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Garden Pic

A Sunday garden pic for you to enjoy.


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The Color Of Spring


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The Colour Of Fall

The butterflies, bees and other assorted small flying insects have been swarming on the purple asters blooming in the garden. I’m used to seeing the occasional butterfly or bee but nothing like the horde this weekend. It’s quite the show. I couldn’t get a good picture as every time I approached the plants the insects would take to the air. Here’s my best shot.

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Saturday Garden Pics

A few garden pics for your enjoyment on Satuday.

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Purple & Blue

Purple smoke bush hovering over blue Indian grass with sedum creeping in from the right.

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Before the city dug up my enormous prickly pear cactus with a backhoe in order to install ADA compliant sidewalks, I cut some paddles in the hopes of propagating new plants. I gave three to Perry for her garden. The rest spent the winter in my garden in pots. The paddles have come back to life and have started to grow. Now I need to find a spot in the garden for them.

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A Pic A Day 31

A potato cactus in the garden.

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