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Like CD Stuck On Replay

Patty called yesterday afternoon wanting to get together. It wasn’t until after I agreed to meet her after the gym that I found out her relationship with her boyfriend had been put on hiatus in the morning. I hadn’t heard from Patty since before Christmas. Now I was stuck meeting her and I was sure she wanted to talk about her relationship. I met Patty at her house and we talked for while and then went to dinner. As I suspected, most of the conversation was about her relationship being put on hold until the boyfriend can finish grieving for his late wife. Doesn’t this sound familiar? When we stopped by the house on the way to dinner she asked if the Mini Cooper was at the airport. Patty was so consumed with talking about her relationship that she didn’t even notice that she was in K’s new Audi. I told her K sold the Mini four years ago when he bought the truck that was traded for the Audi she was sitting in and that I traded the Acura for the BMW. Perhaps guys pay more attention to cars than women. Soon the conversation turned back to her relationship. The relationship was also the main topic of conversation at dinner. I wanted call her on the fact that she only calls when she has relationship issues but I was tired and didn’t want to open that can of worms. So I listened to her talk and missed all of the Super Bowl commercials that I wanted to watch. I got home just as the game ended.

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The surgery went well today. I didn’t feel anything during the procedure. The doctor managed to get all of the cancer with the first cut. I was home by noon. That’s when the fun started. The anaesthetic wore off soon after I arrived home so I followed the doctor’s orders and took Tylenol. About two hours later I was still in pain so I broke out my stash of Percocet. That seemed to do the trick. I’ve been napping and watching TV most of the day. I need to rest for the next forty-eight hours. I get to remove the big bandage tomorrow but need to keep the smaller bandage on for a week. The post-op instructions include not working out for two weeks. That will be tough!

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Oh No, Not Again!

I went to the dermatologist this morning. It looks as if my skin cancer has come back. I was treated for skin cancer on my nose back in 2003. The doctor took a biopsy and I should have the results next week. There are three types of treatment depending upon what the biopsy analysis uncovers. One option is to freeze the area with liquid nitrogen. The second option is to use a cream that acts like a chemical peel. I’ll have an ugly red patch on the bridge of my nose for several weeks. This is how the skin cancer was treated in 2003. The final option is surgery to remove the cancer. The doctor assured me that if surgery were needed she would refer me to a surgeon who will take great care to minimize the scaring. It’s a good thing I have health insurance.

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SF #1

The trip started out a little rocky. K lost his wallet, the plane was delayed, K’s luggage got stuck in the baggage system and the hotel reservation started on the wrong day. Yesterday I spent the day in Union Square doing my best to help the economy. Last knight was a nice dinner with two of K’s employees. Today, K and I are going to Ted Baker and having lunch in the city. I’m not sure what is on the agenda for tonight.

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K is so good to me. We went to Cherry Creek Mall on Saturday because K wanted to buy a new pair of shoes. At first I didn’t want to go because I wanted to avoid the temptation of the post holiday reductions. But K thought it would be good to spend time together since he was going snowboarding on Sunday. He offered to buy me anything I wanted. At first I was tempted to push this to the limits. A found a pair of Ferragamos on sale at Nordstrom’s for $450.00. Then reality hit me. Was I crazy? I liked the shoes but I really didn’t need the shoes. I got caught up in the excitement because the shoes were marked down from $875.00. We moved on to other stores. K finally found the shoes he wanted. K once again offered to buy me something. I looked around and found several things that I liked but really didn’t need. I couldn’t let him buy me anything. I’ve been taking care of myself since I was eighteen. I find it really hard to depend on another person for my needs even though K is my life partner. I want to be frugal and economize so that no unnecessary money is spent. I don’t know why I find this so difficult. Perhaps it is a control issue. I’ve always been in control of my adult life. K is now the primary breadwinner and I am depending on him to carry most of the financial burden of the household. I fear that means I’m no longer in control.

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Unsettling News

I found out this morning that our friend Mary is having a bilateral mastectomy on January 13th. This will be followed up by several reconstructive surgeries. I’m stunned at this news. The last time I talked to Mary the plan was for a lumpectomy. Additional tests determined that this is not the case. Now she is losing both breasts. Aimee, Mary’s daughter, told me that the only things Mary likes about her body are her hair and her breasts. Now she will lose both. Granted the hair loss in only a temporary side effect of chemotherapy but it is still unsettling. K and I will see Mary tomorrow night when we build gingerbread houses with her grandchildren, Max and Eliot. It will be fun but bittersweet. I can’t wait to give Mary a big hug. I wish she didn’t have cancer. I wish Mary didn’t have to deal with this trauma. Why can’t they find a cure for breast cancer?

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Show and Tell

This morning I played show and tell with my colon rectal surgeon. I show her my rectum and she tells me if there is any irregular tissue, or, if I need another biopsy. I’m all clear for now. I’ll see her again in three months. There’s nothing like a rectal exam to start your day off on a high note.

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