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Saturday Flowers

Grape hyacinths from the garden.

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I’m posting a picture of flowers from my garden sitting on the nightstand in my bedroom on a Saturday night. Sitting at home on a Saturday night entertaining myself with Instagram, Tumbler, photography and music. Is this what my life has become? I’m not complaining, but rather, questioning the new reality of life which is mandated by protocols instituted to save lives.

I wasted away most of the morning even though my alarm went off at 7:30. I made blueberry pancakes which is a cheat meal for me. I usually have avocado toast, oatmeal or yogurt with fruit and a toasted muffin. I finally got cleaned up and dressed for the day around 11. After lunching on a tuna fish salad sandwich on multi-grain bread and a banana, I met Morgan, his husband and the architect for a walk around Sloan’s Lake. Morgan gave me a mask to wear as I didn’t have one. He saved me from looking like a bank robber in a blue handkerchief. It was a beautiful day. Only a few small clouds in the air. Before the walk, Morgan’s husband warned the architect and me not to discuss politics or the virus. There were a few slip ups along the way but we quickly steered the conversation away. After three miles we said farewells and headed home.

After dinning on angel hair pasta with pesto and shrimp (not 9/12s), and a little Netflix, I started listening to music from my high school years. Those years of my life were heavily influenced by progressive rock. Not wanting to sit in front of the TV all evening I decided to do some bodyweight exercises while reliving the music of my much younger years. Even though I miss my gym time, I found it difficult to commit to doing more exercise other than daily walks. One would think I could easily design a home workout routine given all the years of personal training I’ve paid for. I resurrected a few exercises I learned from the last trainer but found the routine was lacking the last time I ran through it. A few google searches produced what I needed. I worked out for almost 90 minutes tonight. I wonder how I’ll feel tomorrow.

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6 Feet

I walked through the neighborhood this afternoon. I found this on my walk. The sign says 6 feet.

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Feeling Invisible

I snapped this shot of Bug’s (a local artist) contribution to Pirate Contemporary Art’s 40th anniversary party on Friday night. The gallery was packed with all the fixtures of the local art scene. This piece sums up how I feel at times when I’m out in a bar. Invisible in room full of people.

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I took a walk around my neighborhood after work this afternoon. I snapped a few pictures of the gardens. Do you have a favorite?

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Two Months Left

I have two months left on my contract. My client wants to renew my contract but there’s the possibility of a leveraged buyout which could stall proceedings. Did this company not learn anything from the last LBO which resulted in a bankruptcy filing seven years later?

If my contract is not renewed I’ll have some decisions to make. I’m not keen on another job search but I’m not sure I want to retire. Do I want to stay in Denver? The last few weeks I’ve been searching online for homes for sale in Santa Fe. I’m not sure I want to move to a small city being a single gay man. What will dating be like in a town where many of the residents only live there part time?

All of these questions and decision will disappear with a new contract which may be the best thing for now. I’d like to ride this cash cow for a few more years. I’d rather quit working on my terms than having the decision made for me. We’ll see what happens.

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This is Me

Can anyone else relate to this?

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