And Now Boulder

Columbine High School, Aurora Theater, Highlands Ranch Stem School, and now Boulder’s King Soopers grocery store. The mass murders have to stop. And to think that a newly-elected Republican female representative from Colorado recently ran a political attack add which ended with the sound of gunfire. I hope her reprehensible behavior results in a single term in office.

Out In The Blizzard

A little over two feet of snow fell during the blizzard.  Mike and I took his g wagon out in the snow to see how it would do.  It did amazing well until Mike managed to get the car stuck in a snow drift sideways on an unplowed residential street in Cherry Hills Village. One of the security guards walked down from the main gate to see if we needed a tow.  After about ten minutes of rocking back and forth the vehicle was unstuck.  After that ordeal, we had a late lunch at bar on South Broadway.  There were very few places open.  The bar was populated with day drinkers. A $15 tip was left on a $25 check which delighted the waitress. 

Monday was bright and sunny.  My garden gnome can finally poke his head out of the snow.  It lightly snowed again last night and a few flakes are falling today. The rest of the week should be clear. 

Out Before the Storm

Is it really spring?  The weather forecast calls for up to 4 feet of snow in the higher elevations with perhaps 18 inches in the city.  The snow will continue until Monday morning. These types of snow storms are normal for March in this area.

Friday night I hit the galleries with Bart and TC, who is a retired landscape architect.  It was a most enjoyable time as all enjoy viewing art.  The evening was one last chance to get out of the house before the storm, which, was originally due to start on Friday night.  The gallery crowd consisted of serious art lovers and collectors.  The lookie loos have not returned to art scene.  The spring art season is off to a good start even though winter is still here.

There was a buzz in the air.  Everyone was excited to be out of the house.  The evening was a small escape from a world dominated by vaccine and pandemic talk.  The focus was on the art.  And there was some stellar art to see.  

I found two pieces I would like to acquire but I need to think long and hard about buying more art.  Something will need to come off the wall to make room for new art.  I recently sent my tax papers to the accountant. I’d better not purchase any art until I find out if I owe additional taxes.  I also need to fund my SEP Ira for 2020 out of my regular savings.

After three gallery openings, we stopped in Blackbird for a late dinner.  The restaurant was not crowded which allowed us to isolate in a booth.  The waiter was friendly and attentive.  The food was tasty as always.  This restaurant consistently sets a high bar.

I’m headed out to shovel.  It’s best to shovel several times rather than try to tackle 18 inches of snow at one time.  It’s a heavy wet snow, not the fine powder of earlier season storms.  It’s also good exercise in place of a gym workout. 

Enjoy a few art pics while I shovel. 

Madeleine Dodge, Sanctuary, indigo on wrapped steel paels, 108 x 84, $17,496. Space Gallery.
Wendy Kowynia, Sea of Clouds 2020.38, woven fiber form with indigo pigment, 56 x 60 x 6, $26,000, Space Gallery
Mona Ray, Morning Comes to Consciousness, oil on canvas over panel, 53 x 40, 6,000, Walker Fine Art

The Painting

Here’s the abstract landscape painting Bruce gave me. It’s now hanging in my dining room.

Meghan Wilbar, untitled, oil on canvas, 36 x 40

Blessed Again

I become eligible for vaccination on Friday.  I’m scheduled for vaccination on Saturday.  Yesterday, I received an email from Denver Health with a link to vaccination scheduling.  I secured an appointment with a few clicks.  It could not have been easier.  I was rather surprised given I have only been to Denver Health once a few years ago.  Apparently, I’m still listed in their records.  I feel truly blessed to have an appointment on Saturday given the stories I’ve heard about people trying to get vaccinated. 

Ding Dong

Ding Dong! The Prick is dead. Which old Prick? The Wicked Prick!  Ding Dong! The Wicked Prick is dead.

As Requested

A pic of Ferdinand as requested by the Warrior Queen.

Cat Paint

There are five houses on my street undergoing some type of renovation. I wasn’t surprised when the cat came home a few days ago with a swoosh of white paint on his side similar to the Roy Lichtenstein brushstrokes painting shown above.  Thankfully, the paint was latex so it was easy to wash off.  One of my neighbors probably has cat hair stuck on a newly painted surface.  Either that, or he was shooed away with a paint brush for being someplace he shouldn’t have been.  There’s always an adventure with this cat.

Not Worth The Risk

I had dinner with Mike on Saturday night.  I met him at his house near the Tech Center.  Mike wants to drive to we head to the garage.  There’s a new grey G-Wagon in the third stall.  He sold his black G-Wagon to a client and has been driving his Hyundai.  Mike took advantage of a special tax write off by buying a certain type of vehicle by the end of 2020.  Mike prepaid for the G-Wagon at the end of December which earned him a $37k tax write off. 

We had dinner at a restaurant down the street from Mike’s house.  I knew dinner would be pricey as the first thing I saw upon entering the restaurant was a women with a $4,000 Chanel handbag hanging from her shoulder.  We managed to snag two seats at the bar.  The food was good but not worth the price.

After dinner we went to one of the local gay bars for a drink.  The Covid rules were being strictly enforced.  We had to sign in for contact tracing, temperatures were taken and masks had to be worn until we sat down.  There was no roaming around to socialize.

Mike was bored so he started texting friends to meet up at a dive bar on South Broadway for karaoke.  I’m not a fan of karaoke but I thought it would be better than another evening of Netflix.  Or so I thought.

We arrive at bar.  Mike’s G-Wagon looks out of place in the parking lot populated with aging cars which have seen better days.  We enter the bar.  We are overdressed for the venue. Not a Chanel handbag in sight.  I doubt any of women’s purses cost more than $40. None of the Covid restrictions are being enforced.  We are the only ones wearing masks.  The bar is not too crowded but there’s a lot roaming and socializing by the other patrons, who, I’m guessing, are regulars based on their social interactions.  I find a deserted area by the pool table sufficiently away from the other patrons.  I stayed there the entire evening.  Mike’s friends arrive.  They soon ditch their masks.  I kept mine on the whole night.  I was the butt of jokes because I was the only one in the bar wearing a mask.  

I didn’t sing and stayed clear of the karaoke area.  We left at 11 when the bar closed.  I was home before midnight.  It felt good to get out of the house but I don’t think I will ever go back to that bar in the pandemic.  It’s not worth the risk, and clearly, there are many people who totally disregard Covid protections, including Mike and his friends. 

No Misgivings

Bruce stopped by about a week ago.  He looked incredibly handsome in his business attire.  He was sporting a pair of beautifully-crafted custom Ferragamo alligator shoes.  We had a long talk.  Bruce understands why I was reluctant to accept the painting.  I understand why Bruce wanted me to have it.  I accepted the gift.  The painting is still at Bruce’s house.  Between our different schedules and two Covid scares on his part, there has not been a suitable time for Bruce to drop it off.  In the end, I didn’t have any misgivings accepting the painting given that his shoes cost more than twice the price of the painting.