I saw an aging plane model at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum this afternoon. The model depicted flying back in the day when people dressed to board airplanes and leg room wasn’t an issue. Many of the passengers had lost their hands or arms over the years which gave the exhibit a humorous twist.

Tomorrow night, I’m meeting Perry at the DAM for the opening of Degas: A Passion for Perfection. I’m looking forward to this exhibit which is making its only American stop at the DAM.


Dirty Dishes

This is the sink in the breakroom this morning. Yet again, someone left dirty dishes in the sink even though there’s a sponge and dish soap available for use. I’m so happy this is my last week in this hellhole.

Ripping The Bandage Off

I went to the opening at Redline last night. The non-profit contemporary art center was having their ten-year anniversary celebration. The cavernous space was filled with fixtures of local art scene. I’ll need to go back for a second look as it was too crowded to get a good look at art. My favorite piece is this diptych by Stephen Batura. I love the non-traditional color palette. He’s represented by the high-end Robischon Gallery so I’m guessing this painting is close to ten grand.

After the gallery opening, I met my friend whose partner moved out of the house. He didn’t want to spend another Friday night alone in his palatial home so he hit a few bars. We had a late dinner and a good talk. He is in therapy now with his partner, which is a good thing. His partner showed up for the second therapy session stoned, which is not a good thing. The partner moved home for a week and then moved back into his apartment my friend is paying for.

I’ve known this man for twenty-eight years. It’s hard to watch this relationship flounder. It reminds me of what I went through a few years ago, except my partner didn’t want to go to therapy. He had checked out and started a new relationship. Writing that last sentence was like ripping a bandage off a fresh wound.

Just A Photo

Here’s a photo I took on the night of the eclipse. It’s not your typical eclipse photo.

Leaving Is Trending

My work son, JC, submitted his resignation today. He was fed up with the place. He lined up an internship as a software developer along with two part time jobs to cover his monthly expenses. He’s willing to work three jobs to get out of the “hellhole”. Sadly, our departure will leave WF alone to fend for herself against the Indians. WF has been looking for a new position within the company. She’s great at networking so I expect she’ll soon find a new position in a department without a horde of H1B visa workers.

It’s A Risk

I landed my new gig without an interview or a resume. That’s not the experience I had when I was job hunting in the first seven months of 2017.

I received a call from a man I worked with years ago. A woman I worked with previously recommended me for a position he needed to fill. Two other former peers also said I would be a good fit for the job. The man gave me his pitch. He remembered my work ethic and reliability along with my client relationship skills. The position supports new product introductions and user acceptance testing. I’ve done both in previous gigs.

The position is with the client who went bankrupt in 2016 and couldn’t renew my contract. That may be a shock to some. The private equity owners of the company traded their equity for debt forgiveness. The remaining debt was restricted. A new board and leadership team was installed. The company emerged from bankruptcy in December and went public in January. The company is smaller and leaner. It is no longer being strangled by $6B of debt.

The new gig is a significant salary increase and offers the opportunity to work from home. I’ll also be returning to 1099 status which offers more tax advantages for me. It’s a risk but I can’t stay in my current job.

The Good And The Bad

My contract was signed today. I start my new gig on February 12th. I’m emailing my resignation letter to the New York consulting company tonight. Sadly, the new firm laid off a significant number of people today. I’ll be walking into an environment where the company tossed employees out the door and brought in consultants. I’m thankful the need for my skills was identified before the layoffs.