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I’m posting a picture of flowers from my garden sitting on the nightstand in my bedroom on a Saturday night. Sitting at home on a Saturday night entertaining myself with Instagram, Tumbler, photography and music. Is this what my life has become? I’m not complaining, but rather, questioning the new reality of life which is mandated by protocols instituted to save lives.

I wasted away most of the morning even though my alarm went off at 7:30. I made blueberry pancakes which is a cheat meal for me. I usually have avocado toast, oatmeal or yogurt with fruit and a toasted muffin. I finally got cleaned up and dressed for the day around 11. After lunching on a tuna fish salad sandwich on multi-grain bread and a banana, I met Morgan, his husband and the architect for a walk around Sloan’s Lake. Morgan gave me a mask to wear as I didn’t have one. He saved me from looking like a bank robber in a blue handkerchief. It was a beautiful day. Only a few small clouds in the air. Before the walk, Morgan’s husband warned the architect and me not to discuss politics or the virus. There were a few slip ups along the way but we quickly steered the conversation away. After three miles we said farewells and headed home.

After dinning on angel hair pasta with pesto and shrimp (not 9/12s), and a little Netflix, I started listening to music from my high school years. Those years of my life were heavily influenced by progressive rock. Not wanting to sit in front of the TV all evening I decided to do some bodyweight exercises while reliving the music of my much younger years. Even though I miss my gym time, I found it difficult to commit to doing more exercise other than daily walks. One would think I could easily design a home workout routine given all the years of personal training I’ve paid for. I resurrected a few exercises I learned from the last trainer but found the routine was lacking the last time I ran through it. A few google searches produced what I needed. I worked out for almost 90 minutes tonight. I wonder how I’ll feel tomorrow.

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My neighbors, Sheila and Thom, who are financially blessed, have instructed their property management firm not to collect April’s rent on their residential rental properties. They are compassionate people who recognize that many of their tenants struggle to pay their rent. Waiving April rent is one way they can give back and help those who may be facing financial ruin by being unemployed. Even those who are employed are getting a break. Sheila and Thom are good people who are dear to my heart.

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As if dealing with the Coronavirus isn’t a trauma by itself, a very good friend, who lives in New Mexico, is currently going through an ordeal most people only read about in the news.

Her 47-year-old brother has lived with her mother in a small town in Montana for many years. Her mother winters at her second home in Tucson. Her brother has had some mental health issues but recently found god. His new-found faith in Jesus seemed to stabilize him, that is, until Friday night.

On Friday, her brother’s friend took her brother to the ER. The details are sketchy. He was treated and released.

On Friday night, a 911 call was placed from her mother’s house in Montana seeking medical attention. When help arrived, the friend was found dead from a gunshot wound. Her brother was missing. On Sunday night, her brother was stopped by the police. Her brother shot himself. The police opened fire on his truck thinking he was firing at them. Two men are dead. Two families are devastated. Her mother’s home is a crime scene.

I’ve seen news stories about similar incidents for years. I’ve never been this close to someone whose family was involved. It’s very unsettling even though I only met her brother twice. My friend is completely broken, as is the rest of her family. Nobody really knows what happened, or why, as the two key figures are dead.

And they say Jesus saves. Apparently, not in this case.

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Hey Stud

I have two friends who I’ve never written about mainly because they live in other cities and our relationships have evolved into email exchanges. Both men are around my age. Both have been single for a while. That is, until recently. Both now have boyfriends. They inspired me to dust off my profile on a dating site and give it another go. I updated the data and posted a few new pictures.

Within hours of posting my updated profile I get a message from Wolfgang. It was short and to the point. “Hey stud, can I feel your arm muscles?” I added the punctuation. His message had none. I declined his most enticing request. Heaven help me!

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Opening Pandora’s Box

The detective called as I was getting ready for the art tour last night. I hadn’t heard from him since August when he texted to cancel plans we had made. He was calling me from the car on his way up to the high country. He sold his house in Denver and moved in with a relative who lives in a small town on the Colorado western slope (five hours from Denver). He had another back surgery to re-repair an injury he sustained when he was hit by a drunk driver while assisting a motorist with car trouble when he was a highway patrolman. The accident ended his patrol days but opened the door to being a detective. He’s still in pain which means he’s still taking opioids. We talked for a half hour. He apologized for past behaviors. He wants to renew our friendship, or whatever it was. I agreed knowing he’ll be five hours away, and, if anything, the detective does not do well with follow up. I’m not going to be proactive in maintaining contact. I’ll meet him for dinner if he’s in town but I’m not sure if I can offer anything more than that.

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A Different Direction

Kelly had six interviews before being told they were going in a different direction. She was devastated when she got the news from her executive head hunter. I felt for her as I know she really wanted the job and the hefty paycheck would have had many benefits. She’s taking a week off before resuming her search.

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Double A Dates

Double A has been dating a guy for two months. This is the first time he’s dated in many years. Double A originally met the guy 20 years ago, but due to circumstances, they never got involved. Double A is 63 while the guy is 56. I had a long conversation with Double A yesterday about dating. During the conversation I reminded him that Valentine’s Day is on Friday. Double A had made no plans. Double A seems ambivalent about dating the guy. He likes the companionship but thinks, at times, sex is too much trouble. It’s not like the sex isn’t exciting or rewarding. Double A simply seems to have lost interest in sex. Perhaps I should introduce Double A to Morgan, who at 70, gets laid several times a week. I wonder if Morgan would have any suggestions for Double A.

Double A is renovating his condo in the city. He’s planning on selling his house in suburbs, which, he bought to please his last partner. He’ll move back into the city when the renovations are completed. He’ll be a lot closer to work, many of his friends and his Temple. And closer to the guy he is dating, which, may not last if he doesn’t start dropping trou more often.

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