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Sign of the Times

I saw this on my walk around the neighborhood this afternoon.

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She’s Back

The troubled woman is back.  She’s been walking around the neighborhood for the last several days wearing all black.  She’s traded in her Obi-Wan Kenobi look for a mix of Stevie Nicks and Morticia Addams with a dash of Little House on the Prairie.  She walks with a brisk pace avoiding eye contact and conversation.  She will cross the street to avoid others.  She’s also no longer pregnant.  I wonder what happened to the baby.  It may be a blessing if she lost the baby as I question if this woman can care a child.  Whatever the case, I hope she’s now on birth control. 

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Will This Be My Next Home?

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Happy Halloween

Halloween on Venice Beach, 1938.

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Art Night With Bruce

Friday night, Bruce was my plus one for the DAM’s opening of Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Mexican Modernism from the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection. Here’s a brief description of the exhibit from the museum’s website:

Featuring paintings and photographs by internationally celebrated artists Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Lola Álvarez Bravo, Gunther Gerzso, María Izquierdo, Carlos Mérida, and others, the exhibition takes a closer look at the role that art, artists, and their supporters played in the emergence of national identity and creative spirit after the Mexican Revolution ended in 1920.

The company was good but I thought the exhibit was a bit of a disappointment.  I expected more paintings.  There were numerous photographs of Frida and Diego which were interesting but I thought the exhibit could have been better organized. For example, early in the exhibit there is a photograph from Frida and Diego’s second marriage.  Later in the exhibit you find out they divorced and remarried two years later.

After the exhibit, Bruce and I had dinner at his favorite restaurant, where everyone know his name.  The manager, assistant manager, the hostess, a sommelier, two of the chefs, a pasty chef and a busboy stopped by to greet us.  As usual, Bruce took over ordering and over ordered. And as usual, the food was divinely delicious.  We had enjoyable conversation.  There was no pressure about hooking up as Bruce is happy with his new guy, LA, who flew back to California earlier in day.  They are discussing LA moving to Denver and buying a house together (the last house deal fell apart).  It’s good know we are finally cemented in the friend column.  Bruce picked up the almost $300 tab. 

After dinner, Bruce drove me back to my car which was parked by the museum.  We chatted for a few minutes before we drove back to our respective homes.  It was an enjoyable evening with one of the most interesting men I ever met. 

Here’s the gift box given to attendees as they left the museum:

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Pray For Rain or Snow

These pictures of the Calwood fire in Boulder County were taken by a friend. The fire, which started on Saturday, has burned 9,000 acres and destroyed 26 homes. The second photo was taken from my friend’s front porch. We need snow or rain.

I live in south Denver far from the fire.

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Thought For The Day

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Friday Night Art Pics

Here are a few pics from the Friday night art adventure.

Robert Brinker, Ruby Woo, acrylic and oil on linen stretched over panel, 44 x 44, $11,500, Michael Warren Contemporary.

Robert Brinker, Big Me 6X, framed archival print on watercolor paper, 49 x 61, $6,500, Michael Warren Contemporary.

Robert Brinker, Giggle Clop, acrylic and oil on linen stretched over panel, 44 x 44, $11,500. Michael Warren Contemporary.

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People In Need

One of my neighbors had a widow maker heart attack. He’s only 54. He’s been intubated for a week. He’s a single guy with no significant other. One of his friends set up a Go Fund Me account to help with his medical expenses. I was taken aback by this. The man is a very successful real estate agent. Always sharply dressed. Drives a new Land Rover which is undoubtable written off as a business expense. He’s also a collector of vintage cars, including a Rolls Royce, which are housed in a warehouse. One time he told me he has so many cars he doesn’t really know how many he owns. The man has also invested a six figure sum in another neighbor’s start up. The land his house sits on is worth at least $1m.

I can’t help but wonder why this man needs help with his medical expenses. I checked his Go Fund Me account. The goal is to raise $25k. People are donating between $100 and $500 each. Clearly, the man has well-heeled friends and assets. He could sell one or two of his cars and easily have $25k. I actually find it appalling that a Go Fund Me has been set up when there are so many other people needing help in this city. There’s an out of control homeless problem. The social services charities supporting the homeless would be forever thankful for $25k. I guess his friends felt the need to do something for this man. I wonder how charitable they are to others in need.

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What the fuck is wrong with people? They will push a shopping cart around a store and then out to their car. Why do they leave the cart in the middle of the parking lot instead of walking 30 more feet to return the cart the collection point? The carts are on an incline. If the wind picks up they will be blown into someone’s car. There’s a special place in hell for lazy people who do this. I pushed the carts back to the store entrance so they would not careen into my car or hit the Audi in the picture.

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