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Off With Her Head

Kelly sent me a text with a photo of her daughter’s first modeling campaign which was shot months ago.

They cropped out most of her head as the focus of the add is the handbag. At least her hair looks pretty.

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A New Neighborhood Trend

My neighbors to the north finished a gut to the studs renovation on their house in late fall 2017. The renovation left the lawn and most of the landscape destroyed. The couple re-landscaped the yard in the spring of 2018. I was pleased with the new landscape. This year, the couple hired a new landscaping company to rip out the previous firm’s work and plant a new design. Only a few medium-sized evergreens were kept. The wife of the couple told me her husband didn’t like the previous design so it had to go. Even though I liked the first design, I like the new one even better.

This summer, four other neighbors have completely scrapped off their yards (both front and back) to make way for new landscaping. Walkways were replaced, new landscape lighting was installed, water features were added along with new lawns and heavily planted gardens. All of these projects were done by professional landscape companies. Not one was a DYI project. It seems odd that re-landscaping is suddenly the new trend in the neighborhood. I can’t ever remember a time when this many new landscape project took place in such a short time. Is this happening in your neighborhood too?

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Art With A Friend

This weekend marked the start of the fall art season here. There was a plethora of venues to check out last night.

I met up with Mrs. L at Mai Wyn’s gallery. She’s now unemployed but has been interviewing with one of the most prestigious architectural firms in Denver. Mrs. L hopes to land an offer next week. Her divorce and mortgage refinance have been put on hold. I had a great time with Mrs. L. I let her guide the conversation as we toured a galleries and took in the experience of First Friday in the Santa Fe Arts District. I wanted to listen and support her and not ask questions about a very emotional and sensitive time in her life. Along the way, other stops were made at Space Gallery, Space Annex, Urban Mud (a new ceramic arts guild and gallery), Spark, D’art, Michael Warren Contemporary, Rule and Sync galleries. The last stop of the night was the opening at Walker Fine Art in the Golden Triangle neighborhood. Walker has another beautiful and cohesive show which did not disappoint.

It was a fun night but it was impossible to make it to all the offerings. I missed openings at Pirate Contemporary Art, Gildar, Mirus and the Crush event in RiNo.

Here’s my favorite piece of the night:

Jeff Wenzel, Jondo, mixed media on panel, 60 x 32.5, Space Annex.

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Push Me, Pull Me

Many of my friends are experiencing troubling times which makes my life seem calm. It’s pretty much the same day to day during the week. I haven’t heard from the photographer and I’ve made no effort to contact him. I don’t think I’ll be dropping a hundred bucks on a first date dinner in the future. At least it was enjoyable while it lasted.

The detective resurfaced a few weeks ago. I made plans to take a drive to the high country with him even though I already had plans for the same day. As I expected, he cancelled the morning of the drive. I haven’t heard from him since. I expected him to cancel so I didn’t cancel my other plans. His past behavior is clearly indicative of his future behavior. I’ve not heard from him since. I don’t understand his pull me in, push me away behavior. I don’t know if I want to understand his behavior.

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Art for a Holiday

I atended an opening at Space Gallery about two weeks ago. The exhibit is large format abstract paintings by three artists along with recent works from a sculpture. Here are a few pics to enjoy.

John Wood, Filtered Through the Trees, mixed media on paper mounted on panel finished with cold wax, 40.5 x 40.5.

Bill Snider, BX19/40-48/3, mixed media on panel, 48 x 40.

Paul Ecke, Comic Strip 1, ixed media on panel, 48 x 60

These paintings range from $4,500 to $11,000. While the sculptures were outstanding, I couldn’t get a decent shot of them.

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Friday Art

It was a short art tour last night. Stops were made at Spark and D’art which are in the same building in the Santa Fe Arts District. Here’s my favorite piece of the night.

Lydia Brokaw, Panoramic Pencils, Colored Pencils and Wood Structure. Currently on view at Spark Gallery.

I was outside Spark talking to a friend when I noticed the setting sun shining on the windows of a group of new townhomes in the block east of the gallery. I snapped a few pictures but they didn’t convey the magic of the moment.

Have a great weekend!

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I took a walk around my neighborhood after work this afternoon. I snapped a few pictures of the gardens. Do you have a favorite?

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