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Is It Too Soon?

On my walk around the neighborhood tonight I saw two houses decorated for the December holidays.  At first, I thought it was a bit early given Thanksgiving is still two weeks away.  In years past, the unofficial local custom has been to wait until after Thanksgiving before displaying holiday decorations.  But then I thought about it for the rest of my walk.  This year has been floating dumpster fire of havoc.  Perhaps my neighbors simply need some cheer in their life so they put up the lights.  The lights did make smile on a day that has been less than uplifting.  They are like a beacon of hope signaling things are going to get better.  I need things to get better.

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1% Looking For Change

Just as the final phase of landscaping for the gay guy’s estate is nearing completion, a new project across the street from their spread is expected to start any day.  The neighborhood has endured at least six years of construction and renovation on the guy’s 33,000 sq. ft. historic mansion which sits on more than six acres of land.  The street was a constant sea of construction vehicles during the week.  That trend will continue as a couple has purchased a 4,400 sq. ft. mid-century ranch home on almost 1.25 acres with the intention of scraping and rebuilding.  The existing house will be replaced by a 14,000 sq. ft. house with underground parking for eight cars along with a pool.  A guest house of undetermined size will also be built.  The project is expected to take 18 months to complete.  The new owners placed a Biden/Harris sign in the yard a few weeks ago.  They may be 1% but they clearly are looking for change.

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Sharing The Harvest

The family across the street usually spends most of the summer in Japan and China. This year they are stuck at home. The father helped his three young children plant a vegetable garden. The mother oversaw the daily maintenance. The garden has been a success. The father shared some of the harvest with me.

That’s right, he gave the single gay guy across the street four large cucumbers. What am I going to do with four cucumbers? Get your minds out of the gutter. I made cucumber soup.

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A Troubled Woman

I was out for a walk last night a little before 9. I noticed three police cars with lights flashing to the east. I walked down to see what the ruckus was about. The police had the woman I wrote about here handcuffed. I watched for a few minutes. The woman was wearing a long flowing white dress with a hood. The dress looked like it came from the Obi-Wan Kenobi collection. She was having a calm conversation with one of the policemen. One of the officers saw me watching and came over. I told him I lived two houses from her parents. I asked if I needed to get her parents. The policeman told me the woman had been walking in traffic and had been taking off her dress.

I walked down the street to her parent’s house. I noticed there was a new black X7 in circular driveway in front of the house. Clearly, they’re not having financial problems. I rang the bell but no one answered. I decided to finish my walk.

At the end of my walk I noticed that the X7 was now parked by the police cars. I saw the woman’s parents talking the police. I kept my distance so they wouldn’t notice me. It was late so I walked home.

I hope this woman can get the help she needs. I’m sure her parents have the financial resources to get her the best help available. She will be a mother soon. Her child will need her.

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1% Refugees

My neighbors, who have been living in Texas for the last few years, have returned to the house the husband’s father built for them as a wedding gift. The wife was afraid to stay in the house after it had been broken. Thieves only stole an iPad from the house whose alarm was not turned on. The couple built a second home in Texas and have only been back at the Denver house one weekend a year. In their absence, the house is cleaned weekly, a service maintains the landscape and a man comes by once a week to start the Range Rover and Panamera which are parked in the garage.

It seems the high infection rate of COVID-19 in Texas was motivation for the wife to recover from her fear of staying in the house. Pandemic trumps fear of thieves. The couple and their two young children have been back for almost two months. I guess they will be here until the pandemic ends.

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Who’s The Father?

My neighborhood is populated with a number of psychiatric professionals. Two houses away, a psychiatrist and her lawyer husband live in one of the historic houses with their adult daughter. When their daughter was in college she went off the rails. The police were at the house to enforce a mental health warrant. The daughter fled in her jeep driving over lawns and crashing into trash cans. She was apprehended when her Jeep was disabled. The daughter was taken away and was not seen for almost a year. I’m not really sure what happened as I only have polite conversations with her parents and my source of information is the neighborhood gossips.

