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People Are Pissed

Think about all the corporations who did stock buy backs in the last few years to boost their stock prices which made their stock holders richer. For example, American Airlines spent $12 billion on stock buy backs since 2014. Now, American, and other airlines, claim they need a government bailout to survive. Think about the recent tax cuts instituted by the current administration which mainly benefited big business and the rich. There is talk of the government sending $1,000 checks to tax payers. A $1,000 check is not enough to help most people. Tax breaks need to be given to middle and low-income wage earners and raised on corporations and the ultra-wealthy. People are pissed. Do I see a guillotine being built?

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As Seen In Denver

I saw this sign in southeast Denver which is probably a more liberal section of town.

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6 Bedrooms, 9.5 Bathroooms

I received my art museum membership renewal in the mail last week. The envelope also contained the renewal for one of the men running for governor in Colorado. There are four men running, but only two are running substantial media campaigns. Curiosity got the best of me so I googled the address. The man resides in Mike’s neighborhood in a 6 bedroom, 9.5 bath home. The house is not architecturally interesting. It’s your standard two-story stucco McMansion with a four car garage. He may be Mike’s neighbor but he didn’t get my vote. I voted for the gay democrat. Imagine that!

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Signs Of Change


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I’m Marching

I’ll be attending Denver’s March For Our Lives this afternoon. The march starts at 2 and wraps up a 5. I’m meeting friends and coworkers at the March after attending an art workshop at Mai Wyn’s gallery. It should be an epic afternoon. I’m sure I’ll tear up a few times.

I’ve written before about protesting with Act-Up in the 1980s. Silence = Death was used to focus attention on the AIDS crisis. The same slogan could be used today. Make your voice known or the gun laws will never change. The kids will not be silenced. The kids have motivated people to protest. The kids will be voting. Change is coming. Are you marching?

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Getting My Protest On

My neighbor, Sheila, and I went to the Women’s March. It was epic!

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Better Than Ever

She’s back and better than ever! Check out this post from Pamela Merritt, the author of the Angry Black Bitch blog. Her latest essay, published on Rewire, a non-profit independent media publication, is on point and a must read if you’re concerned about gun violence and mass killings. Thoughts?

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