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Spring In The Garden

The grape hyacinths in the garden outside my bedroom are in full bloom. There’s a glass and metal Dimitri Rudenko sculpture on the left. I think the black fence really helps make the garden pop.

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The Colour Of Spring

The Colour Of Spring was Talk Talk’s third album. Released in 1985, it was a departure from the group’s early synthesized pop music. To this day, the album remains one of my favorites.

Here are a few pics of the colour of spring in my garden:

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Beauty In Nature

A stunning display of beauty in nature.

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Saved From An Icy Death

I cut these tulips yesterday afternoon. I saved them from any icy death. Their comrades are now buried under many inches of snow. I gave a big bouquet of tulips to Tom and Sheila. I also have a bunch of grape hyacinths in vase. I’ll get to see who survived on Monday when the temperature rises to the high forties.

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After The Blizzard

What a storm! The airport closed. Many highways were closed. A thousand cars were stranded on I-25 near Monument Hill, between Denver and Colorado Springs.
The combination of white snow and a black fence makes this photo look like it’s black and white.
Another round of snow arrives on Friday night.

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Spring Or Winter

The magnolia tree bloomed this week.
imageThen it snowed tonight.

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Paddy’s deal to buy the hair salon fell apart but he has a new shiny object in his vision. He wants to buy a Bentley Continental GT. The husband of a client works at the local Bentley dealership. Paddy has been offered a “special” deal. Why do I feel this is going to be a complete cluster fuck?

In other news, Paddy has a client who is an IT headhunter. Paddy is going to facilitate introductions. Who know where this could lead. I’m guessing Paddy doesn’t want to been seen driving around in a Bentley with an unemployed friend.

Here’s a picture of a bee on a crocus in my yard which is completely unrelated to rest of this post. It seems a little early for the bees to be out. I’m not an entomologist so I could be wrong.
This part of the lawn is buffalo grass, which is a xeriscape grass that greens up late in the spring.

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