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Best Of Friday

I hit the galleries last night. I saw the good and the not so good. I ran into Mrs. L late in the evening. She looked stunning. She was touring the galleries with the woman who hosted that fun summer party. The hostess and I talked briefly about her boyfriend moving out of the house after the party. The edges are still raw as she teared up at one point. I gave her a big hug and let her know she is stronger than she may feel at this point.

Here are two of my favorite paintings I saw last night. The first by Caleb Hahne is at the powerhouse Rule Gallery, while the other, by emerging artist, Abby Gregg, is from Pirate Contemporay Art, one of the most cutting edge galleries in town.

Caleb Hahne, Rest, acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 36 x 48.

Abby Gregg, Fluid Luster, acrylic and oil on canvas crapped panel.

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The Good & The Bad

The CEO signed off on my contract and compensation package yesterday. I’ll have employment for the next year. That’s the good.

A friend was let go from her job yesterday. She’s been interviewing with another firm for a higher paying position so she was a bit relieved. The relief was followed by panic. She’s in the process of divorcing her husband, along with refinancing the marital home so she can pay off her husband. She will have to pay her husband monthly support payments for the next ten years. That’s the bad.

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A Couple Of Bucks

There were three single men and one couple at dinner on Friday night. I was sitting between the couple who have been together for ten years. The man to my left asked for separate checks at the end of dinner. I thought it was odd that couple didn’t put their meals on one tab. The waitress processed the credit card payments at the table. I noticed the man to my right only tipped 15% on a $10 dinner bill. Granted the restaurant is not fine dining, but I thought it was reasonable to tip 20% on such a small bill. There was nothing wrong with the service provided by the waitress. I told the man on my left to leave a 20% tip but he wouldn’t. I was struck by how cheap the man on right was being. Seriously, there would only be a 50 cent difference between the two percentages. The man on my right retired 20 years ago. He has no financial issues. He spends most days watching the financial and precious metals markets along with making trades. One would think a person who was financially prosperous would want to help someone in a service industry position make a living wage. I just don’t get why he wouldn’t leave a bigger tip. I left a couple of bucks on the table when we left.

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Out With The Guys

Last night I went with the guys to First Friday at the Santa Fe Arts District. The street was closed down for four blocks so it made for a much more enjoyable adventure. It was a lively scene with food trucks, live music, chalk drawings, street painting and an unbelievably interesting crowd. Afterwards we had a late dinner at Swing Thai. Here are my favorite paintings all from the current show at Space Gallery:

Nick Young, Balance, mixed media on panel, 36 x 36.

Judy Campbell, Samurai, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 60 x 60.

Nick Young, After Hours, mixed media on panel, 66 x 52.

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The Trail Has Gone Cold

It’s been over two weeks since I took the photographer to the summer party. Other than sending a thank you note for the photograph he gave me, there’s been no contact. I’ve waited to see if he would ask me out. The trail has gone cold.

Morgan thinks there’s too big of a social-economic difference between us. I find this odd given Morgan made the introductions and encouraged me to pursue the photographer. Morgan now says he had second thoughts about the match but decided to see how things would play out.

If anything, I have made an art pal who can hit the gallery openings with me.

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Too Old for P-town?

I was talking to Morgan about vacationing in P-town next year. I thought getting a group of guys together for a week on the cape would be a lot of fun. I’ve always enjoyed my trips to P-town. Morgan informed me that I’m too old for P-town. Nobody will want to hook up with me. He suggested a week in Palm Springs where I’ll be younger than most of men and will have no trouble getting male attention.

Am I really too old for P-town? Does a vacation with gay men have to be about who can hook up with the most guys in a week?

I wanted to plan a beach vacation. Relaxing mornings over a leisurely breakfast. Making lunches for the beach. Spending the day reading and taking in the sights on the beach. Afternoon cocktails followed by fixing dinner or dinning out on the town. Strolling through town after dinner with a stop at the Portuguese Bakery. I didn’t want to plan a trip whose sole purpose is to hook up with as many guys as possible. I think that would set an expectation which could lead to disappointment. Not that finding a holiday husband is bad idea. It just shouldn’t be the sole purpose of a vacation.

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The Perfect Couple?

Mrs. L texted some unfortunate news yesterday. At least, I think it was unfortunate news. The artist, who hosted the summer party last Saturday, left his girlfriend for another woman. The girlfriend, who is a lovely and charming woman, came home from work only to discover the artist moved out of her house. There was no hint of household unrest at the party. I thought they were the perfect couple but I guess I’m not a good judge of perfect couples. And there probably is no such thing as the perfect couple. I’m wondering if the artist moved in with the other woman. I’ll have to hit a few galleries tonight to see if it’s the talk of the town.

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