Another Married Man

I met a guy for coffee a few weeks ago. He looked like his pictures. He was my age, my height, in shape and good looking. He was no stranger to a gym. The conversation was going in a direction which indicated he wanted to head straight to bedroom. Then I noticed there was a mark where a wedding ring would be. I asked if he was married. He confirmed he was. I asked if he was in an open relationship. He was not. I asked if he was married to a man or a woman. He got upset with me. He wanted to know why I would think he would be married to man. I was almost speechless. It was as if gay marriage was only for fags. I pointed out we met on a dating app in the MFM section. I asked why I wouldn’t think he would be married to man as he was online looking for male companionship. He didn’t answer. He just got up an left. Another bullet dodged.

Whimsical Sunday

I met another married man. I’ll post about it in a few days. In the meantime, enjoy this whimsical sculpture by Gayla Lemke currently on view at Edge Gallery in Denver.

Screwing Themselves

My health insurance company dropped my HIV medication from their plan. I was faced with spending over $25k to continue taking the drug for a year. I switched to another medication which the plan covers. The pharmaceutical company offers a co-pay card so I don’t have an out-of-pocket expense. The new medication has four drugs in one pill taken once a day. I started the drug on Monday. My body is still getting used to the new drugs. I’ve not felt well for the past few days. I’ve had headaches and a general feeling of malaise. I’m feeling better today. The drug costs over 43k a year. The insurance company screwed themselves. I’m expecting them to drop the medication from their coverage next year. If they do, I’ll be looking for new health insurance.

Busy With Life

I’ve been busy with life. There’s nothing new to report. I’m assigned to a project at work that makes me feel like I’m standing on the deck of the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. Enjoy this Louis Recchia painting Cindi gave me a while back.

Louis Recchia, Uninvited Visitor, acrylic on board, 6 3/4 x 12.

A Missed Opening

My friend, Tasha Osrtander, opened an exhibit of her works at the Harwood Museum of Art, in Taos, NM this past weekend. The exhibit also includes works by Izumi Yokoyama. Most of the usual suspects from Santa Fe attended the opening. I wish I could have been there. Here are a few pieces included in the show.

Plains of Apparition IV (The Disappearance Series I), archival lightjet print on aluminum di bond, 26 x 32.

Chemical Spirit Portrait Series

Chemical Spirit No. 38

The Shoe Story

The man who hired me back as a contractor complimented me on the shoes I was wearing on Tuesday. I simply thanked him. I knew if I gave him any details about the shoes it would be a conversation I regretted. He has a way of converting every conversation into a story about him. My simple thank you turned out to be the catalyst for a monologue where I listed and nodded my head. The man stopped at my desk and proceeded to tell me how he is a “shoe man”. That comment almost made me laugh out loud. I’ve only seen him wear one pair of dress shoes, which were black with a square toe and probably dated back to 2003. He usually wears some type of trainers. He stuck out his foot to show me the new shoes he was wearing. He made a point of telling me they were Sketchers, as if he was wearing something stylish from Barneys. By this time, I knew why he complimented me on my shoes. He wanted me to comment on his new shoes. I didn’t take the bait. His Sketchers were deplorable, as most Sketchers are, in my opinion. He then went on to tell me how he thought the two millennials on the team wore really cool shoes. I told him I didn’t pay attention to the shoes the millennials wore, which was my way of saying their shoes aren’t remarkable. In fact the millennials usually wear some type of athleisure shoe. Thankfully, I had to join a conference call so I had an excuse to end the conversation.

I will admit I am a shoe snob. I like well-made shoes. I like pricey shoes. I like shoes you will not see on every other man. I covet the shoe collection of a certain man in Louisiana. He will often post pictures of the shoes he wears to work. No rubbish! As Dr. Spo would say.

Shoes Can Wait

I have a tale to tell about shoes but I don’t have time to compose it today. In the meantime, enjoy this fantastic photo by the great Ellen von Unwerth of Claudia Schiffer and great vintage Chevrolet taken in 1991.