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I’m posting a picture of flowers from my garden sitting on the nightstand in my bedroom on a Saturday night. Sitting at home on a Saturday night entertaining myself with Instagram, Tumbler, photography and music. Is this what my life has become? I’m not complaining, but rather, questioning the new reality of life which is mandated by protocols instituted to save lives.

I wasted away most of the morning even though my alarm went off at 7:30. I made blueberry pancakes which is a cheat meal for me. I usually have avocado toast, oatmeal or yogurt with fruit and a toasted muffin. I finally got cleaned up and dressed for the day around 11. After lunching on a tuna fish salad sandwich on multi-grain bread and a banana, I met Morgan, his husband and the architect for a walk around Sloan’s Lake. Morgan gave me a mask to wear as I didn’t have one. He saved me from looking like a bank robber in a blue handkerchief. It was a beautiful day. Only a few small clouds in the air. Before the walk, Morgan’s husband warned the architect and me not to discuss politics or the virus. There were a few slip ups along the way but we quickly steered the conversation away. After three miles we said farewells and headed home.

After dinning on angel hair pasta with pesto and shrimp (not 9/12s), and a little Netflix, I started listening to music from my high school years. Those years of my life were heavily influenced by progressive rock. Not wanting to sit in front of the TV all evening I decided to do some bodyweight exercises while reliving the music of my much younger years. Even though I miss my gym time, I found it difficult to commit to doing more exercise other than daily walks. One would think I could easily design a home workout routine given all the years of personal training I’ve paid for. I resurrected a few exercises I learned from the last trainer but found the routine was lacking the last time I ran through it. A few google searches produced what I needed. I worked out for almost 90 minutes tonight. I wonder how I’ll feel tomorrow.

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Better Signage

The snowman in the picture I posted on Match 22 only lasted a few days. It snowed again on Thursday. The snowmen were rebuilt. I saw them on my walk yesterday afternoon. Only this time they have better signage.

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A Small Dot of Color

I saved these tulips from destruction by yesterday’s sub-freezing weather and snow. It’s a typical Colorado spring. One day it’s 70 and next day it’s only 24. I hated cutting them because they were a small dot of color in otherwise bland garden which is still awakening. I also managed to save two daffodils. I hope these tulips help brighten your day is these trying times.

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I’ve been taking a walk at sundown every evening. I try to walk two miles or more around my neighborhood. I work my way around the winding streets choosing a different route each time. If I feel daring, I’ll walk into the private neighborhood adjacent to mine which has its own security force. You’re escorted out if you’re caught and warned to stay out. There are some seriously wealthy people living in this enclave who value their privacy. I’m surprised by the number of homes which appear to be unoccupied as there is never any sign of life, and the same lights are on night after night, and the car in the driveway has never moved. I’m guessing these are the financially fortunate residents who have other homes. It’s interesting to get a peek inside people’s lives as some people never close their window treatments. Many of the newer dwellings looks like show homes inside while some of the older un-renovated homes could be mistaken for movie sets of films set in the 1950’s. I guess I’m a voyeur at heart. Occasionally I walk into the other unsecured bordering neighborhoods. I’m surprised by the number of new homes under construction which have replaced older homes built in the 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s. Almost all appear to be spec homes with at least 5,000 sq. ft. I wonder if the economy will support a market for these homes when they are completed as they will carry seven figure prices. It’s clear these neighborhoods are becoming havens for the new wealthy as older residents die off and their houses are sold to developers looking to make a buck with scrapes and new construction. Very few houses are renovated and flipped unlike those shows you see on HGTV. I’m also enjoying the birth of spring on my walks. The trees are starting to bud out. Spring bulbs are coming to life with some even in bloom. I enjoy the fragrance of awaking as the sky turns dark and the stars start appearing. It gives me hope that our lives will return to normal soon, or perhaps, a new normal.

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My neighbors, Sheila and Thom, who are financially blessed, have instructed their property management firm not to collect April’s rent on their residential rental properties. They are compassionate people who recognize that many of their tenants struggle to pay their rent. Waiving April rent is one way they can give back and help those who may be facing financial ruin by being unemployed. Even those who are employed are getting a break. Sheila and Thom are good people who are dear to my heart.

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Turtle On The Run

I found this flyer on one of my daily walks this week. This is the second time this turtle has gone missing. I wonder is the turtle has a pet door, or if the owners are putting it outside and forgetting about it. I hope it was found as it snowed last night.

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Work Goes On

Earlier this week, Governor Polis issued a stay-at-home order for all Coloradans. Almost all business have closed with the exception of grocery stores, medical offices, gas stations, pharmacies, liquor stores, hardware stores and marijuana dispensaries. Yet construction continues on two spec homes in my neighborhood. How is that possible? Because the city and state are run by developers who have lined the pockets of many of the politicians. It would be a crisis if these expensive homes were not completed on time, which, means the carry costs would impact the developer’s profits. And we can’t have that.

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