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Saturday Flowers

Grape hyacinths from the garden.

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Another Setback

Spring suffered another setback. Snow started falling last night and will continue all day. I only have a few inches but a colleague, who lives in Four Mile Canyon west of Boulder, has already had a foot fall at her house. The weather has been especially brutal to the spring bulbs. Most of my tulips were frozen to death along with the last of the daffodils. It should be back in the 50s on Friday with slightly warmer weather on the weekend.

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Red tulips in a white vase in front of a Dale Mitchell monotype.
I cut these tulips on Saturday afternoon before the snow and freezing temperatures moved in. I also gave a big bouquet of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths to my neighbors, Tom and Sheila.

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A Small Dot of Color

I saved these tulips from destruction by yesterday’s sub-freezing weather and snow. It’s a typical Colorado spring. One day it’s 70 and next day it’s only 24. I hated cutting them because they were a small dot of color in otherwise bland garden which is still awakening. I also managed to save two daffodils. I hope these tulips help brighten your day is these trying times.

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Household Upkeep

I bought the dishwasher last night. I probably paid more than I should have but I didn’t want to spend all weekend driving around town shopping for the best deal. I didn’t mind spending a little more for the convenience of enjoying my weekend. The dishwasher will be installed next Saturday. A week of doing dishes by hand. Yuk!

I also bought new window shades for the kitchen windows and door last week. I bought cordless top down, bottom up honeycomb shades. I like having the top down since it provides privacy yet still allows light in. My kitchen faces the side street so I like being able to keep prying eyes out. The shades for five windows and a door was a hair under two grand. A bit pricey but I needed to replace the existing shades as they were at end of life and looked a bit sad. The shades will be installed on Monday.

Virginia is also stopping by on Monday morning with a portable welder to repair her sculpture in my front yard. Thankfully, her repair will be free and will only take a few minutes.

I’ve also scheduled a tree trimming for the two maples on the south side of the lot by the side street. The city complained about the trees hanging over the street because they interfere with the street sweepers. This will be another pricey expense but it is needed.

Finally, Berry, a local gay handyman, is stopping by this week to give me an estimate for building a new garden gate. The existing gate is falling apart. My ex built the gate. He can split an atom and argue torts (he was a nuclear physicist/lawyer) but carpentry was not one his strong suits. It’s not one of my skills either. I have to gingerly open the gate to keep it from falling apart. I’m sure the new gate will be a few hundred. I don’t mind spending the money as I like preserving the privacy of my back yard. Having a gay handyman is a good thing.

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I took a walk around my neighborhood after work this afternoon. I snapped a few pictures of the gardens. Do you have a favorite?

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Nothing new here. I came down with a cold so I spent a good portion of the weekend in bed. There was no art tour on Friday night. Entertain yourself with these garden pics.

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Last night, I attend the opening of Serious Play: Design in Midcentury America at the Denver Art Museum. I really enjoyed the exhibit and need to go back for a second look. You can read about the exhibit here. Here are a few pics from the exhibit:

Henry P. Glass, Swing-Line child’s wardrobe, 1952

Alexander Girard, Fruit Tree, printed linen, 1961

Alexander Girard, April, printed cotton, 1960

Alexander Girard, Cutout, printed coton, 1954

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Garden Pic

A Sunday garden pic for you to enjoy.

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The Color Of Spring


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