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Getting My Protest On

My neighbor, Sheila, and I went to the Women’s March. It was epic!


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Better Than Ever

She’s back and better than ever! Check out this post from Pamela Merritt, the author of the Angry Black Bitch blog. Her latest essay, published on Rewire, a non-profit independent media publication, is on point and a must read if you’re concerned about gun violence and mass killings. Thoughts?

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I think I’ve lost faith in humanity. Reprehensible behavior by another contractor at the office, along with recent political events in the United States left me reeling. After seeing news coverage of a woman with no soul giving a press conference, I was totally defeated. Why are some people evil? All of this along with a lingering upper respiratory infection makes me want to take to my bed and never get out.

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Taking To The Streets

The man trying to be the leader of the United States wants to end DACA. His elf was dispatched to make the announcement. I’ve emailed both of my senators and my representative expressing my support for DACA. To borrow a phrase from Kimora Lee Simmons, “I will beat a bitch’s ass” if this program is ended. Seriously, unless one of these kids is in jail, why not let them stay? Who the fuck is going to rebuild Houston? Do you think there are enough white construction workers in this country to get the job done? Have you visited a construction site lately? Spanish is the language of choice. It’s estimated that 700,000 of the 800,000 dreamers are legally employed. Why should these people lose their jobs and be deported. What is the cost of finding these people and deporting them? Why not give them citizenship? They are productive members of our society. Many are holding professional positions or running businesses. There’s a heatless prick leading this country. Two of his wives were immigrants. You’d think he’d be more sympathetic to immigrants. Clearly, white immigrants from Europe are treated differently.

The protest have begun. Student at several Denver Public School have walked out of classes. They are marching in the streets. A rally will start shortly at the Tivoli Center on the Auraria Campus on edge of downtown Denver.


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A Sartorial Dilemma

What does one wear when one is accompanying their husband on a tour of a hurricane ravaged section of the country? It’s the sartorial question of the day. You know there’s going to be a lot of press. You want maintain your status as a style icon but you’d better not show up in anything from Dolce and Gabbana that costs $50,000. This is especially true when thousands of people in the region just lost all of their possessions. Is a Burberry trench too simple and ubiquitous? Is Vivienne Westwood too extreme? All those real housewives wear Chanel accessories so it best to avoid it. You don’t associated with that ilk and appear to be common. Perhaps something from Céline or Alaïa? Where is Jill Sander when you need her? Would something American from Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein or Theory be more appropriate? It would have to be custom because you really can’t buy off the rack at your income level. And what shoes are appropriate? Would patent leather be a good choice? Do Louboutin or Choo make a rain boot with a four-inch stiletto heel? It’s tough being FLOTUS.

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Motivating The Resistance

The first pardon of this administration has been issued. It will serve as motivation to strenghten the resistance. The man running this country is only succeeding in dividing the country with the pardon and the ban on transgendered individuals in the military. He has no respect for the rule of law. He is deplorable.

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Art & Protest

Art night was very entertaining. Most of the usual suspects were in attendance. I started at Space and made stops at Core, Spark, Access, Niza Knoll, Next, Pirate and Zip37. The exhibit at Space has stunningly beautiful art by Madeleine Dodge, Paul Brokering, John Matlack and Pat Isaacs. Space always has stellar offerings and this show is another great one to see.

Madeleine Dodge, various mediums on steel, 15″x15″, $900 each
John Matlack, Gillette 1, oil, marker on canvas, 64″x60″, $6,500
Pat Isaacs, encaustic monotypes on alumnum, 31″x18″, $895 each

The art in the member run galleries included a lot of political statements.

Next Gallery, Betsy Rudolph, Touch My Pussy, acrylic on wood, $400
Pirate, Brian Cavanaugh installation, not priced
Next Gallery, Barabar Gal, photos from Womens’ March, $25
Next Gallery, Free posters with instructions on how to paste billboard style

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