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A Pic A Day 23

Hens and chicks in the garden.

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A Pic A Day 22

Resting in bed with the French doors open as another day comes to life. It’s hard to believe snow was falling two days ago. That’s life in Colorado.

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A Pic A Day 17

Sedum in the garden

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A Pic A Day 6

Ground cover in the rock alpine garden at the Denver Botanic Gardens’ York Street facility:

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A Pic A Day

It has come to my attention that people are posting a picture every day in May. I’m late to the party. Here are three pictures to catch me up.

Cranes in the Golden Triangle on Friday night. The picture was taken as I was leaving Walker Fine Art. It’s foggy because it was snowing

Flower save from death by snow.

King of the mountain:

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Spring In The Garden

The grape hyacinths in the garden outside my bedroom are in full bloom. There’s a glass and metal Dimitri Rudenko sculpture on the left. I think the black fence really helps make the garden pop.

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The Colour Of Spring

The Colour Of Spring was Talk Talk’s third album. Released in 1985, it was a departure from the group’s early synthesized pop music. To this day, the album remains one of my favorites.

Here are a few pics of the colour of spring in my garden:

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