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This new house was originally going to be 12,000 sq. ft. It looks like the main house is more like 20,000 sq. ft. There’s also a guest house which is not pictured.

Developers have started on two other houses in the neighborhood but neither will be this big as they are on much smaller lots.

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JP has cancer.  He’s scheduled to see an oncologist on Monday.  Given the amount of pain he is in I suspect it’s in an advanced state.  He’s taking hydrocodone every 4 hours, round the clock.

I found out yesterday my dentist has glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer.  He’s been given 6 months to live so he’s brought in a freshly minted dentist to take over his practice.

A neighbor was diagnosed with breast cancer last week.

The only good news I have is that Double A had a biopsy two weeks ago which came back benign.

I’ve had it with cancer, but I can’t seem to escape it.

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An Enjoyable Evening

It was a night where everything aligned to create a most enjoyable evening.  The galleries were packed with patrons who all seemed to be in a good mood. And the art, from a $200 sculpture to a $40,000 painting, was stellar.  Even though the sky was gray and overcast due to a recently arrived cold front, the temperature was still warm enough navigate in shirt sleeves.  As the evening wore on, the increasing winds blew tumbleweeds down the street. 

Friday evening started by meeting Bruce and his guy at Space Gallery to see new offerings from Noelle Phares and Philip Tarlow.  The offerings did not disappoint.  After Space, the guys dropped me off a few blocks north at D’art Gallery before they headed off to drinks and dinner.  D’art’s juried print show is one not to miss.  I walked down the street to Rule after leaving D’art.  Rule was hosting an opening for Martha Hughes, who normally shows at the Rule’s sister gallery in Marfa, Texas.  After Rule, I walked a few blocks back to my car parked across the street from Space.  I was happy to see the gallery packed with a lively crowd. 

I drove out west to see the offerings at the co-ops located near Casa Bonita, the Mexican restaurant made famous by the popular animated television series, South Park.  Core Gallery’s, Architecture of Form Show, is another one not to be missed.  The show is filled with works from local artists, many of whom are pillars of the regional art community.  Nicholas Kremske opened a show of new mixed-media work at the adjacent Next Gallery.  The works are simultaneously haunting and stunning. The Next show is another must see given it showcases the work of a rising star.

Here are a few of my favorites from my gallery tour:

Nicholas Kremske, Tethered, mixed media on board, 48 x 72, Next Gallery.
Noelle Phares, Plume, oil, oil pastel, acrylic and gouache on panel, 40 x 30, Space Gallery.
Martha Hughes, Untitled 1219, oil on canvas, 72 x 72, Rule Gallery.
Phillip Tarlow, Fly Anywhere, oil/collages on canvas, 32 x 42, Space Gallery.
One of the tumbleweeds.

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He’s A Great Guy

It was a pleasure meeting the new guy.  After the art opening, we had drinks followed by dinner at an upscale restaurant in Cherry Creek.  No tongue tacos on the menu.  The guy is highly educated and has a great sense of humor.  He’s two years younger than me.  He’s the type of guy I’d like to date.  He’s not interested in guys near his age as he prefers guys in their thirties.  I’ll see him again this Friday as we are hitting another gallery opening or two.

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Rich Man, Poor Man

Bruce stopped by yesterday morning on his way home from the chiropractor.  He broke up with his boyfriend of eight months on Sunday.  Coincidentally, the boyfriend told me weeks ago he was going to break up with Bruce.  I never shared this with Bruce as I didn’t want to be in the middle of their relationship issues.  It’s a good thing Mike talked Bruce out of buying a BMW to keep at the boyfriend’s Florida house.  Although, Bruce did buy an expensive painting which was shipped to Florida.  I guess it’s the price of a breakup.

Bruce showed me pictures of his new love interest who he has been chatting with for a while.  Nothing like having the next guy waiting in wings until you end your relationship.  The new guy is moving to Denver from New York to work at a start-up.  He’s listed his Tribeca loft for $10m but will keep his second home in the Hamptons.  The new guy is a clone of all the other men Bruce has dated – early sixties, tall, good looking and in-shape.  This new guy is closer in economic status to Bruce.

