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Yesterday’s post was a buzz kill. Sorry for depressing the four readers of this blog.So here’s a completely different unrelated topic – McMansions. Here are a few pictures of the McMansions that have been built, or, are being built in our neighborhood. Here’ how the other half is living in my hood.

This one is going to be a little over 5,000 sq ft with a pool and matching pool house.


This one has copper pannels on the upper floors and a frosted glass fence around the pool that can be seen in the right side of the photo.This one was a 5,000 sq ft sixties tri-level that was remodeled and turned into a 10,000 sq ft tuscan.  This 12.000 sq ft abode is owned by empty nesters.

This is the original 30,000 sq ft mansion that the neighborhood was develop around.  The neighborhood has 193 houses.


This 7,000 sq ft mediterranean ranch is on the market for 3.5.  It’s next door the house with the copper siding. This one is hard to see because of the trees.  It’s a 12,000 sq ft three story tudor. This is the smallest of the new house at 4,900 sq ft.  It will also have a pool and matching pool house.

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