There’s an unwritten rule in the neighborhood that one does not bring up the daughter in conversations with her parents. I’ve been at neighborhood dinners and parties attended by the parents. Conversation always centers on topics like recent trips or stays at one of their other houses. Nothing personal is ever revealed.

Ever since the daughter’s return she has not worked. It has been at least 15 years since the incident. The daughter used to walk the family dog several times a day holding a tea cup. In the past few months she walks alone but always with a tea cup or water bottle. She walks several times a day. She will not engage in conversation and will go out of her way to avoid other neighbors. In late spring I noticed she stopped wearing a bra, which, was not hard to notice given her ample bust. I also noticed she started putting on weight. It is now very apparent she is pregnant.

Oh, holy hell! How is this going to go down? The woman doesn’t seem to be able to participate in the usual social interactions. How is she going to raise a child? How did she get pregnant? I know how she got pregnant. I don’t know how she met a man to get intimate with in order to get pregnant. I do hope she wasn’t sexually assaulted. The only time she seems to leave the house is to walk. She doesn’t drive. Did she get seduced by the man from the pool service or one of the guys from the lawn mowing service? I’m guessing she’ll live at home with the baby. Her parents are in their 70’s so I suspect they will hire nannies to care for the child if the child is not put up for adoption.

It seems like a hot mess. I wonder if there will be a baby shower.

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Art and Commerce

I attended an opening at Space Gallery last night. The event required a reservation for one of three time slots to avoid overcrowding and to allow for social distancing. I believe fifty people were allowed per time slot. I was there for less than hour but the cavernous gallery had plenty of space to enjoy the art and avoid other patrons. Everyone wore a mask. Food and drinks were not served. For me, the highlight of the show was Jeff Wenzel’s large-format abstract paintings. Jeff presented a new body of work which did not disappoint. He also had small works on paper at a reasonable price point. Not being able to layout six grand for a painting was motivation to snap up one of his paper paintings. I was able to justify the purchase by viewing it as helping to get the local artistic economy back on track. I also received a letter this week from the IRS informing me an audit of my tax return resulted in a three grand refund. I decided to pay it forward. It’s a win/win/win for Jeff, the gallery and me.

After Space, I headed west to check out two openings at the co-ops. I encountered sparse, socially-distant crowds. A few pieces were interesting but overall it was lacking.

I headed home after the co-ops. I took a walk around the neighborhood. At a recently completed renovation I saw a car in the driveway with the door open. It was before ten and the house was light up like birthday cake for a septuagenarian. I ran the bell. I introduced myself to the new neighbor before telling her about the car door. A socially polite conversation followed. I could see the house looked stunning on the inside of the stone-clad French country farmhouse which used to be a red-brick colonial. I can’t image what the renovation cost.

Soon I back at home watching a bit of Netflix before heading to bed.

Jeff Wenzel, Mother Load, mixed media on wood, 68 x 80, $10,000.

Jeff Wenzel, High Ball, mixed media on wood, 48 x 36, $5,000.

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You shop for groceries with a mask covering your face and rubber or latex gloves on your hands while being socially distant. After loading your groceries into your car, you strip off your gloves and toss them on the ground. You drive away knowing you protected yourself against Covid-19 while shopping for food to feed your family.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Why did you, and so many others, toss your disposable gloves on the ground in the parking lot? Are you so impatient, or lazy, that you could not walk 30 feet to a trash can to properly dispose of the gloves, or take the gloves home with you and dispose of them in your own trash can? You’re a lazy and despicable fuck. You’ve polluted the environment. Your selfish actions will cause the special-needs minimum-wage worker who collects the shopping carts to have to clean up your discarded gloves. You are not alone but that does not excuse your behavior. The parking lot is a sea of discarded disposable gloves along with a few masks. You protected yourself. It’s time to have compassion for those working at the grocery store so you can eat. Stop throwing your gloves on the ground. If I see you do it, I’ll will shame you publicly.

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On My Walk Today

This wolf sculpture grew rabbit ears overnight.

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Sign of the Times

I saw this yard sign on my walk last night in the neighborhood next to mine. The only other political sign I saw was a Bernie sign in the yard of the gay thruple a few houses around the corner.

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