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Gym Guy

The first person I saw in the locker room yesterday was gym guy. I explained I had an enjoyable date with the photographer on Saturday night which caused me to want to pursue more encounters with him. Gym guy took the news well. He asked to have dinner as just friends because he deemed me interesting and easy to converse with. I agreed to meet for dinner without making any firm plans. I’m sure gym guy is pursuing other men which may be why he took the news so well.

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Weekend Recap

I cancelled my date with the guy from the gym on Sunday morning. I was apprehensive about the date for a few days. I also had a date on Saturday night with a photographer Morgan introduced me to. The date with the photographer went well. So well, in fact, it made me even more reluctant to have dinner with gym guy. I texted a cancellation to gym guy since texting had been our primary agreed upon mode of communication. He responded to the cancellation by suggesting we could skip dinner and just hook up. I didn’t reply to his text but will probably have to face him at the gym later today.

Sunday night I had dinner with Kelly, her husband and teenage children, along with Mrs. L., who recently asked her husband to move out of the house. Dinner with Kelly at her club’s pool was most enjoyable. I met her children for the first time. They are the most articulate and well-mannered teen agers I’ve met in a long time. Kelly and her husband could probably offer parenting tips. Mrs. L. is about to file for divorce. She’s hoping to reach an out of court settlement with her husband. Her husband isn’t happy he has to find a real job. Kelly filled us in on a job prospect with a new streaming service. The SVP position will require weekly trip to the west coast. Kelly is eager for a new professional adventure. The conversation was lively all evening. Suddenly it was four hours later and time to head home.

After dinner on Sunday night I didn’t regret cancelling on gym guy. I believe I had a much better time with my friends.

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Still Being Hunted

I’m having dinner with a guy from my gym next Saturday night. He approached me about getting together. I’ll be taking a break from being the hunter while I enjoy being hunted one more time.

He texted me last night to firm up plans for next weekend as he was leaving town early this morning on a business trip. Plans were made for him to pick me up. He asked for my address which I provided.

This morning I get a text while he’s waiting for his flight. “Houses are really expensive in your neighborhood”. Undoubtedly, he googled my address and a site like Zillow came up. I’m guessing he knows what that site thinks my house is worth. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this but what does one do in age of technology which puts a wealth of information in hands of everyone with a smart phone. Going forward, I’ll meet the guy at the restaurant.

Is this now common practice? A guy gives you his address and you google it to see where he lives, and in the process you know what his house is worth, which helps determine his economic status. Fess up dear readers. Do you do this too?

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I did an open studio tour on Friday night at Prism Workspaces. While I saw great art all evening, my favorites were by Madeleine Dodge. Madeleine’s Art is always fresh and inventive.

Madeleine Dodge, untitled, carbon transfer on steel, 16 x 16.
Madeleine Dodge, untitled, indigo and rust on porcelain, 12 x 12.

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I met up with Morgan last night after the art tour. His husband is out of town so he’s been cruising online for male entertainment. Last night’s prospect cancelled leaving Morgan with no plans. We had a long talk. Morgan likes to analyze me. He thinks I need to be more social. I also need to stop spending time by myself yet he refuses to join me on the art tour. After endless questions about my past relationships, Morgan presented me with a diagnosis. I been pursued most of my life and have done very little pursuing. At this point in my life, men have stopped seeking me out so I have to do the seeking. The hunted has to be turned into the hunter. I may have to agree with him.

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Art Before Pride

On Friday night, before I was overcome by the colors of pride, I attend the opening of Women In Abstraction at William Havu Gallery. The exhibit includes works by Monroe Hodder, Amy Metier, Lola Montejo, Margaret Pettee-Olsen, Laura Wait and Sheryl Zacharia. These six highly acclaimed artists are at the top of their game. The gallery was packed so it was hard to get a good shot of the art. I want to go back for a second look. Here are a few pics from the exhibit:

Lola Montejo, Clattered Matter, acrylic and oil on canvas, 42 x 36, $3,000.

Margaret Pettee-Olsen, Twists and Turns, synthetic polymer and reflective pigment on canvas, 48 x 48, $5,200.

Amy Metier, Studio 249-13, mixed media collage, 22 x 20, $1,700.

Monroe Hodder, Break First Light, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60, $15,000.

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Pride is Over

Another Pride has come and gone. I’ve had my fill of rainbow flags for a while. I had a fun-filled weekend. I’m back at work trying to focus on tasks at hand while recovering from my weekend. I have a few reflections on the weekend.

The parade was 2 ½ hours long. It’s the longest parade I’ve watched in Denver. The Planned Parenthood contingent received thunderous applause and whistles. It was great to see a positive reaction for PP given what has recently happened in Alabama, Georgia and Missouri. Mayor Pete had a sizeable group of supporters who also received an enthusiastic reception. I wondered if Target store were open yesterday morning as their continent was one of the largest and seemed to go on for blocks. Was anyone left to staff the stores? The Canadian Consulate also had a large contingent. The transgendered community was vastly represented by many groups. The transgendered flag was seen everywhere all weekend. There were also many U=U signs (Undetectable = Untransmittable).

Clubs were packed. Restaurants were packed. Ubers and Lifts were everywhere. Pride flags were flown on the government buildings. Everyone was in a festive mood.

At Civic Center Park there were many bare-chested women with pasties covering their nipples. It seems like the younger woman feel free to strip down. Any why not? They are just breasts. And if men feel free to strip down and show their hairy backs and out of shape bodies. What’s wrong with women exposing their breasts in public?

Several groups supporting candidates hoping to oust Republican Cory Gardner were campaigning. It was good to see support for these candidates.

Pride is over. It’s time to get back to work. It’s also time to follow through with grassroots activism as a catalyst for change. Progress has been made but there still a lot to do.

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