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I think I’ve lost faith in humanity. Reprehensible behavior by another contractor at the office, along with recent political events in the United States left me reeling. After seeing news coverage of a woman with no soul giving a press conference, I was totally defeated. Why are some people evil? All of this along with a lingering upper respiratory infection makes me want to take to my bed and never get out.


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Islands Influencing Art

I met an artist at a brunch last Saturday. Her work is included in a group show opening at Space Gallery tonight. The works were started two years ago on a trip to the Bahamas, continued at artist residency in Iceland and a on a visit to Prince Edward Island. I hope to snap a few pictures tonight.

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A Chilling Thought

I occasionally have to remotely access mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc) in a lab in the building across the street using the client’s wireless network. If I try to use the client’s secure network the connection fails. If I use the unsecured network access is always granted. How crazy it that? You didn’t know mobile devices could be accessed remotely? Almost everything can be accessed remotely. I’ll leave you with that chilling thought.

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Being Ignored

My team lead sits about fifteen feet from me. He has a cubicle while I sit at my table. He rolls into the office every day a few minutes before nine. He ignores me even though I’m sitting at my table working on my laptop. He has yet to acknowledge my presence this week. He has not spoken to me. It’s a rather strange feeling to be ignored by a team member day after day. He is allegedly one of my mentors yet he has never provided any mentoring. He has never asked if I needed assistance or advice. He, like all the other Indians, ignores me and my work friend. My other mentor is only slightly better.

How hard is it to say hello to a person? Is rudeness a standard in the Indian culture? I’m beginning to believe it is.

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Snow On The Front Range

I snapped this pic this morning from the office lounge.
The power was restored at my house mid-morning after an outage that lasted more than 24 hours. It was challenging getting ready for work this morning.

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They’re Back!

The VP’s boss has reversed her decision about casual Friday.  After many complaints, HR was called in for consultation.  Casual Fridays are back.  It’s the only day jeans will be allowed in the office.  The masses rejoiced and animal sacrifices were offered up on top of the parking garage.

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Art For Saturday

Paddy, JP, Cindi and I hit a few galleries last night. Cindi returned from Spain on Thursday night. She caught us up on her trip which included a long layover in London so she could pop into the Tate Modern. Havu has a stunning landscape show which includes representational and abstract paintings. We also made a stop in Michael Warren Contemporary because they were having a tequila tasting. The final stop was Pirate which had the most reasonably priced art. Here’s one of my favorites.

Pirate Contemporary Art, Tsogo Mijid, Entertainers, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 76, $1,850.

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