A Pic A Day 18

Detail of the Clyfford Still Museum facade.

Snow, In May?

I woke up to snow falling this morning. After quickly dressing, I dashed outside to cover up the peonies, ferns, hostas and sea kale. The weather forecast calls for more snow late tonight into Friday. Parts of the high country are expecting up to three feet while the city may only get six inches. Yes, it’s late May but Mother Nature doesn’t want winter to end in Colorado.

A Pic A Day 17

Sedum in the garden

The country is in the midst of what some are calling a constitutional crisis. This is nothing compared to the issues discussed at the recent homeowners meeting.

Neighbors of man who has a seven-bedroom house are furious that he is renting six of the bedrooms on Airbnb. The man has obtained the proper permits and is complying with the city’s short-term rental regulations. The neighbors want the covenants revised to forbid short-term rentals like Airbnb.

A real estate investor purchased a four-bedroom house which he turned into a rooming house. At times, there are eight cars, all with Oregon license plates, at the house. The house is not zoned for multiple long-term tenants. The executive board has turned this issue over to the law firm representing the neighborhood.

A woman who bought a two-story red-brick colonial presented plans to the architectural committee to replace the brick with stone. The surrounding neighbors are opposed to the plans because there are no all-stone houses in the neighborhood. The architectural bylaws do not allow manufactured stone so this will be a very expensive renovation.

The neighbors whose houses are adjacent to the six acre property owned by the rich guys are fed up with the endless renovations. To date, the guys have spent $75m renovating their 33,000 sq. ft. mansion and grounds. The latest project involves moving the in-ground swimming pool three inches because it’s not centered.

Two houses were recently burglarized. Small electronics were stolen at both homes. Neither owner had turned on their security system. One woman, whose house was burglarized, checked into a hotel for a week because she didn’t feel safe in her home. Say it with me, bitch please! Turn on your security system.

As you can see, a constitutional crises pales in comparison to the first world problems in my neighborhood

A Pic A Day 16

Mai Wyn Schantz, Wateline 1, 21 X 15, oil on aluminum, $850. Available at Mai Wyn Fine Art.

A Pic A Day 15

The Beauvallon is one of the most hated buildings in Denver. Countless lawsuits were filed over construction and design flaws. At one point, the entire exterior was torn off and rebuilt while people lived in the condos. It may photograph well, but in person, the stucco exterior looks cheap. The developer fled Denver and now resides in Manhattan.

A Pic A Day 14

Helmut Lang on sale at Nordstrom Rack. I really shouldn’t be shopping without a job. Did I buy it?