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Sculptural installation at 24 Hour Fitness, mixed media on gym floor, 20,000 sq. ft., priceless

My gym should be renamed 24 Hour Filthy. The gym is disgustingly dirty. Allegedly, they have a cleaning crew. How does a cleaning crew miss dust bunnies in plain view? They probably need remedial training with a vacuum. Also disturbing is the fact that the personal trainers use the equipment on a daily basis. One would think the personal trainers would advise that management on the filth. How could the management be so clueless as to not recognize the issue?

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Leg Day

Scenes from a gym before the art tour.

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Too Thin?

IMG_2759 (2)
I saw this woman at the gym yesterday while I was doing cardio. I’ve never seen her before. I was shocked by how thin she was yet she was doing cardio. I wondered if she was recovering from an illness, had an eating disorder, or was just a naturally thin person.

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24 Hour Dust Bunnies

My gym gets a lot of traffic but this is ridiculous.

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A Scene From A Gym

This is a typical scene in my gym because the lazy fucks who work out there don’t restack the weights.

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My Thought For The Day

If your workout t-shirt has a logo from the 1994 High School Rugby Games that can barely be read, it’s time to pitch it and get a new one. I guess I’m a little bitchy today.

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An Odd Trend

When I was in Catholic school the girls had to wear skirts and knee-high socks. The hem of the skirt had to touch the ground when kneeling. Some girls would roll their waste bands to make their skirts shorter. The nuns would often make random skirt checks if they thought the hem was too short. Violators were given detention.

Some of the younger guys at the gym have started wearing knee-high black socks. Add in a pair of below-the-knee black baggy workout pants and the guys look like the Catholic grade school girls from my youth. I find this trend rather odd.

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