Last Friday, I met 72-year-old man at an art opening who is living on a $1,000 a month social security check.  He worked in bars and liquor stores his whole life.  He doesn’t have a 401k or a pension.  He never made enough money to have a decent nest egg.  He told me he goes to art openings because they are free entertainment, and he can take public transportation to get there.  He also likes the free alcoholic beverages and food which are often served.  He’s looking for a job to supplement his income but given his age his options are limited. I told him about other galleries accessible by public transportation he could add to his list. 

Clearly, Bruce and I are fishing in different ponds.

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The Cranes Are Back

The sandhill cranes migrated through Colorado this past week. In Denver, the construction crane has returned. It never really left but its numbers dwindled in the last year. The construction crane is making a robust comeback. A new development on the west end of Cherry Creek Mall will add 7 new 12-story mixed-use buildings to the already congested area. And a developer has announced plans for a new 47-story building in the heart of downtown. I snapped these photos Friday night looking north and south on Santa Fe Drive.

Looking north
Looking south

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Friday Night Favorites

The galleries were packed on Friday night. The mostly maskless crowd was full of life. I ran into so many people I knew who I hadn’t seen for ages. I ran into JP at the first gallery. We visited two other galleries together before parting ways. There were too many openings in too many different parts of town to visit in one night. I concentrated my efforts on Santa Fe Drive and the Golden Triangle.
Here are a few of my favorites.

Lynn Heitler, Deductive Reasoning, oil on canvas, 72 x 96, Space Gallery.
Mark A Lunning, To Be King, mixed media on wood panel, 20 x 16, Space Gallery.
Sushe Felix, From Sky to Earth, acrylic on panel, 24 x 24, Willaim Havu Gallery.
Kelton Orborn, A Moment is for Forgetting, 37 x 37, acrylic and graphite on canvas, Michael Warren Contemporary.

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Two Grand A Month

I hit the galleries on Friday night with JP. His late husband managed one of the blue chip galleries before becoming an independent art consultant.  JP knows most of the heavy-hitters of the local art world so introductions were made all evening.

JP is retired and lives off his late husband’s social security.  He lives in a penthouse condo with a stunning view of downtown and one of the popular parks.  JP has moved often as he bought and renovated properties most of his adult life to supplement his job as a hotel cater waiter.  His real estate deals allowed him to purchase his condo without a mortgage.

JP told me he lives on $2k a month.  I was amazed he could live on such a small amount.  My burn rate is a lot higher than JP’s. 

I spent most of the snowy weekend gathering tax documents for the accountant.  I reviewed my monthly expenses.  There’s no way I can survive on 2 grand a month.  That barely covers my house payment and monthly health care expenses. 

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Current Favorites

Four of us hit a few of the galleries last night.  The weather had been bitter cold with snow the last few days so not many people were out.  Month of Print is rapidly approaching which means many galleries have already opened their print shows.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Lola Montejo, Hereafter 12, oil monotype, 35.5 x 30, Space Gallery.
Catherine Shuman Miller, Not So Fast, oil and watercolor monotype, 47 x 62, Space Gallery.
Taiko Chandler, On and On #115, oil monotype, 32 x 43.5, Space Gallery.
Heidi Jung, Artichoke, sumi ink and charcoal on mylar mounted to panel, 30 x 20, Michael Warren Contemporary.
Quintin Gonzalez, Fight Girl II, acrylic on canvas, 46″ diameter, Michael Warren Contemporary.

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Dinner For Two

Bruce was being interviewed for an article on fine dining in Denver.  His favorite restaurant asked him to come in for dinner and the interview.  Bruce invited me to be his plus one.  We were seated in Bruce’s regular booth.  We started off with a crab cake appetizer and cocktails.  The reporter arrived just as we finished the appetizer.  The camera man said the lighting was too dark in our booth so Bruce was whisked off to the wine vault for the interview.  After the interview, the restaurant GM brought over champagne for a toast before our entrees arrived.  Soon our Wagyu filet mignons arrived along with the sides.  The sommelier brought over two red wines for us to sample with our steaks.  Dessert was Luxardo cherry cheesecake.  Best of all, the meal was comped.  A most generous tip was left for the waiter. 

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