Kumar, Lekhana, Shruthi, Sudhindra, Sabarivasan, Sangeeta, Shreeshail, Sairam are the members of my team. This is the first time in my career that I have been a minority in the office. It’s rather strange.

All my team members are contractors, including my manager. Almost everyone in this office is a contractor. There are additional contractors offshore. There are very few employees. My desk is a plastic table along a bank of windows. Plastic tables are set in any area that doesn’t create a fire hazard. There are two people working in each cubicle that was designed for one person. It’s like working in a sardine can.

The majority of staff is male. The bathroom is undersized for the number of people on the floor. As a result, guys are often in line to use one of the two urinals. God forbid if I have to pinch a loaf at work.

Almost everyone speaks Hindi. I think that’s what they are speaking given most of the people are Indian and that’s the official language of India. I could be wrong given India has twenty-two different languages. It’s really odd working in an office where most of the workers are using a language you don’t understand. It doesn’t feel welcoming at all. Most of the people ignore me.

I don’t have a phone. I have to use my cell phone. I don’t have a laptop. I had to bring my own. I don’t have an ID badge so I can’t access the other floors in the building. The lunch room is on another floor so I ate my lunch at my desk. I billed my lunch time to the client for holding me hostage. Even though my contract was signed three weeks ago, my manager had no plan for my first day. He was too busy to meet with me. He had failed to find me a mentor. I spent the day looking at the various company portals. I was basically paid to look out the window all day and tinker on my laptop.

It’s only the first day. I need to give it some time. Perhaps it will grow on me.

Tomorrow Is Day 1

I start work tomorrow after 219 days of unemployment. Monday was the original start date but the client failed to make the necessary preparations. They hadn’t secured a laptop, or arranged for access to their network even though they had three weeks to do so. I hope I’m not walking into a complete cluster fuck of disorganization.

Squirrel Watch

I saw this piece at Access Gallery last Friday night.

Howard Harris, Squirrel Watch, dye sublimation on aluminum, $1,100.

I found this description of Access online:

Some people with disabilities are artists, too, and VSA Colorado supplies such talents with tools, mentorship and a leg up on successful self-expression. The organization also gives its young artists a place to show their work in public, at Access Gallery. Affordable urban folk art, streetwise canvases and even commissioned dog portraits are available through Access.

I saw this sculpture in the East 7th Avenue Historic District on Wednesday on my way to the concert at the Denver Botanic Garden. The owners of a dead tree used the remains to build an innovative and interesting yard sculpture. How cool is that?

Best In Show

The usual suspects hit the First Friday art walk on Santa Fe tonight. The street was closed down making navagation a breeze. A pletora of food trucks served up tasty offerings. This is my favorite from the art tour tonight.

Michael Warren Contemporary, Andrew Roberts-Gray, paint and silk screen on sand blasted mirror affixed to panel, 24′” x 30″, $1,200

Robert On Friday

How about some Robert Rauschenberg to liven up Friday afternoon?