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Time To Ski

Denver received its first snow of the season yesterday. It was a minor snow of just an inch or two in my part of town. The temperature never made it above freezing. Wolf Creek Ski area opened a few days ago with 27 inches of snow. They were the first ski area to open in the nation. Winter sport season has started. It’s going to be a long season.

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I finished watching Hinterland on Netflix. The noir crime drama set in Wales only has 13 episodes. Oddly, guns were only shown in the last episode even though it’s a crime drama with at least one murder in every episode. This is so unlike American crime dramas. I guess that’s to be expected given the uncontrolled gun culture in America.

The series is beautifully filmed. It made me add Wales to list of places to visit. The downside is the weather. It seemed to be constantly raining and cool. The charters were always wearing sweaters and coats. Of course this could the result of the timing of the production schedule. The main detective drove a black Volvo which was always dirty as a result of driving down many unpaved roads. On the plus side, Wales seems to be unbelievably scenic with beautiful coastlines, rocky beaches, rolling hill, forests and grasslands.

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10 Minutes of Fall

It seems like fall lasted ten minutes here. Yesterday, parts of the high country had a foot of snow. In the city, it’s been in the 30’s with occasional snowflakes falling. The last few days have been cool and rainy. I turned off the swamp cooler yesterday. The irrigation system gets blown out on Saturday, which, is a good thing given the low on Sunday is expected to be in the teens.

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Avoiding Reality

Mack and I hit the art openings on Friday night. Space Gallery opened another stellar show of large scale abstract paintings, Tracey Russell presented her wonderful abstract paintings at Core New Art Space and Bug opened an installation at Pirate Contemporary Art which seems to be a commentary on the current political unrest, along with choosing good, bad or indifference. It was a good night for art.

Mack finally secured full time employment at Crate & Barrel which included a promotion. He’s making more money in retail than he was at the architectural firm. Mack is now concentrating on building up a financial reserve, which, is a good thing.

After the art tour, I rushed home as Cindi was arriving from New York. I should have known better. She was flying out of JFK in the evening which usually means the flight will be delayed. Cindi was due to be at my house by 9 but didn’t arrive until after 11. She had planned on leaving first thing in the morning but ended up sleeping in which meant my plans for Saturday were tossed out the window. Cindi treated me to lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant which has excellent pho. After lunch, I dug some yarrow and rose campion out of my garden for Cindi to take back to Santa Fe. Cindi finally left a little after 2, making a stop in Boulder for art supplies, and then back to New Mexico.

I headed to the gym after Cindi left. I had a long, much needed workout. Post workout, I watched Hinterland, a Welsh crime drama series on Netflix, in an attempt to avoid any media coverage of current events. I spent the rest of the weekend doing household chores, watching Hinterland and reading non-political articles in the New York Times. I didn’t want to return to reality.

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One Less Bucket List Item

Cindi stopped by earlier in the week to drop off her car off at my house before flying to New York. A friend of hers scored Bruce Springsteen concert tickets for the amazing low price of $800 each. A Springsteen concert was a bucket list item so Cindi threw financial caution to the wind and hopped on a plane. She returns too late this evening to drive back to Santa Fe so she’s spending the night in my guest room. Tomorrow morning she makes a stop in Boulder before taking the back roads to Taos and then on to Santa Fe.

I have to admire Cindi’s sense of adventure but I would never spend $800 for a concert ticket. I have no problem spending $800 or more on a painting so I guess it’s all about priorities. Pollack, Lichtenstein and Warhol are on my bucket list. They will probably still be there when I die.

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The Ceremonial End Of A Dinner

I snapped this picture in the bathroom in Cindi’s studio. When I showed the picture to Cindi she laughed. Cindi explained that a woman needs choices. One never knows when a hot man will pop into the studio and a choice of lipsticks is crucial. She’s selling herself as an artist along with her art.

One night at dinner at La Choza, Miss N proclaimed the meal was officially over when she pulled a lipstick out of her purse for a post-meal application. Cindi soon followed. The ceremonial end of a dining experience being marked by the re-application of lipstick before leaving a restaurant. It’s a ritual I’ve seen a thousand times. It’s the signal to gather one’s things and prepare for departure.

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A Great Time

I had another great time in Santa Fe. Saw some beautiful art but was easily restrained from purchases by the price points. Had my fill of green chili for a while. Enjoyed the company of many friends over lunches and dinners. My hosts, D & P, chauffeured me around the entire time. I didn’t drive my car until the trip home. Cindi seems to be thriving in Santa Fe. She’s positively beaming. She’s producing some great work. Madame is nearing the end of a six year legal battle over workplace discrimination. Her heiress/artist girlfriend is working on an exhibit for a museum in Taos. A group drove up into the mountains to see the fall colors making a stop at 10,000 Waves on the way home. I stopped in Miss N’s studio to see her new works, which are stunning watercolors inspired by the New Mexican landscape. I also went to a few open houses in the Las Companas area. Saw a stunning house with great views on 2.5 acres. It comes with a two-bedroom guest house. I loved the house. Sadly, I’m not ready to move to Santa Fe. I really don’t need a 4,500 sq. ft. house. It was fun to look.

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