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A Missed Opening

My friend, Tasha Osrtander, opened an exhibit of her works at the Harwood Museum of Art, in Taos, NM this past weekend. The exhibit also includes works by Izumi Yokoyama. Most of the usual suspects from Santa Fe attended the opening. I wish I could have been there. Here are a few pieces included in the show.

Plains of Apparition IV (The Disappearance Series I), archival lightjet print on aluminum di bond, 26 x 32.

Chemical Spirit Portrait Series

Chemical Spirit No. 38

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A Good Thing

There seems to be nothing but unpleasantness in the media in recent history. Here’s the story of a young woman whose life has taken unexpected turn for the good.

I had dinner with my friend, Kelly, last week. Kelly is a high-level executive at a cable company. She has a stay-at-home husband and a teenage daughter and son. Both children have been in the International Baccalaureate program. Kelly’s daughter graduated from high school last summer and is taking a gap year. The daughter convinced Kelly and her husband to allow a gap year because she excelled at her studies for the last 12 years and is facing four years of undergraduate and two additional years for an MBA. The daughter simply wanted a break from studying. Kelly’s daughter moved to New York and is living with Kelly’s sister on the Upper East Side. Before moving to Colorado, Kelly spent the early years of her career in New York so she knew it could be a life changing experience. That turned out to be true.

Kelly’s daughter found work as a hostess at a top-tier restaurant where a lot of business people have lunch. At work one day, she was approached by scout from a modeling agency. Kelly’s daughter never had an interest in fashion or modeling. To make a long story short, after meetings with the agency head and Kelly and her husband, the daughter was signed. In the next two week she did five photo shoots, was taught runway and landed two jobs. A week after being signed, she was approached by a scout from a competing agency as she was leaving the gym. After telling the man she was already signed, he said he wanted to keep in touch in case things didn’t work out with her agency.

Kelly’s daughter has been booking jobs and making good money. The agency wants to send her to Milan to see how she does in the European market. Kelly is rather stunned by how fast this happened. The daughter plans to give modeling a year before making the decision to keep modeling or go to Yale. If she chooses Yale, she be in closed proximity to New York so she could still do the occasional modeling gig.

Kelly and her daughter realize that her chance of making it to modeling superstardom are slim. The daughter is a fresh face on the scene so there’s a lot of buzz and excitement. The plan is to milk the modeling cash cow and see what happens as there’s always another new face on the horizon.

A chance meeting has changed this young woman’s life. And that’s a good thing.

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Correcting Poor Behavior

Two weeks ago, the detective asked me to go out for breakfast on Sunday. We were to talk on Saturday afternoon to firm up plans. I left him a voice mail early Saturday afternoon. The detective went MIA. I made other plans for Sunday as I’m not about to sit at home at wait for a man to call.

Last Friday, I texted the detective to see if he was still alive. He was. He asked me to have lunch on Sunday. I agreed to have lunch. I didn’t bring up the previous weekend as that was a conversation I wanted to have in person. I told the detective to pick me up at noon on Sunday.

I had a most enjoyable time at lunch. I always have fun with him. The detective told about the circumstances that caused him to blow me off the previous weekend. I told him my friends don’t treat me that way. If he wanted to be my friend he had to treat me with respect. If he does it again, he’s out of my life. I spoke in a calm and deliberate manner. The detective had a deer in the headlights look. It was as if he’d never been called out for his poor behavior. He apologized and agreed to never blow me off again. If he had to cancel plans, he’d text or call. Mission accomplished. And then the detective paid for lunch.

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Emoji Help Needed

I attended an art opening last night. While there, I ran into a friend whose husband died in September after a brief illness. We had a nice chat. At the end of our conversation, my friend suggested we trade contact information as he has moved and has a new cell number. I texted him so he would have my number. Later in the evening, my friend replied to my text by saying it was great to see me. The text ended with a red heart.

