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Can You Say Narcissist?

It didn’t take Perry long to take Paddy up on his offer. On Monday, she left messages on both of his phones along with texts. When he didn’t respond promptly, she left messages at the salon, on salon owner’s phone and with three of the stylists. Perry needed her hair cut and colored before she left on a planned trip on Wednesday. Oddly, she went more than six months without cut and color during the rift. Now she was having a hairmergency. Paddy offered Perry an appointment on Tuesday. The time wasn’t good for Perry. She told Paddy he was inconveniencing her. Paddy told Perry to take it or leave it. He didn’t have any other openings. Perry took the appointment. She showed up thirty minutes late. She also hadn’t washed her hair for six days. Paddy was disgusted by her stinky hair but he rose to the occasion. Perry left happy.

Perry got $350 worth of services free. Yet she was being inconvenienced and showed up late with dirty hair. Can you say narcissist?


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A Slap Across The Face

Friday night’s art tour started with a remarkable sunset. Paddy, JP, Mack and I hit the galleries on Santa Fe before heading west to Next and Pirate. The best show of the night was the Julie Jablonski and Louis Recchia double header at Pirate. It was also at Pirate where the crew ran into Perry.

Perry and Paddy have not spoken for months. It was inevitable they would eventually encounter each other in the galleries. I was the first to greet Perry. She made a remark about the evening being a boys’ night out. I thought the remark was snarky and inferred that nobody called her about meeting up. I let it slide. Paddy and JP greeted Perry a few minutes later. I stepped away so they could chat. Later, I found out Perry still insisted that she was on the upside of the professional services trade with Paddy. Paddy took the high road by not engaging Perry in an argument. He went on offer free cut and color services whenever she wants it. Paddy essentially offered Perry $350 worth of services when she deemed her hair needed it. Perry accepted the offer. Perry, being Perry, couldn’t gracefully end the conversation. She threw out a backhanded compliment by remarking on how happy Paddy must be in his relationship given all the weight he has gained. To his credit, Paddy kept his cool and walked away.

Other friends have cautioned me numerous times about Perry’s ability to burn her bridges. She did it again on Friday night. Paddy offered Perry an olive branch which Perry used to slap Paddy across the face. We soon left the gallery in search of dinner.

A beautiful evening full of promise ended on a sour note. And Perry wonders why she no longer receives invitations from her dwindling group of friends.

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The New Mexican Era

Cindi is now a New Mexican. I didn’t see her before she left town. Cindi moved a few weeks ago to a borrowed house in Albuquerque. Cindi will eventually settle in Santa Fe. Until then, she has a free place to stay. Cindi is contemplating renting space for a studio/art gallery in Santa Fe. Running a gallery will be like returning home. Cindi leaves for a horseback riding adventure in Spain two weeks from today. I know I’ll see her before she leaves. I’m gifting her with Ambien for the flight.

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A picture post for today. I’m counting down the days until I return to servitude.

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The Wrong Message

Mike sold his Range Rover. He never really liked driving the Range Rover because it sent the wrong message. He’s been driving a borrowed SL550 roadster.

Mike showed up at Trade last night with a new white convertible E-Class with a red leather interior. The car was too flashy for my taste. One of the guys looking at the car said it resembled a bloody tampon. I wonder what type of message the E-Class is sending.

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Cool Mom Quote

Here’s a quote from a good friend’s Facebook page:

“In my day job, I am a scientist. I don’t just write fiction.”

She’s also a really cool mom of three boys, a wife and an artist while making a living as a scientist. And she’s a writer. How cool is that?

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The house has been sold. The business has been liquidated. The warehouse has been cleaned out. Cindi said goodbye to Scar Top Mountain, her home for the last ten years, before driving out of town earlier this week. Cindi will be hanging out in Santa Fe and other parts of New Mexico for the near future. I envision her wandering naked in remote parts of the Chihuahuan Desert burning sage and dancing around a campfire while she plots the next phase of her life. She’s been known to camp in isolated places which enable her to ditch clothes. Cindi may be a girly girl with always the right shade of lipstick but she also knows how to take care of herself in the wilderness. Her father, who worked for the Fish and Wildlife Service, taught her well.

Before Cindi left town she brought a truck load of art to my house for safekeeping. She has a great art collection, which was collected over many years of running and co-owning an art gallery. She acquired works by rising young stars who have become successful fixtures in the regional art market. Many of the pieces she bought are by artists who are now collected. She was also given a number of significant pieces by artists she represented. Cindi always had a good eye for talent. She’s credited with starting the careers of a number of local artists.

As we were unloading one huge abstract painting, Cindi cautioned me to be careful as the piece had appraised for $30k. The painting is now hanging in my dining room. Another valuable piece is in my guest bedroom. The rest of the collection is stored in my basement on tables to protect the works from any possible water damage from a sewer back up or the water heater failing.

Cindi and I laughed about her being a homeless woman with a six-figure art collection. It was a bittersweet moment. It was the end of an era. Cindi has lived in Denver since she graduated from college. Now she’s starting another adventure. Cindi and I will always be friends. We will just be in different cities for now.

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