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The Gay Guy Can Do It

I was asked by one of my female peers to tie a ribbon on a gift for one the VPs. I thought this was odd. Out of all the people in the office, the out gay guy (there are a few closeted gays in the office who avoid me like the plague) was selected for the ribbon tying. Was it assumed that, because I’m gay, I have specialized ribbon tying skills? I actually do but I’ve never discussed these skills at work. My second partner, who I was with in the 1980’s, was a textile designer employed by a gift wrap manufacturer. I learned a thing or two about wrapping gifts and tying ribbons. As I was tying the ribbon on the gift, the woman told me she bought the ribbon at Hobby Lobby. I cringed but continued until the job was complete. I learned long ago to pick my battles and giving this woman a lecture on supporting Hobby Lobby is not in the best interest of the my career. So I bit my tongue and tied a rather fabulous ribbon on the VP’s gift. The woman was pleased. Mission accomplished. The only thing left to do was to add gift wrapping and ribbon tying to my contract’s statement of work and to update my LinkedIn’s skill set.

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Office Drama

My boss demeaned a female peer this morning. Sadly, I was a witness. It was early so there were only three of us in the office. My boss (I hate calling him that because I operate autonomously and his only purpose is to approve my contract and invoices for payment) initiated a conversation about the local election results. He has a habit of bringing up political issues, which, in my opinion, should not be discussed in the office. He stated that if you voted for a certain ballot initiative, you were stupid. The woman stood up and told my boss she voted for the initiative. She took offense to his comment. There was a short back and forth before the conversation ended. About five minutes later he brought up the ballot initiative again. The woman asked him to let it go. He continued. She told him to let go again. My boss apologized but it was too late. The woman accepted the apology before heading to a meeting. After her meeting, she thanked my boss for apologizing but went on to tell him it was unacceptable to call people stupid for having a different opinion. She told him if he did it again she would report him to HR. Not ever wanting to lose a battle, my boss said it would only result in a slap on the wrist, but, he wouldn’t do it again.

Big fucking mistake. She scheduled a meeting with her boss. She sent me an email recapping the event and asked me to reply. If the Me Too movement, the resent Special Council investigation and the impeachment transcripts have taught us anything, it’s the need to document the experience when it’s fresh and gather witnesses.

I replied to the email stating her summation of the conversation was as I recalled. I applaud this woman for calling out my boss on his behavior. Sadly, this is not first time she has had to call him out for statements he has made. This is the first time she was directly insulted. My boss is clueless when it comes to social mores. He has no social graces. It a miracle he has ascended to the position he holds.

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Living in Colorado one gets used to wild temperature changes. It was 83 on Wednesday until a front moved in dropping the temperature 63 degrees. It snowed yesterday. It was 18 when I got up this morning. Now it’s sunny and almost 50. Another roller coaster of weather changes.

It’s been a challenging work week. I referred a case of employee fraud to legal for investigation. It could lead to a termination. Many of the people I dealt with this week were difficult. I’m amazed how rude people can be even when they need you to do them a favor. Go ahead and contact my boss. He’s knows I check the facts and follow policy. He always has my back. Which, in corporate America, is a good thing.

My dishwasher is on the fritz. It will only run for a few seconds before stopping. I guess I’ll have to wash the dishes by hand unless I can convince Morgan to come over and wash them. He wants some Ambien so I could trade pills for dishwashing. A most excellent quid pro quo. I plan on buying a Bosch this weekend. I know they’re pricey but they are quiet. My current one is about 12 years old. I spent a couple of hundred on repairs a few years ago. I don’t think it’s wise to spend more money on repairs. I’ll splurge on a new one.

I’m headed to the gym soon. Then I’ll have a quick dinner, a shower, a shave and then off in search of art.

Have a great one.

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The Good & The Bad

The CEO signed off on my contract and compensation package yesterday. I’ll have employment for the next year. That’s the good.

A friend was let go from her job yesterday. She’s been interviewing with another firm for a higher paying position so she was a bit relieved. The relief was followed by panic. She’s in the process of divorcing her husband, along with refinancing the marital home so she can pay off her husband. She will have to pay her husband monthly support payments for the next ten years. That’s the bad.

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Two Months Left

I have two months left on my contract. My client wants to renew my contract but there’s the possibility of a leveraged buyout which could stall proceedings. Did this company not learn anything from the last LBO which resulted in a bankruptcy filing seven years later?

If my contract is not renewed I’ll have some decisions to make. I’m not keen on another job search but I’m not sure I want to retire. Do I want to stay in Denver? The last few weeks I’ve been searching online for homes for sale in Santa Fe. I’m not sure I want to move to a small city being a single gay man. What will dating be like in a town where many of the residents only live there part time?

All of these questions and decision will disappear with a new contract which may be the best thing for now. I’d like to ride this cash cow for a few more years. I’d rather quit working on my terms than having the decision made for me. We’ll see what happens.

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The Shoe Story

The man who hired me back as a contractor complimented me on the shoes I was wearing on Tuesday. I simply thanked him. I knew if I gave him any details about the shoes it would be a conversation I regretted. He has a way of converting every conversation into a story about him. My simple thank you turned out to be the catalyst for a monologue where I listed and nodded my head. The man stopped at my desk and proceeded to tell me how he is a “shoe man”. That comment almost made me laugh out loud. I’ve only seen him wear one pair of dress shoes, which were black with a square toe and probably dated back to 2003. He usually wears some type of trainers. He stuck out his foot to show me the new shoes he was wearing. He made a point of telling me they were Sketchers, as if he was wearing something stylish from Barneys. By this time, I knew why he complimented me on my shoes. He wanted me to comment on his new shoes. I didn’t take the bait. His Sketchers were deplorable, as most Sketchers are, in my opinion. He then went on to tell me how he thought the two millennials on the team wore really cool shoes. I told him I didn’t pay attention to the shoes the millennials wore, which was my way of saying their shoes aren’t remarkable. In fact the millennials usually wear some type of athleisure shoe. Thankfully, I had to join a conference call so I had an excuse to end the conversation.

I will admit I am a shoe snob. I like well-made shoes. I like pricey shoes. I like shoes you will not see on every other man. I covet the shoe collection of a certain man in Louisiana. He will often post pictures of the shoes he wears to work. No rubbish! As Dr. Spo would say.

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A Non-existent Work Ethic

One of the consultants at work, who happens to be a millennial, is getting fired. His manager informed one of my team members, who, in turn, told me. His manager, who is a woman known for getting the job done, described the millennial’s work ethic as “non-existent”.

The millennial was an employee who quit to pursue his dream job in another country. When that job didn’t work out, he returned to the states and tried to get his old job back. He was hired as a contractor on another team, as his former peers did not want him returning to their team. He was known for doing little and seldom followed through on commitments. The man I work for recommend the millennial to woman who is firing him. Clearly, the man I work for has lost credibility.

He’s only been in his current position less than three months and he’s getting the boot. He recently moved out of his parent’s house into a new apartment. Guess who will probably be moving home again?

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