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It’s the end of the day. The end of the weekend. I’ve been in bed for two hours. I haven’t felt well all day. Morgan had a dinner party last night. He served a vegetarian meal as the guest of honor had many dietary restrictions, which made a vegetarian meal the best option. Something he served didn’t agree with me. I took the bed in mid-afternoon in the hope that a nap would make me feel better. I do feel better now that I’m up.

Morgan met a guy he took an interest in. Morgan wants to build up his friend base but I got the impression the Morgan may have had more in mind given his partner has several men on the side. The man was the guest of honor last night. The man is an artist. I met the artist in passing a few years ago. I know the man’s work which is stellar. He’s one of the established heavy weights of the local art community which is one of the reasons I was invited to dinner.

A post-mortem about the dinner this morning with Morgan revealed there was too much talk about art last night. The guest of honor commanded the conversation for most of the night. I had an excellent time as I love talking to artists and talking about art. Morgan was not as pleased as I was. Morgan has decided not to continue to pursue a friendship with the man.

In other news, I spent time on Temptation Island on Friday night. The detective and I saw Bohemian Rhapsody after work. A late dinner followed the movie. The detective’s husband saw the movie with his boyfriend and another man in spite of the fact he had promised to go with the detective. Over dinner, the detective told me his husband has asked for a divorce. His husband has great timing given the detective has accepted a new position with another firm which will double his salary. I’m guessing the husband will ask for support given he only makes $30k a year and has lived a cushy life thanks to the detective. I listened but offered no advice or opinions. After dinner we called it a night. We didn’t drop trou.

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Road Trip

Headed to Santa Fe for Thanksgiving with the gang.

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An Exodus

On Sunday, I talked with a friend and former work colleague I’ve known for many years. When I met G he was married to a woman. He came out, divorced his wife and met his future husband all within a year. We were both laid off with weeks of each other from a global telecom company. G called to tell me he was moving to Missouri in a month. G and his husband had sold their business a few months ago. The listed their house on Friday and accepted an offer on Sunday.

Two weeks ago, S, who I also worked with for many years, called to let me know she was moving to Mississippi with her husband and adult son. She had sold her house the day it hit the market.

Six month ago, J, who I’ve known since the early 90’s moved to Alabama. She an executive assistant at the company I’m under contract with. She sold her house in five days.

It’s an exodus of friends from Colorado to cities in red states where the cost of living is cheaper. All are at, or nearing, retirement age. They are cashing in on their home equity and paying cash for houses in less expensive cities in preparation for the final chapters of their lives.

I may making an exodus one day but it may be a while. My cash cow has to die first.

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Photo Of The Day

Here’s something one would not have seen a few years ago. A line of Teslas, mostly model S, being charged in the parking garage at the upscale Cherry Creek Mall.

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I’m Glad I Left

The client I worked for last year was ordered to cease operations in New York State for failing to live up to the terms of its merger agreement with another cable company. The company has been given 60 days to handle over its operations to another provider. The state has rescinded the approval of merger.

I knew the company was a mess when I worked there. I was so glad to leave. Is it bad to feel happy about their misfortune?

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This two-bedroom house sold in March of 2017. It was torn down in July of 2017. One year after demolition and $4m later ($989k for the old house and another $3m for demolition and construction of the new house), the new house has been completed.

It’s a four-bedroom, two-story dwelling with a little over 6,000 square feet. The house is a lot bigger than it looks in the picture. The owners moved in a few weeks ago but I have not met them yet. They are both orthopedic surgeons so I’m sure they can afford the house.

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Art Fot Saturday

Clifford Ross, Hurricane Wave LXVI, pigment print. On display at the Denver Art Museum.

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