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Friday’s Best

Cindi was staying with me for last few days. She left this morning for Winter Park before heading back to Santa Fe. We had an early dinner last night before hitting the galleries. I was really impressed with an artist new to the Pirate roster. Vinni Alfonso presented Domestic Beasts as his first show at Pirate. He’s a young emerging talent on the local art scene who has a promising future.

Stressle, acrylic and latex on canvas, $1,200.

Box, acrylic and latex on canvas, $825.



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A Day Gone By

It’s cold and snowy here today. Mike is alone at his big suburban house while the partner is at his studio apartment in the city. The partner’s studio is smaller than the master bath in the house. Mike has been texting me photos of days gone by. This was taken on Mykonos in the early 90’s. Sadly, Bill, the other guy in the picture, died about a year after this photo was taken.
The big suburban yard.

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A Few Favorites

Here are a few of my favorites from the Degas exhibit I attended last night. I had words with Perry so the evening wasn’t as pleasant as I expected. She was taking pain pills and drinking. I told Perry she should have stayed home instead of driving across town to get to the museum. The art did not disappoint.

The Bather, 1895, pastel and charcoal on paper.

Standing Woman Fastening Her Corset,
1883, oil paint on canvas.

The Laundress Ironing, 1882, oil paint on canvas.

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Leaving Is Trending

My work son, JC, submitted his resignation today. He was fed up with the place. He lined up an internship as a software developer along with two part time jobs to cover his monthly expenses. He’s willing to work three jobs to get out of the “hellhole”. Sadly, our departure will leave WF alone to fend for herself against the Indians. WF has been looking for a new position within the company. She’s great at networking so I expect she’ll soon find a new position in a department without a horde of H1B visa workers.

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Friday Night Favorites

Mack and I hit the galleries on Friday night. Along with seeing a coffin in the back of a pickup truck, we saw some great art. Stops were made at Walker, Havu, Rule, Mai Wyn, Michael Warren, Niza Knoll, Spark and Core. I also attend an opening at Space on Thursday night. Here are some of my favorites.

Space Gallery, Jason Lee Gimbel, Indigo Daze, oil on canvas, 80 x 60, $11,500.

Space Gallery, Jason Lee Gimbel, The Bather, oil on wood panel, 57 x 45, $6,300.

Space Gallery, Jason Lee Gimbel, Crystal Blu, oil on wood panel, 45 x 57, $6,300.

Walker Fine Art, Mark Penner-Howell, Everything Is Going To Be, mixed media on wood panel, 24 x 24, $2,200.

Walker Fine Art, Mark Penner-Howell, Hallelujah, mixed media on wood panel, 24 x 24, $2,200.

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Double A Update

Double A had a heart attack last Friday morning in his office. He was the first person in the office which is housed in a historic mansion. Thankfully, a coworker arrived who called 911 before unlocking the front door so the emergency services could enter the highly-secured mansion. The EMTs had to carry Double A down a circular staircase on a stretcher from the second floor. Double A spent two days in the hospital. He was released with instructions to see his cardiologist.

This is Double A’s second heart attack. The first one happened about ten years ago during services. There were a number of doctors also attending services at his synagogue that night so he received immediate care.

I only found out about Double A’s heart attack yesterday. Since I started my current employment gig we don’t talk very often. I used to chat with Double A several times a week in the early morning when I worked from home. There is no privacy at my current office so I keep personal calls to a minimum. Cell phone calls often drop in the building and I don’t have a land line since I’m assigned to a plastic table. I need to make a better effort to keep in touch with Double A. He’s a good friend and I value our friendship.

Double A has also decided to sell his house in the far northern suburbs just south of the Wyoming border (It’s not actually near the border but seems like it is given the drive is almost an hour). He wants to move back into the city to be closer to work and his friends. He’s starting his house hunt this weekend. Unfortunately, the average price of house in Denver is now $465,000 so he may also have to sell his rental property to find a decent place in the central Denver neighborhoods, which are more expensive than other neighborhoods. I look forward to having Double A back in the city.

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A Date With A Friend

My friend, whose partner moved out of the house before Christmas, asked me to have an early dinner with him at the Capital Grill on New Years’ Eve. His partner is now driving for Lyft and didn’t want to pass up a financial windfall by working on New Years’ Eve. As I said previously, I was profiting on the misfortune of others while helping a friend.

Dinner was great but I don’t think it was worth $250. My friend picked up the tab even though I offered to split the bill. After dinner, we went to the Avalanche game at the Pepsi Center. My friend is a season ticket holder but it was my first professional hockey game in Denver. Eight row seats at center ice made for a great view of the game. And our team won. We retrieved the car from the valet after the game. It was 10° when we left the game so it was great to find the car running with the heated seats turned on. My friend is a great tipper so the valets always make sure his car is warmed up and waiting curbside after the game.

Our next stop was the newly reopened Triangle. Those of you familiar with Denver gay bars probably remember this notorious leather bar which closed a number of years ago. After a brief stint as a restaurant, the space was recently reopened as the Triangle. The seediness of the old Triangle has been replaced by a sleek and chic interior with polished concrete floors. The music was great and the drinks were strong. And the guys were hot but much younger than both of us.

We made it an early night. I was home before eleven. Drinks at dinner, drinks at the hockey game and a drink at the Triangle ensured I was soon in dreamland. Not so much the next day. I was hungover most of Monday.

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