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Now What?

Retirement day 1. Now, what do I do?

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She Got The Boot

The VP I work under got the boot.  She was only with the company two years. She had two HR complaints filed against her by women who reported directly to her.  She made the announcement yesterday morning phrasing it in a way to make it sound like it was her decision.  A quick chat with a friend who is the Executive Assistant to one of the SVPs confirmed she was being let go.  While I think this woman is a great visionary, she often clashed with anyone who opposed her views and never seemed to be interested in the daily operations which make things happen.  I’m not sad to see her leave.  Of course, this makes the chances of my contract being renewed even slimmer. 

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Not A Good Sign

The company I’m under contract with has started laying off employees due to lower than expected quarterly revenue. That’s not a good sign. I highly doubt my contract will get renewed. Looks like retirement will be starting in a few weeks.

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Sooner Than Expected

The company I’m working for reported less than desirable fiscal results for the last quarter.  They have offered an early retirement package to management employees.  Many seasoned professionals are taking the offer and heading for the exit.  The company has also instituted a hiring freeze.  The next step is usually layoffs.  My contract expires this month.  I don’t expect it to be renewed given the bad financials.  Retirement may be coming sooner than expected.  I had hoped to work until August of 2023.  I just don’t have it in me to look for another gig.  Given my age and my billing rate it will be a challenge to find a position I feel is a good fit.  It looks like it may be time to apply for social security. 

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Work Update

I recently finished work on the last significant product launch of my career.  The 8 month project almost came to a screeching halt four days before the go live date.  It was discovered the product could not be sold in Russia due to regulatory issues.  Oddly, this happened shortly after tensions increased between Russia and the United States.  It a strange coincidence.  Previous product launches never had any regulatory issues in Russia.  The product was globally launched except in Russia.  Two months later the product is still barred from sale in Russia.

I’ve moved on to a new cloud project with much less visibility, scope and importance.  I also picked up a few small projects to help fill my time.  I’m fine with this.  I’ve made my mark and it’s time to wind down and gracefully exit my career.  At the most, I have less than 18 months left to work.

Yesterday, I was asked by a company employee to cover up a major issue with one of the projects I’ve been working on.  I’ve known and worked with this woman for almost 30 years.  I was shocked and disappointed in her behavior and apparent loss of ethics.

The issue could only be kept secret for a limited time as data collected on the project would eventually expose the problem.  The woman was hoping to have the issue fixed before anyone would notice.

I refused to go along with her scheme.  Even though my career is nearing its end, I wasn’t going to participate in a cover up which would forever damage my reputation and provide probable cause for cancelling my contract.  The woman was not happy.

The woman has refused to communicate with me today.  Oddly, the issue is not the woman’s fault but does fall under the responsibility of her business unit.  Its root cause is incorrectly written code by a third-party offshore software engineer.  The engineer will eventually be blamed, but not the woman.

This is the first time in my long career I’ve been directly asked to participate in a scheme which clearly violates the code of business conduct.  I find the woman’s behavior appalling and morally bankrupt.  I’m also demoralized by the thought that this woman would actually think I would cooperate with her.   

I can’t help but wonder if the destruction of the rule of law in the United States, along with the present day attitude that anyone can do whatever they want without penalization, has influenced this woman’s behavior.  I’ve lost all respect for this woman.  I know we hold opposing political views but I always respected her professional skills and abilities.  That respect is forever lost.

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The Daily Grind

I received an email from an associate in Tokyo on Monday requesting action on an item.  I forwarded the request to the associate’s VP in Singapore to verify he had approved the request.  I received the VP’s concurrence on Tuesday morning.  The request also needed to be approved by the Product Manager in Dusseldorf due to royalty and P&L considerations.  The email was forwarded to her.  I received her sign off on Wednesday morning.  I forwarded the email to a team in Bangalore advising what actions I needed.  On Thursday morning I received confirmation from the Bangalore team action had been taken.  I advised the associate in Tokyo to proceed.  I informed the Legal department and the Brand Protection team in New Jersey of the newly approved actions.  Friday morning I received a thank you from the associate in Tokyo. 

Four days to complete the task due to time zones and work hours.  It’s the daily grind in a global corporation.  Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Only the names and countries change.

The email traveled from Tokyo to Denver, Denver to Singapore, back to Denver, to Dusseldorf, back to Denver, to Bangalore, back to Denver, to Tokyo and to New Jersey.  Five countries in four days.

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A New Chief

I now work under a new VP who was brought in to oversee the conversion from traditional on-prem offers to cloud, along with managing Brand Protection, Intellectual Property theft and post-M&A software collaboration.  It’s an odd collection of responsibilities for one VP to handle.  She offered me a permanent position which I had to turn down due to that pesky out of court settlement and NDA I signed.  She agreed to renew my contract for another year, which, is a good thing.

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Departing Soon

Today was the last day for a colleague.  He decided to retire after 37 years.  He follows two other peers who left last month.  Another will leave in June.  I’ve known these people for most of my career.  It seems to be time for my generation to turn the reigns over to our successors.  Watching the end of an era makes me sad, but also hopeful for the next chapter in my life.  The departures remind me feeling I don’t want to be the last one at the party.  I hope to make my exit in two years, if I can last that long.  I want to leave before I’m perceived as hanging on past my expiration date. 

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Retirement Postponed

My new contract was signed today. I’ll have another year of employment. Yeah! My forced retirement is postponed for another year, which, is a good thing.

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My contract has two months left. I could find myself retired at the end of September. Usually, Statement of Works for the next contract year have been written before August and that has not happened this year. I’m not sure I have it in me to find another job at my current salary level. Given the state of the economy, I’m not sure I will even want to try. I may end up folding t-shirts at the GAP. I have this irrational fear that I don’t have enough money saved for retirement. WM thinks I have nothing to worry about. He suggested a few changes to my portfolio to bring in extra retirement income. I’ll be a little anxious for next few weeks as my fate is determined for me. Stay tuned for further developments.

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