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I think I’ve lost faith in humanity. Reprehensible behavior by another contractor at the office, along with recent political events in the United States left me reeling. After seeing news coverage of a woman with no soul giving a press conference, I was totally defeated. Why are some people evil? All of this along with a lingering upper respiratory infection makes me want to take to my bed and never get out.


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The Migration

Every few days, a new contractor shows up at the office. All of the new people are from firms not holding a large presence at client’s office. None of the new people are Indian. All of the new people are United States citizens. It looks like the migration away from the major player has started. Unofficially, I’ve been told the company wants to reduce its reliance upon H1-B visa holders. All of the recent job posting requirements by the client include the ability to read, write, speak and understand English and the need to display professional, positive and approachable attitude/demeanor. I think that’s a good thing.

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The Dreaded 404

There’s been an issue for weeks in the client’s test environment that produces a 404 error (an error message that indicates a client can communicate with a server, but the server could not find what was requested). Nobody seems too concerned about the issue. Everyone is pointing fingers but nobody want to take the lead to resolve the issue. A new version of the client’s portal launches next week. At this point it will go out the door with the 404 error unresolved. Customers will have to call the care center for assistance. Who doesn’t love calling a toll free number and getting an agent in some developing country who barely speaks English? It’s no wonder all the companies in this sector of the communications industry are universally hated.

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A New Skill

I learned a new skill this week at work. It’s a skill that’s listed in many of the job descriptions in my line of work. Oddly, I can’t help but wonder so many employers discount a resume without this skill. It’s rather simple to learn. Most people would easily pick it up. One only needs a few electronic devices. I was off and running after a short time with a subject matter expert, and not, one of my useless mentors, who seem intent on undermining my success. The funny thing is, it looks like I’m working as I sit at my table with my laptop, a tablet and a cell phone. But I’m actually writing this post.

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Wasting Money

The client’s servers were down all day Monday. I was paid to do nothing. One would think the management team could have come up with a project to work on. I was not alone. All of the consultants sat around waiting for the servers to be stabilized. Most of us cruised the web or read about the Las Vegas massacre. The management team didn’t seem too concerned about what our time was costing the company. It was a stunning display of apathy.

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Cubicle Life

My female boss informed me of a pending move into a cubicle. That is, when the next person moves out of my quadrant of the floor. Will I miss watching the highway traffic every day? Will I miss watching the private jets landing at Centennial Airport? I may miss a few things about my plastic table by the window but I look forward to cubicle life again.

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The Circus Continues

I finally have an ID badge at work. It took seven weeks to set up. My company issued laptop has been in the IT department for almost three weeks waiting to be re-imaged. I have a borrowed company laptop but it can’t access all the applications I need. Nobody can figure out why the applications are being blocked on a company laptop. The circus continues.

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