill as I approached downtown. I counted nine construction cranes in downtown Denver. The relentless building in Downtown, Cherry Creek and the Tech Center is only going to compound the city’s traffic issues.

The biggest and most expensive project is 1144 Fifteenth Street, which is being built by Hines, the international real estate firm based in Houston. The picture below shows the new 40-story Hines tower rising behind the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Denver. The $300 million office building has been pre-certified as LEED Gold. The building is scheduled to open in early 2018.

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They’re All Crazy

All of my friends have gone off the rails. Each one has some sort of mini crisis or insignificant drama. Here’s a brief overview:

Surprisingly, Cindi listed her house last Friday. She had twenty-seven showings over the weekend along with a bidding war. Cindi lives in a remote canyon off Coal Creek Canyon so I was surprised by the number of showings. She doesn’t know where she’s going but will eventually end up in Santa Fe. The buyers of her business backed out of the deal at the last moment after moving some of her inventory into their warehouse. They are refusing to return the inventory. The buyers also got one of her trucks impounded but failed to inform Cindi. Cindi paid $2,700 to get the truck out of impound. This one may be headed to litigation.

Double A thinks the CEO is trying to oust him. He’s documenting all their interactions. I think he’s being paranoid.

Perry now needs a hip replacement. She’s blaming it on the car accident. She’s hired a lawyer and has been to numerous doctors along with having massages and acupuncture. She’s racking up her medical bills in hopes of a large settlement that will allow her to move out of her ex-husbands house. Perry has also been involving herself in an issue with one of Paddy’s clients. She needs to mind her own business. Perry has become increasingly self-centered. And her memory lapses have become alarmingly frequent.

Paddy changes his mind relentlessly. He wanted to move to the Highlands, then it was downtown, then it was Monument (near Colorado Springs) before deciding to stay in his rental. He had granite countertops installed in the kitchen. Who does that in a rental? He has also test driven an Audi A6, BMW 5 series, a Cadillac, a Lincoln and a BMW 7 series. I’ve come to the unprofessional conclusion he has ADD. He took the boyfriend to Reno to meet the family for five days but flew home after two days. He failed to pay quarterly taxes in 2016. Paddy had his accountant file for an extension. He doesn’t have funds saved to pay his taxes yet he’s trying to buy a new car. WTF?

Mack was MIA until Friday night. It seems really odd that he’s been incommunicado since I’ve been unemployed. I loaned him money twice to avoid eviction while he was looking for work. Now he’s trying to buy a used car with a repossession on his record and ruined credit. I would think he would check in more frequently given I’m now the one who is unemployed.

Another friend (who shall remain nameless) confessed to arranging for massages with happy endings on Craigslist. He’s in a long term relationship and is engaged to his partner. He also misbehaved when we were at Trade’s underwear night. He’d be wise to have his partner sign a prenup.

They’re all crazy.

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The Mustard Sandwich

I ran into Beth on Friday night while out with Perry. I hadn’t seen her for a year or two. Perry and Beth have known each other for years. We had a nice time catching up on recent history. The topic of Lent and Catholic School came up in our conversation. Stories of being terrorized by nuns were shared by all.

Catholics were not allowed to eat meat on Friday when I was in grade school. The nuns would inspect lunches on Friday to make sure they were meat free. One Friday my mother mistakenly made bologna sandwiches. I was busted by Sister Joseph during lunch inspection. Sister Joseph threw the bologna away. I was lectured on eating meat on Friday. I was told I would burn in hell for eternity in front of my classmates. My punishment was to eat a mustard sandwich. I was not allowed to buy lunch in the cafeteria. I was banished to a table with the other offenders. I will never forget trying to eat that mustard sandwich. Sister Joseph stood nearby to make sure the offenders finished their meatless sandwiches. My sister suffered the same fate.

Sister Joseph was a cunt. She was the meanest of all of the nuns. Sister Joseph specialized in punishing students by beating them with a yardstick, throwing erasers at heads, pulling students out of their desks by their ears and making students kneel on the hard linoleum floor for what seemed like eternity for minor infractions. Her other career choice would have been dominatrix.

Making a child eat a mustard sandwich is abuse. Not allowing me to buy something in the cafeteria just added to the crime. Why not let me eat the bologna sandwich and go to confession before mass the next day? Isn’t that the purpose of confession? It’s not like I was going to die in the next twenty-four hours with that sin on my soul. Would I really be condemned to hell for eating bologna on Friday? If so, then god has a sick sense of humor.

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I took this picture in Five Points while hanging out Mike on Sunday.

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The Party That Wasn’t

Initially, Paddy was hosting his birthday party at his house on Friday evening. A few days later, he decided to host a cocktail party on Saturday night at Mai Wyn’s gallery to celebrate his birthday. A week later, Paddy changed it to a roller skating party on Friday night. Last Monday, the party was to be held on Saturday night at a local gay bar with a primarily Mexican clientele. The bar is known for its drag and burlesque shows. There was the promise of bottle service and a VIP area. The party was cancelled ninety minutes before it was scheduled to start.

Friday, Saturday, Friday, Saturday. The party with nine lives finally died.

It’s a birthday party. Make a plan and stick with it. There’s no need for so much drama.

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