A New Skill

I learned a new skill this week at work. It’s a skill that’s listed in many of the job descriptions in my line of work. Oddly, I can’t help but wonder so many employers discount a resume without this skill. It’s rather simple to learn. Most people would easily pick it up. One only needs a few electronic devices. I was off and running after a short time with a subject matter expert, and not, one of my useless mentors, who seem intent on undermining my success. The funny thing is, it looks like I’m working as I sit at my table with my laptop, a tablet and a cell phone. But I’m actually writing this post.


Wasting Money

The client’s servers were down all day Monday. I was paid to do nothing. One would think the management team could have come up with a project to work on. I was not alone. All of the consultants sat around waiting for the servers to be stabilized. Most of us cruised the web or read about the Las Vegas massacre. The management team didn’t seem too concerned about what our time was costing the company. It was a stunning display of apathy.

They’re Back!

The VP’s boss has reversed her decision about casual Friday.  After many complaints, HR was called in for consultation.  Casual Fridays are back.  It’s the only day jeans will be allowed in the office.  The masses rejoiced and animal sacrifices were offered up on top of the parking garage.

The Colour Of Fall

The butterflies, bees and other assorted small flying insects have been swarming on the purple asters blooming in the garden. I’m used to seeing the occasional butterfly or bee but nothing like the horde this weekend. It’s quite the show. I couldn’t get a good picture as every time I approached the plants the insects would take to the air. Here’s my best shot.

Art For Saturday

Paddy, JP, Cindi and I hit a few galleries last night. Cindi returned from Spain on Thursday night. She caught us up on her trip which included a long layover in London so she could pop into the Tate Modern. Havu has a stunning landscape show which includes representational and abstract paintings. We also made a stop in Michael Warren Contemporary because they were having a tequila tasting. The final stop was Pirate which had the most reasonably priced art. Here’s one of my favorites.

Pirate Contemporary Art, Tsogo Mijid, Entertainers, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 76, $1,850.

I’m Not Alone

I had a status meeting with my male boss from the local consulting firm.  I told him I have never worked with ruder people in my career. He agreed with my observations and told me the VP felt the same way.  The office has now been papered with these flyers:


I can’t take credit for the signs.  I’m guessing other people complained too.  It’s too bad it doesn’t tell people not to pee on the bathroom floor.

Where’s My Pencil?

As seen on the train home a few days ago:


It’s Friday.  The VP who banished jeans from the office is wearing jeans today.  Not a pair of nice dark-rinse jeans, but a pair of old and faded jeans with an unflattering fit.  Do as I say and not as I do.