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Standing On The Side

I had dinner with the detective on Saturday night. I have been meeting him for dinner for the last few weeks. He’s still in the friend column.

His husband’s boyfriend picked up divorce papers from the courthouse and started filling them out. How strange is that? The detective took care of his husband for 18 years but the baton is being handed to a new man who will take care of him. The detective’s husband is also house hunting with his boyfriend. Any guess who is paying for the new house? There’s nothing like going from one man to next without a break to recover.

The detective has finally accepted the end of his relationship. He’s trying to move on at 65. He’s now referring to husband as his ex. Thankfully, his husband is not asking for support, in spite of the fact that the detective’s new salary is 6 times his husband’s salary. At least, at this point he’s not asking for support. The boyfriend, who is also a high wage earner, will be supporting the detective’s, soon to be, ex-husband.

I’m standing on the side watching this play out. I’m not expecting there will ever be anything between us. It will take a while for the detective to recover emotionally. I’m not waiting, but I will be his friend. He’s a fun guy to hang out with. I’ve been looking for someone to occupy my time. The online search is proving to be fruitless. I was commiserating with a pal in Canada about the lack of men who interest me. I need to put myself out there. Perhaps I’ll look for a gay social group to join. It will not be the gay square dance club…..

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Treating Myself

I treated myself to a new piece of art when Cindi was in town a few weeks ago. I took her to see Jason Lee Gimbel’s opening. As expected, she loved his paintings. Earlier that day, my accountant told me I was getting a sizeable tax return. The first one in nine years. I was expecting to pay ten grand or so. Knowing a tax refund was on the way, I bought one of the smaller works in the show. Jason loves to paint large format pieces ($$$$) which will not fit in my 1950’s house. I’ve admired and desired to own one of Jason’s painting for a while. Now that desire has been fulfilled.

Unbound By Gravity, mixed media oil paint collage, 13 x 16.

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It’s a cool spring morning. The sun has managed to burn off the cloud cover. I’m back in bed after getting up early. I enjoyed a breakfast of avocado toast and a banana while catching up on a few blogs. It’s the kind of morning that makes me miss cuddling in bed with a guy on a weekend morning.

I need to hit the shower and take Morgan to the grocery store but I keep stalling. The bed feels incredibly comfortable in the cool bedroom. The cat is sunning himself in front of the French doors on bedroom floor. His other half in being warmed by the in-floor heat. It’s no shave Sunday so I only need to shower, brush me teeth and dress. Jacqueline cut off nearly all my hair on Friday so I don’t have to spend time on it. I’m practically bald and barely need product.

Morgan and his partner returned from Italy last Wednesday. Morgan fell ill the last part of the trip. He was hospitalized on Thursday with pneumonia. He was discharged on Friday afternoon. His partner fled to the bathhouse after Morgan returned home and has yet to resurface. I’m taking Morgan to the market. That’s what friends do when a friend is married to man who puts his sexual desires before his husband’s recuperation. Perhaps being single isn’t as bad as I thought.

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A New Career?

Last night, I attended the opening of the Space Gallery Annex, the new sibling of the über successful Space Gallery. It was a soft opening as the construction is not 100% complete. I ran into quite a few people I know, including my friend Sharon. After the opening, Sharon invited me to her house across the street to see the monotypes for her next show at Mai Wyn’s gallery. Her house is filled with her work. All of it stunning. She’s working a new color palette for the exhibit. Sharon prints monochromatic monotypes to start her process. The next step is to craft a design which is used to laser cut the monotypes. Sharon will use four to five monotypes to produce three to four prints. Sharon asked me to try my luck at assembling a monotype from the pieces left over after her first print was created. I would compare it to assembling a jigsaw puzzle. While I don’t think it was as good as Sharon’s, she liked it and may incorporate it into her show, with a few tweaks.

Mine is on the left while Sharon’s is on the right.

A cropped version of mine

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A Missed Opening

My friend, Tasha Osrtander, opened an exhibit of her works at the Harwood Museum of Art, in Taos, NM this past weekend. The exhibit also includes works by Izumi Yokoyama. Most of the usual suspects from Santa Fe attended the opening. I wish I could have been there. Here are a few pieces included in the show.

Plains of Apparition IV (The Disappearance Series I), archival lightjet print on aluminum di bond, 26 x 32.

Chemical Spirit Portrait Series

Chemical Spirit No. 38

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A Good Thing

There seems to be nothing but unpleasantness in the media in recent history. Here’s the story of a young woman whose life has taken unexpected turn for the good.

I had dinner with my friend, Kelly, last week. Kelly is a high-level executive at a cable company. She has a stay-at-home husband and a teenage daughter and son. Both children have been in the International Baccalaureate program. Kelly’s daughter graduated from high school last summer and is taking a gap year. The daughter convinced Kelly and her husband to allow a gap year because she excelled at her studies for the last 12 years and is facing four years of undergraduate and two additional years for an MBA. The daughter simply wanted a break from studying. Kelly’s daughter moved to New York and is living with Kelly’s sister on the Upper East Side. Before moving to Colorado, Kelly spent the early years of her career in New York so she knew it could be a life changing experience. That turned out to be true.

Kelly’s daughter found work as a hostess at a top-tier restaurant where a lot of business people have lunch. At work one day, she was approached by scout from a modeling agency. Kelly’s daughter never had an interest in fashion or modeling. To make a long story short, after meetings with the agency head and Kelly and her husband, the daughter was signed. In the next two week she did five photo shoots, was taught runway and landed two jobs. A week after being signed, she was approached by a scout from a competing agency as she was leaving the gym. After telling the man she was already signed, he said he wanted to keep in touch in case things didn’t work out with her agency.

Kelly’s daughter has been booking jobs and making good money. The agency wants to send her to Milan to see how she does in the European market. Kelly is rather stunned by how fast this happened. The daughter plans to give modeling a year before making the decision to keep modeling or go to Yale. If she chooses Yale, she be in closed proximity to New York so she could still do the occasional modeling gig.

Kelly and her daughter realize that her chance of making it to modeling superstardom are slim. The daughter is a fresh face on the scene so there’s a lot of buzz and excitement. The plan is to milk the modeling cash cow and see what happens as there’s always another new face on the horizon.

A chance meeting has changed this young woman’s life. And that’s a good thing.

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Correcting Poor Behavior

Two weeks ago, the detective asked me to go out for breakfast on Sunday. We were to talk on Saturday afternoon to firm up plans. I left him a voice mail early Saturday afternoon. The detective went MIA. I made other plans for Sunday as I’m not about to sit at home at wait for a man to call.

Last Friday, I texted the detective to see if he was still alive. He was. He asked me to have lunch on Sunday. I agreed to have lunch. I didn’t bring up the previous weekend as that was a conversation I wanted to have in person. I told the detective to pick me up at noon on Sunday.

I had a most enjoyable time at lunch. I always have fun with him. The detective told about the circumstances that caused him to blow me off the previous weekend. I told him my friends don’t treat me that way. If he wanted to be my friend he had to treat me with respect. If he does it again, he’s out of my life. I spoke in a calm and deliberate manner. The detective had a deer in the headlights look. It was as if he’d never been called out for his poor behavior. He apologized and agreed to never blow me off again. If he had to cancel plans, he’d text or call. Mission accomplished. And then the detective paid for lunch.

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