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Commons Park Cranes

Three cranes towering over construction projects by Commons Park on the western edge of downtown.

E6D02F66-9E20-48D8-9763-8E670859FA2B.jpegConfluence Park is in the foreground (where Cherry Creek meets the South Platte River).


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Pack Your Station

Paddy has been accused of sexual harassment. His accuser is a woman. She took offense to comments Paddy made while having lunch with her and another woman. Paddy referred the matter to his lawyer. He tends to her locks in exchange for legal advice and services. The lawyer assured Paddy the woman doesn’t have a case. The salon owner asked Paddy to leave the salon. Drama, drama, drama, drama and more drama. There’s always drama in Paddy’s life.

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Shopping For Skulls

Cindi and I had a late lunch today.  Later, we hung out at her new studio and shopped for skulls.


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Off To Santa Fe

It’s been another day at work getting paid to do almost nothing. I’m dropping Ferdinand off at the pet hotel after work. I’ll be driving to Santa Fe in the morning as I’m spending the holiday at Donnie & Peter’s (the guys) house in the desert. Cindi is preparing most of the meal which the guys are hosting. I’m baking a pumpkin-persimmon pie. Madame, a wealth manager, and her girlfriend, the heiress (to a chemical fortune) will be joining us, along with the guy’s next-door neighbors. Cindi organized the menu which has been influenced by her recent adventure in Spain. I’m looking forward to getting away for a few days.

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Perry is back in town. She announced her return with a text that seemed longer than Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Perry spent the last few months selling art to tourists in Michigan. I’ll be meeting up with Perry on Friday night to attend the closing party for the art museum’s Geo Ponti building (the Italian architect’s only U.S. building), which is being closed for a $150 million renovation. I wonder if Perry has booked an appointment with Paddy. Let the drama resume.

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The Horror Of All Horrors

Paddy has been the recipient of bad news lately.  His step-father died three weeks ago. Paddy told me his step-father was dying two years ago. Paddy can be dramatic so I didn’t question when the man never died. His step-father took a turn for the worse a few weeks ago. He died the day after entering hospice. Adding to his grief was the news that his injectionist broke her hand. No more Botox or fillers until her hand heals. It’s the horror of all horrors. Paddy is more upset about the injectiontist’s broken hand than his step-father’s death. He can see another injectionist at the plastic surgeon’s office but he’ll have to pay full price. Paddy’s injectionist discounts her products and services for him because he tends to her locks for free. What’s a guy to do?

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Building Details

Architectural detail of my client’s office building.


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