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Dominated By Women

“Is it just me, or does it seem like this summer’s exhibition schedule is dominated by women artists? Not only are women playing increasingly major roles in group shows, but a number of solos this season are dedicated to women artists.”
Michael Paglia, Westword art critic.

One of those solos is the Teresa Booth Brown show at Michael Warren Contemporary, which fills the main gallery. I had a second look at this show on Friday night. Most of Brown’s works consist of oil and collage on panel. I loved every piece in this show. Pagila wrote a great description “At first glance, Brown’s paintings are constructivist, made up of emphatic blocks of color set in elegant arrangements. But as you look closely, her image vocabulary gets much messier, with recognizable things emerging faintly from beneath the oil-painted surfaces, building her formalist paintings on top of anti-formalist collages.”

Teresa Booth Brown, Lurid, 30 x 48, oil and collage on panel, $6,000.

Teresa Booth Brown, Audacious, 48 x 60, oil and collage on panel, $10,000.

Let’s hope this domination continues into to the more robust fall art scene when many of the heavy hitters in the local art scene debut their new work.

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Dinner And A Baptism

I met the unicycle rider (UR) at his house on Saturday afternoon. He was as handsome as I remembered. He drove over to the facility were dinner was to be served. All of the volunteers were very friendly and made me feel at home. I was recruited to serve the chicken that was prepared for the evening meal. All of the clients were extremely polite. I heard please and thank you from almost all of the homeless. Some looked like they had lead really tough lives while others were well-groomed and well-dressed making it hard to believe they were homeless. I guess I had some misconceptions about the homeless.

After dinner, a preacher gave a sermon that went on too long. The facility is affiliated with a church so some sort of preaching was inevitable. After the sermon, a man, who was recently released from prison, decided to dedicate his life to god. He was baptized in stock tank in the back room.

UR and I went back to his house after the baptism. It’s a small house in an aging neighborhood. His house was a mess. Dirty dishes in the sink and on the stove. Clutter was everywhere. The floors looked like they hadn’t been moped or swept for months. His bed was unmade. I don’t understand why anyone would invite a person to their home if it was a complete mess. I guess everyone has a different standard when it comes to housekeeping and accepting guests.

UR and I talked and played cribbage on the backyard patio. I got a chance to get to know him better. UR has been with his partner for six years. They have a committed relationship. It wasn’t a date. He wasn’t looking for financial support for the meal program. He was just looking for friend.

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Dinner At 5

The unicycle rider called to invite me to dinner on Saturday night. I accepted the invitation. We’ll be dinning with the homeless at a church where he volunteers. Dinner will be served at 5 because the homeless eat early. I’m guessing this is not a date, but a possible attempt to recruit financial support for the charity. Whatever the case, it should be an interesting experience. It could be the start of a new friendship.

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The Plus One

I was Morgan’s plus one a party this weekend. Morgan’s partner had an eye lift which prevented him from attending. The party was mostly gay men over fifty. Most were partnered. Most looked like old men who don’t take care of themselves. Most were not aware that ear and nose hair should be trimmed along with eyebrows. It was a cash cow for an esthetician.

The crowd was friendly which made conversations easy. One guy brought a unicycle to the party which he rode around the expansive back yard. Seriously, who brings a unicycle to a party? At first, I thought it was a desperate attempt for attention. He was good at riding the unicycle so I gave him a pass.

Later in the evening I found myself in conversation with the unicycle rider. He was an interesting guy who talked at length about his volunteer work with the homeless and teaching English as a second language. He also has a day job as an IT consultant. I got the impression he was flirting with me but I wasn’t sure since I don’t experience flirting on a regular basis. As I was getting ready to leave, he asked for my phone number. After exchanging numbers he suggested we get together for a walk in a park near my house, or for dinner sometime. I agreed to his suggestions. He then told me he has a lot of free time after work as his boyfriend works second shift. WTF? How did we talk at length and a boyfriend never come up? I guess he wasn’t flirting after all and was just looking for someone to occupy his time.

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An Easy Task

I talked with Cindi. She wanted me to measure the paintings she left at my house so she can get estimates for shipping them to Santa Fe. She also filled me in on our friend. He has gone off the rails again. He’s also going to be visiting Cindi in Santa Fe. Thankfully, I don’t have to get involved with him. That’s a good thing.

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A Favor

Since Cindi moved to Santa Fe we been having weekly calls late in the evening. The calls are a good way to stay in touch. Cindi fills me in on her struggles to market her art. She also shares stories of the odd people who live in Santa Fe. There seems to be no end to the strange antics of the people living there. I wonder if anyone has written a book about these characters.

Cindi called last night. I let the call go to voice mail as I was exhausted after working all day, working out with the trainer, fixing dinner and mowing the yard. I had collapsed on the sofa and continued my binge watching of House of Cards. I felt guilty for letting the call go to voice mail but I didn’t want to have an hour long conversation.

I listened to her message after I had showered and climbed into bed. A mutual friend living in Denver had called Cindi. He’s a guy I’ve known for years but we have never been close friends. He was part of a group of friends I associated with just after moving to Denver. He was a young real estate agent who came on the scene with a devastatingly handsome look along with a killer smile. He was the lone Puerto Rican in sea of mostly white men. He dated and broke a lot of hearts. Somewhere along the way his personal life went to hell as his career peaked. Drugs and alcohol played parts in the saga as did psychological issues. He crashed and burned leaving town soon after. He ended up in South Beach where he was just another handsome Latin man nearing the end of his shelf life. He managed to recover and pull his life together. A year or two ago he returned to Denver in attempt to mend bridges but most kept their distance. His legendary out of control behavior was still memorable even though years have passed. Cindi called to let me know he reached out to her for help. He’s in dark space again. Cindi always had a place in her heart for him. She was one of the few who had not been used or abused by him but was witness to his crazy drug and alcohol fueled behavior.

I have to call Cindi today. She asked me to call her as she has a favor to ask. I’m apprehensive about calling her back. I’m hoping the favor doesn’t involve our friend.

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On Trend

I got an email from Neiman Marcus this morning outlining all the “must haves” for fall. This was included in the list. Will you on trend this fall?

Don’t you just love the ridiculousness of some fashion photographs? These three women, seemingly friends who decided to all wear animal prints on the same day, stop and pose in the middle of a street. Each one is looking in a different direction. It’s as if each one discovered the man of their dreams at the same time. This is what animal prints will do for you this fall.

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