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Toy on the Porch

The owners of this house collect cars.  The house has a six-car garage.  There’s also a standalone garage which houses two additional cars.  There are usually two cars in the driveway and the two most used cars are parked on the street.  All of the cars in the garages are high-dollar classic cars.  The most recent acquisition, a three-wheel BMW, is now parked on the front porch.  Given the scale of the house, it almost looks like the kids left their toy on the porch.

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It’s A Mess

The last few months were warmer than usual.  The trees didn’t drop most of their leave until the last few weeks.  Street sweeping stopped the first week of November for my neighborhood.  Most of the streets now look like the photo above.  They will look this way until spring unless we have high winds to blow this mess onto the eastern prairies. 

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This recently arrived. What will come next?

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Setting the Bar

The owners of this house have set the neighborhood bar high for Halloween decorations. It’s not an expansive display but it is very impressive in person given the scale of the skeletons.

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This new house was originally going to be 12,000 sq. ft. It looks like the main house is more like 20,000 sq. ft. There’s also a guest house which is not pictured.

Developers have started on two other houses in the neighborhood but neither will be this big as they are on much smaller lots.

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Building Boom

There’s another round of scraping and building about to start. All of these houses are being torn down in the next 2 months. Buyers are spending unbelievable amounts of cash to get the land. They only care about the size of the lot and the location. They don’t care about the house. When a house sells it’s not a matter of if it will get torn down, but rather, how soon in will be scrapped.

Sold for $950k.
Sold for $1m.
Sold for $2.1m.
Sold for 2.75m.
Sold for 1.84m.
Sold for 2.6m.
Sold for 1.84m.

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The Best Display

The service entrance to my neighbor’s property is decorated better than most of the houses in the neighborhood. It is stunningly beautiful.

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Too Soon?

The holiday lights on this house were installed that day after Halloween.  It seems a bit early to me.  Can’t we get through Thanksgiving before the holiday lights are turned on? 

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Before and After

This two-bedroom house was built in 1952:

Two years and $5m later this 5-bedroom house has been built on the lot:

The picture doesn’t do the house justice. It’s a stunning example of mid-century inspired architecture.

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Quid Pro Quo?

One of my neighbors has been nominated to be the next ambassador to two European countries.  I’m sure the private fundraiser held at their house in 2019 had nothing to do with the nomination.

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