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I took a walk around my neighborhood after work this afternoon. I snapped a few pictures of the gardens. Do you have a favorite?

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Two Months Left

I have two months left on my contract. My client wants to renew my contract but there’s the possibility of a leveraged buyout which could stall proceedings. Did this company not learn anything from the last LBO which resulted in a bankruptcy filing seven years later?

If my contract is not renewed I’ll have some decisions to make. I’m not keen on another job search but I’m not sure I want to retire. Do I want to stay in Denver? The last few weeks I’ve been searching online for homes for sale in Santa Fe. I’m not sure I want to move to a small city being a single gay man. What will dating be like in a town where many of the residents only live there part time?

All of these questions and decision will disappear with a new contract which may be the best thing for now. I’d like to ride this cash cow for a few more years. I’d rather quit working on my terms than having the decision made for me. We’ll see what happens.

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This is Me

Can anyone else relate to this?

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I did an open studio tour on Friday night at Prism Workspaces. While I saw great art all evening, my favorites were by Madeleine Dodge. Madeleine’s Art is always fresh and inventive.

Madeleine Dodge, untitled, carbon transfer on steel, 16 x 16.
Madeleine Dodge, untitled, indigo and rust on porcelain, 12 x 12.

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Nothing new here. I came down with a cold so I spent a good portion of the weekend in bed. There was no art tour on Friday night. Entertain yourself with these garden pics.

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One Last Time

It’s snowing here. Hopefully, this will be the last snow of the season in the city.

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I worked in my yard for six hours today. I could spend another week in the yard and still have things to do. Have you ever transplanted bamboo?

I decided to have a relaxing soak in the tub for a while before dinner. As soon as I get settled in my tranquility is interrupted by purring. I open my eyes to see this:
He walked around the tub for a few minutes and wandered off. Or so I thought. When I tried to get out of the tub I found this:
Seriously? There’s nothing like a trip to the ER after slipping on a granite floor with a wet foot. A few drops of bath water was the only motivation needed to get Ferdinand to move. Crisis averted.

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