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I met up with Morgan last night after the art tour. His husband is out of town so he’s been cruising online for male entertainment. Last night’s prospect cancelled leaving Morgan with no plans. We had a long talk. Morgan likes to analyze me. He thinks I need to be more social. I also need to stop spending time by myself yet he refuses to join me on the art tour. After endless questions about my past relationships, Morgan presented me with a diagnosis. I been pursued most of my life and have done very little pursuing. At this point in my life, men have stopped seeking me out so I have to do the seeking. The hunted has to be turned into the hunter. I may have to agree with him.

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Giving Back

I attend an art action tonight at the Bronco’s indoor practice field benefiting Alzheimer research. I was invited by Mike who has made Alzheimer research one of the causes he generously supports. Mike’s boyfriend was also in attendance. The event was underwritten by the Broncos as the owner and his wife have recently been diagnoses with the disease. While I didn’t buy any art, I did make a donation. It was a very moving event. I was thankful I was able to attend.

Update: The event raised $110,000.

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This weekend, I’ll be an art tour guide for three friends from Santa Fe who will be staying in town for few days. All are women. Two are successful artists and one is a wealth manager/artist. These women are a lot of fun. They love a good cocktail too. They’ll be staying in the Golden Triangle neighborhood at the ART, which is a swank boutique hotel with a multi-million dollar art collection. The women are arriving on Thursday and leaving on Sunday morning after brunch. I’m working on Friday so I’ve put together a self-guided itinerary for the women to pursue on their own during the day. The itinerary includes the Denver Art Museum, which is located next to the hotel, a walking tour of the Golden Triangle galleries and the Denver Botanic Garden’s York Street location. It will be a few days of galleries, lunches and dinners along with great company and interesting conversations.

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A Difficult Path

While on the Friday night art tour I ran into a friend who has been having marital issues. My friend told me she was going to ask her husband to move out of the house on Sunday. She thinks a trial separation may be a catalyst for change in the hope the marriage can be saved.

I knew the couple was in counseling but learning that a separation was on horizon made me sad. I was down the rest of the night. I really like this couple. I always enjoy our conversations in the galleries. Knowing about the pending separation brought back memories of the end of my relationship. Both break ups were on my mind all weekend.

On Sunday, a mutual friend let me know the wife went ahead with her plan. She’s worried, sad and a bit shocked. I hope to have a conversation with her later in the week. I want to be supportive, while at the same time I don’t want to alienate the husband. It’s a difficult path to navigate.

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I Didn’t Need To Know

I was talking to a friend I have known for almost 3o years on Tuesday night. My ex came up in the conversation. She is still in contact with him but never shares any details of their communications. I’m fine with this as he has his new life and I have mine. She told me two of my other long-time friends never liked my ex. I didn’t know what to say. I don’t know why she told me. It’s something I didn’t need to know. I’m still thinking about our conversation two days later.

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Standing On The Side

I had dinner with the detective on Saturday night. I have been meeting him for dinner for the last few weeks. He’s still in the friend column.

His husband’s boyfriend picked up divorce papers from the courthouse and started filling them out. How strange is that? The detective took care of his husband for 18 years but the baton is being handed to a new man who will take care of him. The detective’s husband is also house hunting with his boyfriend. Any guess who is paying for the new house? There’s nothing like going from one man to next without a break to recover.

The detective has finally accepted the end of his relationship. He’s trying to move on at 65. He’s now referring to husband as his ex. Thankfully, his husband is not asking for support, in spite of the fact that the detective’s new salary is 6 times his husband’s salary. At least, at this point he’s not asking for support. The boyfriend, who is also a high wage earner, will be supporting the detective’s, soon to be, ex-husband.

I’m standing on the side watching this play out. I’m not expecting there will ever be anything between us. It will take a while for the detective to recover emotionally. I’m not waiting, but I will be his friend. He’s a fun guy to hang out with. I’ve been looking for someone to occupy my time. The online search is proving to be fruitless. I was commiserating with a pal in Canada about the lack of men who interest me. I need to put myself out there. Perhaps I’ll look for a gay social group to join. It will not be the gay square dance club…..

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Treating Myself

I treated myself to a new piece of art when Cindi was in town a few weeks ago. I took her to see Jason Lee Gimbel’s opening. As expected, she loved his paintings. Earlier that day, my accountant told me I was getting a sizeable tax return. The first one in nine years. I was expecting to pay ten grand or so. Knowing a tax refund was on the way, I bought one of the smaller works in the show. Jason loves to paint large format pieces ($$$$) which will not fit in my 1950’s house. I’ve admired and desired to own one of Jason’s painting for a while. Now that desire has been fulfilled.

Unbound By Gravity, mixed media oil paint collage, 13 x 16.

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