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A Pic A Day 23

Hens and chicks in the garden.

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I took this picture in Five Points while hanging out Mike on Sunday.

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Remember These?

Some of you may be too young to remember these. Six Gay activists started the movement in New York in 1987. About eighteen months later ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) was formed. Silence = Death may need to be revived and repurposed given the current political climate in the United States.


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Art Therapy

This painting represents the angst I feel given the current political turmoil in the United States.
Vrba, Devil Dare, oil on wood, $300. Image was rotated forty-five degrees.

I have never seem so much political unrest in the United States. And I’ve been around for a while. I protested with Act-Up in the 1980s. I attended the 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation. I marched in Gay pride parades. I attended rallies for same-sex marriage. I’ve been pretty calm until recently. Hilly lost the election. I was shocked and saddened like most people I know. The country was turned over to another white man. Look what has happened to United Stated in the last eleven days. The people who do not support the current administration are taking to the streets.

The President fired Sally Yates last night. The White House statement said she betrayed the Department of Justice and was weak on borders and illegal immigration. Really? Were harsh words really needed given she spent almost three decades in the Justice Department? The most respected government office has resorted to name calling, one of the most damaging forms of bullying. The statement is fueling the fires of the opposition.

I’ve had enough. I joined an Indivisible group this morning. I also emailed both Colorado senators asking them to oppose the nominations of Jeff Sessions, Rick Perry and Betsy DeVos. I’m not sure my message will make a difference but I expressed my opinion. I will resist. And I will also look to art for comfort.

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A Million Random Thoughts

I was falling asleep while watching a movie last night. I turned off the TV and prepared for bed. A few minutes after my head hit the pillow my mind shifted into overdrive. It was as if a switch was thrown letting a million random thoughts run wild in my head. I tried calming my thoughts by thinking about a serene beach and other peaceful places but nothing worked. I tossed and turned for seemed like hours but was only forty-five minutes. I gave up and took an Ambien.

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Punk Against Trump

The inauguration of our next president is the catalyst for local, anti-fascist, punk rock bands to organize Punk Against Trump, a benefit concert on Friday night at the Summit Music Hall. The concert will benefit organizations likely to suffer under the new administration: the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and Food Not Bombs. Three Grams, Screwtape, Allout Helter, The New Narrative and Cheap Perfume will be performing. The new president has become the ultimate target for the anti-fascist punk left. The concert is part of a national demonstration of solidarity for those who do not support the new administration. Who knew the new president would help revive the punk scene in Denver? If punk rock isn’t your thing, you can drop off a donation at the table staffed by Girls Rock Denver.

Click on this link to see the concert poster:
Punk Against Trump, Inauguration Day Rock Protest

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Selections From Art Night

A few selections from art night for your viewing pleasure:

Spark Gallery, J Bruce Wilcox, Sacred Crossing 5 Skulls, textiles, $4,290

Spark Gallery, J Bruce Wilcox, African Plaid, textiles, $1,190

Pirate, Kat Nechleba, Ebb and Flow, multimedia installation, NFS

Next Gallery, Barbara Gal, Rice Fields Kyoto, photo on metal, $150

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