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An Exodus

On Sunday, I talked with a friend and former work colleague I’ve known for many years. When I met G he was married to a woman. He came out, divorced his wife and met his future husband all within a year. We were both laid off with weeks of each other from a global telecom company. G called to tell me he was moving to Missouri in a month. G and his husband had sold their business a few months ago. The listed their house on Friday and accepted an offer on Sunday.

Two weeks ago, S, who I also worked with for many years, called to let me know she was moving to Mississippi with her husband and adult son. She had sold her house the day it hit the market.

Six month ago, J, who I’ve known since the early 90’s moved to Alabama. She an executive assistant at the company I’m under contract with. She sold her house in five days.

It’s an exodus of friends from Colorado to cities in red states where the cost of living is cheaper. All are at, or nearing, retirement age. They are cashing in on their home equity and paying cash for houses in less expensive cities in preparation for the final chapters of their lives.

I may making an exodus one day but it may be a while. My cash cow has to die first.

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