How Did He Know?

Morgan and I went to the new beer bust at Trade yesterday afternoon. It turned out to be a great time. The crowd was older and not afraid of a man in a harness. I met a handful of very friendly men and ran into a few guys I’d recently met. I received an invitation to a naked cocktail party in Boulder. I’m not sure I will attend as nice as it was nice to receive the invitation.

Morgan, being a social butterfly, introduced me to most of the men I met. He’s on a mission to make sure I don’t spend the next few years alone. Morgan was bit sloshed when we left the bar. I treated him to dinner at Swing Thai to thank him for the introductions. He was sobered up before I dropping him off at the condo he shares with his husband.

I arrived home around 9. I watched Netflix for a while before heading to bed. I had done laundry before meeting Morgan and neglected to put sheets back on my bed. I didn’t feel like dressing the bed so I slept in the guest bedroom.

Around 4 this morning, Ferdinand was sitting on the fence outside the guest bedroom window meowing. How did he know I was sleeping in the guest bedroom? He left the house when I left to pick up Morgan. He was on his rounds for almost twelve hours. I wonder if he meowed outside all the windows and doors until he found me.

Ferdinand slept in a chair in my office all day as I worked from home. I periodically tossed a paper clip on him to wake him up. Payback is a bitch. What he will do to me next?


I stopped by two art gallery openings on Friday night. Both shows knocked it out of the park.

First up was Space Gallery, which never disappoints. Monroe Hodder and Michael Hedges presented large scale abstract paintings with large scale prices ($6,000 to $16,500). Both are established artists so they can command a hefty price. Every painting was a winner in this show, although I did like some more than others.

Michael Hodges, The Imagined Landscape, oil on canvas, 62″ x 58″, $9,000.

Monore Hodges, Taxi Thunder, acrylic on canvas, 60″ x 60″, $16,500.

The second stop was Spark Gallery which had new presentations from Joyce Coco and Annalee Schorr. Joyce, who used to live a few houses down the street, was having her first show since her husband passed. The paintings were about loss and transition which may seem like a dark topic but Joyce’s paintings are actually a celebration. Joyce is a master with color and has a unique style. The much loved, Annalee, presented another round of colorful graphic paintings on plexiglass with a retro feel. Her painting are uplifting and make you feel good.

Joyce Coco, Omen, 36″ x 36″, $1,944.

Annalee Schorr, Serendipity #2, acrylic on plexiglass, $1,500.

It was a great night for art which is what I needed after a tough work week.

It’s been hotter than hell here. Over 100 yesterday. It’s time to fry eggs on the driveway.

It’s also been an unrealistically difficult week at work. My client is less than nine days away from their first major product launch since exiting bankruptcy. Major outages have yet to be corrected. There’s a lot riding on this launch. The company is also entering its last fiscal quarter so this launch has high expectations regarding revenue projections and maintaining financial stability.

I’m headed out to the galleries tonight. There are two very promising shows at Space Gallery and Spark Gallery.

See you on the back side.

After torturing the neighborhood with an eighteen-month renovation, the family across the street listed their house for sale. The house was pulled from the market after a month. Six months later the house was relisted at a slightly reduced price. The house sold in two weeks.

On Saturday, the family moved out. There was no going away party. No neighbors wished them well. The general consensus was all were glad to see them go as they were a constant interruption to our quiet neighborhood. There was a revolving door of guests and cars. Even though they built an underground garage, their five cars were almost always parked on the street. I think I heard a chorus of angels singing when the moving vans drove off.

I was mowing the yard yesterday afternoon when the new owners arrived along with the movers. They’re a young couple with two young daughters. I did not introduce myself as there was an army of movers trying to get the family settled. I noticed the woman was stylishly dressed for a moving day. The man looks like he knows the inside of the gym very well along with being very handsome. There’s a new in DILF in town and he lives across the street. I think I heard another chorus of angels singing.

Later that evening, I was talking to the woman who lives next door to the new neighbors. She also a handsome husband. She told me she was waiting for the new neighbor to strip off his shirt and jump into their pool so she could get a better look. Her house sits higher on the hill so she has a prime view of the pool. She agreed to invite me over if she sees him in the pool. Now, that’s a good neighbor.

You’re Fired

This morning my team lead announced the departure of the VP who runs the division. The VP was asked to leave the company. A half hour later, a friend who works in IT, called to let me know the woman, who is the director of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), has also disappeared. I had not seen her for a week or two. Her office is now cleaned out which usually means the person has been fired. I’m not sure what is going on. The company has started to quietly acquire small companies so there’s a lot of M&A work to do. The M&A work I do is the most interesting and challenging right behind new product introduction. I can only hope the new VP and Director, who have yet to be announced, like to employ contractors.

Art Fot Saturday

Clifford Ross, Hurricane Wave LXVI, pigment print. On display at the Denver Art Museum.

Work, Media and Art

I haven’t been motivated to write a post. I’ve been overwhelmed at work as a result of my client’s team in India who don’t understand how to do their job. They have created more work for all the associates in the States. Yet all the executives see is a cheap labor pool. Never mind the fact that the cheap labor pool is creating a lot of work for the onshore expensive labor pool.

Also, the events that have been slashed across all forms of media have left me feeling like there’s no end to scandals. I been trying to limit my online time as it often leads to reading sensationalized headlines.

On the bright side, I attended the premier of a new photography exhibit at the Denver Art Museum last night. New Territory: Landscape Photography Today is a stunning exhibit. He’s a description from the museum’s website:

New Territory: Landscape Photography Today is a survey of contemporary landscape photography from around the world. The exhibition of more than 100 photographs will explore how artists stretch the boundaries of traditional landscape photography to reflect the environmental attitudes, perceptions, and values of our time.

The works revive historic photographic processes as well as use innovative techniques and unconventional equipment and chemistry to depict landscapes in surprising ways. Taken individually and as a whole, the photographs will show how about 40 artists have manipulated materials and processes for expressive purposes, blurring the distinction between “observed” and “constructed” imagery. The exhibition challenges us to see photography differently, and contemplate our complex relationship with the landscape.

Marco Breuer, Untitled 2014,Chromogenic paper, embossed and scraped.