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Friday Night Favorite

Here’s my favorite painting from the Friday night art tour:

Meghan Wilbar, Faith, oil on panel, 42 x 32. Currently on view at Michael Warren Contemporary.

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The 440

Last Friday night the brakes on my car started acting funny. The braked pedal would depress further after the car was stopped. On my way home from the gym on Saturday afternoon, the car was hard to stop. I almost entered an intersection at a red light. I immediately drove to the BMW dealership which was on my way home. The manager of service department was alarmed by the fact that the brakes failed on a car which is only a year old with 9k miles. He deemed the car unsafe to drive. I was given a brand new 440 to drive while my car was repaired. Today, I was informed the oil pump/vacuum pump failed which contaminated the brake booster with oil. Parts have been ordered and my car should be repaired by Monday or Tuesday.

I’ve been enjoying the 440. It’s the Gran Coupe model which has a hatchback but looks like a sedan. The car has been handy for buying garden mulch at Home Depot. The car is also frighteningly fast. I thought my 330 was speedy but the 440 is much faster. It’s a dream to drive. It’s going to be hard to give this car back. Perhaps I should have Mike run the numbers on trading up to a 440. I’m not spending money on a man so why not spend it on a car?

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Standing On The Side

I had dinner with the detective on Saturday night. I have been meeting him for dinner for the last few weeks. He’s still in the friend column.

His husband’s boyfriend picked up divorce papers from the courthouse and started filling them out. How strange is that? The detective took care of his husband for 18 years but the baton is being handed to a new man who will take care of him. The detective’s husband is also house hunting with his boyfriend. Any guess who is paying for the new house? There’s nothing like going from one man to next without a break to recover.

The detective has finally accepted the end of his relationship. He’s trying to move on at 65. He’s now referring to husband as his ex. Thankfully, his husband is not asking for support, in spite of the fact that the detective’s new salary is 6 times his husband’s salary. At least, at this point he’s not asking for support. The boyfriend, who is also a high wage earner, will be supporting the detective’s, soon to be, ex-husband.

I’m standing on the side watching this play out. I’m not expecting there will ever be anything between us. It will take a while for the detective to recover emotionally. I’m not waiting, but I will be his friend. He’s a fun guy to hang out with. I’ve been looking for someone to occupy my time. The online search is proving to be fruitless. I was commiserating with a pal in Canada about the lack of men who interest me. I need to put myself out there. Perhaps I’ll look for a gay social group to join. It will not be the gay square dance club…..

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I started the art tour last night at Space Gallery. A few pinpoint-sized rain drops were intermittingly hitting the windshield when I arrived at the gallery. By the time I left Pirate Contemporary Art two hours later it was a full-fledged snowstorm. When I got home, I cut some hyacinths from the garden that survived the bomb cyclone. I felt I needed to rescue them from a second round of snow.

Here’s my favorite piece of art from my tour:

Madeleine Dodge, Indras Net Diptych, aluminum paint and carbon transfer on steel, 80 x 52, Space Gallery

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Treating Myself

I treated myself to a new piece of art when Cindi was in town a few weeks ago. I took her to see Jason Lee Gimbel’s opening. As expected, she loved his paintings. Earlier that day, my accountant told me I was getting a sizeable tax return. The first one in nine years. I was expecting to pay ten grand or so. Knowing a tax refund was on the way, I bought one of the smaller works in the show. Jason loves to paint large format pieces ($$$$) which will not fit in my 1950’s house. I’ve admired and desired to own one of Jason’s painting for a while. Now that desire has been fulfilled.

Unbound By Gravity, mixed media oil paint collage, 13 x 16.

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It’s a cool spring morning. The sun has managed to burn off the cloud cover. I’m back in bed after getting up early. I enjoyed a breakfast of avocado toast and a banana while catching up on a few blogs. It’s the kind of morning that makes me miss cuddling in bed with a guy on a weekend morning.

I need to hit the shower and take Morgan to the grocery store but I keep stalling. The bed feels incredibly comfortable in the cool bedroom. The cat is sunning himself in front of the French doors on bedroom floor. His other half in being warmed by the in-floor heat. It’s no shave Sunday so I only need to shower, brush me teeth and dress. Jacqueline cut off nearly all my hair on Friday so I don’t have to spend time on it. I’m practically bald and barely need product.

Morgan and his partner returned from Italy last Wednesday. Morgan fell ill the last part of the trip. He was hospitalized on Thursday with pneumonia. He was discharged on Friday afternoon. His partner fled to the bathhouse after Morgan returned home and has yet to resurface. I’m taking Morgan to the market. That’s what friends do when a friend is married to man who puts his sexual desires before his husband’s recuperation. Perhaps being single isn’t as bad as I thought.

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Another Married Man

I met a guy for coffee a few weeks ago. He looked like his pictures. He was my age, my height, in shape and good looking. He was no stranger to a gym. The conversation was going in a direction which indicated he wanted to head straight to bedroom. Then I noticed there was a mark where a wedding ring would be. I asked if he was married. He confirmed he was. I asked if he was in an open relationship. He was not. I asked if he was married to a man or a woman. He got upset with me. He wanted to know why I would think he would be married to man. I was almost speechless. It was as if gay marriage was only for fags. I pointed out we met on a dating app in the MFM section. I asked why I wouldn’t think he would be married to man as he was online looking for male companionship. He didn’t answer. He just got up an left. Another bullet dodged.

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