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A New Gym

I joined a new gym.  Adios 16 Hour Fitness.  The new gym normally charges around $200 a month, but thankfully, the fee is covered by my Medicare Advantage plan.  The swank facility is kept immaculately clean.  No more dust bunnies like the old gym.  The gym has new equipment, an indoor running track, three pools, sauna, steam room and many other amenities such as a coffee bar, spa and free classes.  There’s a lounge in men’s locker room where you can watch the sports game of the day while sitting in leather club chairs.  The only drawback is the air of entitlement in the gym.  The gym is adjacent to the very affluent Cherry Creek and Hilltop neighborhoods.  The parking lot is packed with high-end vehicles.  It’s also a very white gym, which, is taking some time getting used to given the multi-cultural membership at my old gym.  The members are mostly older when I go in the afternoon.  I have yet to see anyone overweight.  Many of the women are close to being social x-rays.  I find the eye candy more appealing than my old gym, which is a catalyst for fueling my workouts.  Overall, the change has been good for my workouts. 

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Horrific, but Inevitable

It was horrific, but inevitable. A raging grass file in the contiguous suburbs between Denver and Boulder burns out of control destroying hundreds of homes in a matter of hours thanks to hurricane force winds and a drought-stricken landscape.  Shocking inferno images of a hellstorm destroying house after house consumed the local new coverage. A densely populated urban landscape surrounded by open spaces and small farms and ranches was defenseless.

I had been avoiding the news all day.  After work I hit the gym for a much needed workout.  While at the gym, an active shooter situation developed in the gym parking garage.  The police locked down the building with the members inside.  Neither the police, nor the gym management, would divulge any details.  Most of us continued our workouts.  What else did we have to do?  We couldn’t leave.  It was just another day.  Just another shooter.  A remarkable commentary on frequency of active shooters.   

Turning on the news when I got home hoping details of the shooter would be provided.  Instead, I’m slapped across the face with images of the fire, chaos and devastation.  All this on heels of a maniac’s shooting spree which left five people dead in Denver and Lakewood on Monday.  I watched the images for hours.  The active shooter situation at the gym was never mentioned.  Google searches produced no results.  It was as if it never happened.

A disturbing destruction ending a year which started with a group trying to destroy our democracy.  A chaotic year bookended by carnage.

Just before turning off the live news coverage late in the evening, I found hope.  Hope in humanity.  Strangers coming to the rescue the way people in the west know how to do. 

Many people in the path of the fire had to set their horses and other livestock free in the hopes they could outrun the fire.  A parade of trucks pulling livestock trailers was shown heading towards the fire in the darkness of night with the inferno illuminating the horizon. A caravan of about three dozen had come in hope of finding and rescuing the horses, cows and other livestock fleeing the fire.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Strangers risking their lives to save other’s livestock.  It’s what one does in farm and ranching communities.  The spirit of Coloradans coming together in the face of urban destruction and devastation gave me hope for a better future.  Kind hearted people reaching out to help.  An absolute day from hell ended with a civilian cavalry coming to the rescue. 

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Fat or Skinny?

One of my gym pals asked me if I put on a few pounds while patting his abs.  I was horrified.  I had made the mistake of opening the Halloween candy three weeks prior.  I had been snacking on candy bars, which are not a part of my normal diet.  I hopped on the scale on my way to the treadmill after my workout.  I weighed in at 168, only three pounds above normal.  I did an extra ten minutes of cardio that day.

The next day I met a man for dinner I met online.  We had chatted on the phone a couple of times before meeting.  Normally, I try to limit first encounters to coffee so I can make a quick escape if needed.  This guy seemed nice so I accepted his dinner invitation. 

Upon meeting at the restaurant, the man told me he was relieved to find out I looked like my pictures but I was skinnier than he expected.  The dinner was enjoyable. The man carried the conversation.  He talked a lot.  Almost to the point of monopolizing the conversation.  I found out a lot about the man.  He asked me very few questions and I didn’t volunteer any information.  Knowledge is power. 

The gym pal thinks I’m gaining weight while the dinner date thinks I’m skinny.  For the record, I’m 5’11”.  A Google search confirmed my weight is acceptable for my height. Nevertheless, I need to give away the leftover Halloween candy.

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Lazy Fucks

I want to slap the lazy fuck who left the dumbbells on the floor.

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Not Too Bad

I had my first workout since the gym reservation system was suspended. I arrived around 3. The first hour wasn’t bad at all. The gym was sparsely populated. Towards the end of my workout, the arrival rate started to pick up. By this time I had moved onto cardio, which I felt safe doing as this area has less demand most of the time. Overall, it was a positive experience. I’ll need to keep working out in midafternoon before the after work crowd arrives.

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16 Hour Fitness

My gym, 24 Hour Fitness, no longer requires appointments to work out. They have also stopped cleaning the gym every 90 minutes and limiting attendance. Members are now free to go at any time and pack the place to the rafters. I guess I missed the CDC announcement about COVID-19 not being as lethal as it used to be. And it hasn’t been open 24 hours a day for a long time. It’s only open 16 hours a day but 16 Hour Fitness doesn’t sound very marketable. I’ve changed my work out schedule to avoid Monday and Wednesday as they are historically the busiest days. I’ll give a go for the next week or two. If it’s too busy, I’ll find a new gym. Change is constant. Change is good. Right?

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I hit the gym yesterday. I had an appointment for a 3:30 p.m. workout. The gym was sparsely populated. There was sufficient space to socially distance. The members were following the new rules which stipulate wiping down the equipment after use with disinfectant provided by the gym. Everyone, that is, except two sixty-something fucks. Going from machine to machine, not wearing masks and not wiping down the machines after use. Both were overweight and did not appear to be in the best of health. They looked like the target market for a Covid infection, yet neither took any precautions. I avoided them as I pushed through my work out. I managed to finish my work out in less than the allotted hour. Starting today, workout appointments are extended to 90 minutes which means an hour workout plus 30 minutes of cardio.

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Seven Plagues

This is typical of the stupid fucks who work out at 24 Hour Fitness. Leaving a 45 pound weight in the middle of the floor so that others might trip over it. What the hell is wrong with these inconsiderate people? If you’re strong enough to use a weight this heavy, you need to rerack the weight when you’re done. People who do this deserve to have seven plagues enter their life.

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A Pic A Day 30

View from the gym window while sitting on the incline bench press machine. I like the way the sun shade filters the view.

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A New Rack

There’s a couple who work out at my gym I refer to as the Dolls. As in Barbie and Ken. She’s a tall lean blond who always manages to incorporate blue into her outfit. He’s a few inches taller than his wife and is handsome, hairy and hyper masculine.

I hadn’t seen the dolls for a while. They reappeared this week. Mrs. Doll got new titties. She used to have a small bust that seemed perfectly proportioned for her lean body. Being a gay man, I’m far from an expert on bra sizes, but now, I’m guessing she’s a full C possibly a D cup.

Mrs. Doll always wears form fitting clothes which show off her slim toned body. Now, all I seem to notice is her bust. I generally am not focused on the women’s breasts at the gym. I think her new rack may be too big for her body. I realize it’s her body and she is free to make any adjustments she deems necessary. I suspect the straight guys at the gym are loving her new look along with her husband.

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