One of the consultants at work, who happens to be a millennial, is getting fired. His manager informed one of my team members, who, in turn, told me. His manager, who is a woman known for getting the job done, described the millennial’s work ethic as “non-existent”.

The millennial was an employee who quit to pursue his dream job in another country. When that job didn’t work out, he returned to the states and tried to get his old job back. He was hired as a contractor on another team, as his former peers did not want him returning to their team. He was known for doing little and seldom followed through on commitments. The man I work for recommend the millennial to woman who is firing him. Clearly, the man I work for has lost credibility.

He’s only been in his current position less than three months and he’s getting the boot. He recently moved out of his parent’s house into a new apartment. Guess who will probably be moving home again?

A Collective Sadness

Upon my return to work today, I received an email advising of an employee’s tragic death on December 23rd. A memorial service was held this morning. Sadly, the man committed suicide. He left behind his second wife and four children. A work friend informed me the marriage had failed.

Most of my team is sad today. I’m sad by association. The suicide is the dominate topic of conversation today. I didn’t know the man but had been on a few conference calls with him and had seen emails from him regarding some of my projects. I never had direct communications with him. I feel for his children who will forever have a reminder of their father’s suicide two days before Christmas.

I suspect things will return to normal tomorrow.

Something To Ponder

I found this while surfing the net the other day. It’s a still from Queer As Folk. It’s something to ponder if you’re looking back on 2018 and planning for 2019. You may be going to a rough patch but it will get better. And there’s always another person who has tougher circumstances. Have a great one. See you in 20109.

Friday Night Art

I stopped by Pirate Contemporary Art for the opening of their group show. Here are a few of my favorites.

Lisa Fernandez, You Can’t Go Home Again, oil on Canvas, $1,600.

Louis Recchia, Wounded Angel, oil on canvas, $1,200.

Tsogo Mijig, Inception, acrylic on canvas, $1,850.

The Good And The Bad

This morning, I dropped a check off at the non-profit that provides services for the homeless youths in the area. It’s something I’ve been doing for the last few years. While I was there, the fire department and an ambulance arrived to aid a man who I thought was sleeping on the sidewalk. One of the non-profit workers thought the man froze to death last night. I didn’t stick around to find out. I’m hoping the man was not dead. If so, it will probably be on the local news tonight. I should have given them more money.

Naughty Or Nice?

I hope you have a festive holiday. Were you naughty or nice?

Dale Mitchell (American 1957 to 1989) untitled, marker on paper, 12 x 8, private collection.

Solstice Dinner

I’ve been invited to my neighbor’s solstice dinner tonight. It’s a sit-down dinner for ten with the promise of tasty food and plenty of liquor. After dinner, the group will gather around the chiminea on the rear terrace for conversation. Some will enjoy cigars and scotch while others will probably have Champaign. It should be a fun time to end the work week and begin the holiday celebrations.

Happy Solstice!