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This new house was originally going to be 12,000 sq. ft. It looks like the main house is more like 20,000 sq. ft. There’s also a guest house which is not pictured.

Developers have started on two other houses in the neighborhood but neither will be this big as they are on much smaller lots.

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The Cranes Are Back

The sandhill cranes migrated through Colorado this past week. In Denver, the construction crane has returned. It never really left but its numbers dwindled in the last year. The construction crane is making a robust comeback. A new development on the west end of Cherry Creek Mall will add 7 new 12-story mixed-use buildings to the already congested area. And a developer has announced plans for a new 47-story building in the heart of downtown. I snapped these photos Friday night looking north and south on Santa Fe Drive.

Looking north
Looking south

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Before and After

This two-bedroom house was built in 1952:

Two years and $5m later this 5-bedroom house has been built on the lot:

The picture doesn’t do the house justice. It’s a stunning example of mid-century inspired architecture.

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Sexy Garage Door

Isn’t this the sexiest garage door you’ve ever seen?  It matches the front door and other wood accents on this house which has been under construction for 18 months.  Everything seems to be custom on the house which helps explain why the project is taking so long to finish.

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Six years ago, this two bedroom house sold for $510,000. It was torn down to make way for new construction.

The new house was under construction for almost six years. The house has finally been listed for sale. The two-story 9,863 sq. ft. mid-century inspired house has seven bedrooms and nine and a half baths. The house is listed for $5.75m. Personally, I like the house but I think it’s on the wrong lot on the wrong street. This is going to be a hard sale. The house is on a street where most expensive house sold for $2.5 million. It’s on a corner with one street having heavy traffic. This house is on a third of an acre lot. The other houses in the neighborhood that sold in this price range were on acre lots and had at least 10,000 sq. ft. This house will probably sit on the market for a year.

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Darth Office

This office building in the Denver Tech Center always reminds me of Darth Vader.

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Commons Park Cranes

Three cranes towering over construction projects by Commons Park on the western edge of downtown.

E6D02F66-9E20-48D8-9763-8E670859FA2B.jpegConfluence Park is in the foreground (where Cherry Creek meets the South Platte River).

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Perry is back in town. She announced her return with a text that seemed longer than Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Perry spent the last few months selling art to tourists in Michigan. I’ll be meeting up with Perry on Friday night to attend the closing party for the art museum’s Geo Ponti building (the Italian architect’s only U.S. building), which is being closed for a $150 million renovation. I wonder if Perry has booked an appointment with Paddy. Let the drama resume.

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Building Details

Architectural detail of my client’s office building.


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