I’m not the most qualified person to interpret emojis. I thought a red heart meant love or passion. I’m confused. Is my friend trying to suggest he has feelings for me, or wants to date? Could he be ready for dating four months after his husband’s death? Has the red heart become a common way to end a text between friends? What do you think?

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Marry Well, Divorce Better

I had an interesting chat with the detective las night. He called to tell me he was given an award from a civic institution for his contributions along with being the guest of honor at a luncheon. His husband didn’t attend either event.

The detective is in the final round of negotiating a compensation package for his new job. He’ll have a bonus structure equal to 1.5 times his new hefty salary along with a company vehicle. The detective seems to be a skilled negotiator. It’s good to know that a man in his mid-sixties can be in demand, and not, be forced out to pasture for being perceived as past his prime. The extra income will come in handy when it comes time to pay support to his future ex-husband. The husband only makes $30k a year so I’m sure he’ll be requesting monthly payments. One could say his husband married well and is divorcing better.

In other failed relationship news, Mike finally paid off his ex. They were never married but the ex was making his life miserable. The payment along with a legal agreement was to shut him up and make him go away. From what I gathered from our conversation, the check was a very sizable amount. His ex is still unemployed but is now attending massage therapist school. He’s moving from a studio to a two bedroom apartment now that he’s flush with cash. I’m sure the ex will blow through the money in no time.

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Just A Mutt

Morgan, the relentless bargain hunter, found a two for one deal for Ancestry’s DNA test. Morgan’s husband had previously had his DNA tested, but frugal Morgan declined to do so as he didn’t want to pay $99. Morgan asked me if I wanted test my DNA. I’d been thinking about it for a while so I agreed.

I got my test results on Saturday. Morgan’s has yet to be processed, which is strange given we mailed our kits on the same day from the same mailbox. I even mailed mine six hours later than Morgan.

Growing up, I always thought I was mostly of German descent. All of my relatives on my dad’s side of the family have German surnames. My mother always insisted she was French with a little bit of English thrown in. My mother has very French surname and insisted all her children take French in high school.

The results didn’t agree with my parents. I’m a true mutt. My DNA is 48% English and Welsh, 24% German, 16% Irish and Scottish, 10% French and 2% Norwegian. I called my father to share the results. He was surprised by the findings. I asked if he wanted to do a DNA test. He quickly declined my offer to pay for the test. I found his reluctance surprising. Is he hiding something?

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It’s the end of the day. The end of the weekend. I’ve been in bed for two hours. I haven’t felt well all day. Morgan had a dinner party last night. He served a vegetarian meal as the guest of honor had many dietary restrictions, which made a vegetarian meal the best option. Something he served didn’t agree with me. I took the bed in mid-afternoon in the hope that a nap would make me feel better. I do feel better now that I’m up.

Morgan met a guy he took an interest in. Morgan wants to build up his friend base but I got the impression the Morgan may have had more in mind given his partner has several men on the side. The man was the guest of honor last night. The man is an artist. I met the artist in passing a few years ago. I know the man’s work which is stellar. He’s one of the established heavy weights of the local art community which is one of the reasons I was invited to dinner.

A post-mortem about the dinner this morning with Morgan revealed there was too much talk about art last night. The guest of honor commanded the conversation for most of the night. I had an excellent time as I love talking to artists and talking about art. Morgan was not as pleased as I was. Morgan has decided not to continue to pursue a friendship with the man.

In other news, I spent time on Temptation Island on Friday night. The detective and I saw Bohemian Rhapsody after work. A late dinner followed the movie. The detective’s husband saw the movie with his boyfriend and another man in spite of the fact he had promised to go with the detective. Over dinner, the detective told me his husband has asked for a divorce. His husband has great timing given the detective has accepted a new position with another firm which will double his salary. I’m guessing the husband will ask for support given he only makes $30k a year and has lived a cushy life thanks to the detective. I listened but offered no advice or opinions. After dinner we called it a night. We didn’t drop trou.

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