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I saw this last night on my art tour near the corner of 9th and Santa Fe.


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No Motivation

I have a million things to do today but the bed was calling my name. It’s a cool sunny morning. Relaxing under the covers feels so good. I just need a few minutes of me time before I start my yard work.

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A Blessing

I’ve been HIV+ since I was twenty-seven. I was diagnosed when AIDS was a death sentence. There were no drugs to stave off the infection. I tried all the early drugs that have now fallen out of favor. I’ve been on numerous combinations of drugs over the years. Thankfully, my present routine has kept my viral load undetectable and my t-cell count at a respectable number.

I saw this poster at my doctor’s office on Monday. It depicts the current roster of HIV medications. I remember when there were no options. Now there are numerous options for those of us who are HIV+. It’s truly a blessing.

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Hotdogs For Dinner

I had hotdogs for dinner last night before the art tour. One of Paddy’s clients owns a Vienna Sausage hotdog restaurant just south of the galleries on Santa Fe Drive. Paddy, JP and I stopped in for a nitrate laden dinner. It wasn’t the best choice of food for dinner but it was quick and got the job done.

The art tour was uneventful for me. I’d seen all the current shows and there were no new openings. Paddy found a few things he a liked but refrained from buying as he still has not done his taxes and fears he owes money.

There are some colorful works on paper, canvas and board by Bill Ballas at Spark Gallery:

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Baseball With Snow

Today’s baseball game will be the coldest home opener in Rockies history. Temperatures will be in the low 30s with snow. Saturday will bring warmer weather with highs in the 60s. That’s spring in Colorado.

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Drawn To Glamour

Fashion illustration by Jim Howard as seen in the DAM’s Drawn To Glamour exhibit which previewed tonight.

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Feed Me

Godammit, feed me! I know if Ferdinand could talk that’s what he would say. It’s that look he gets when he thinks he should be fed. He will position himself in the kitchen and stare at me until I feed him. I think I’m being controlled by a cat.

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