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The Harvest

When construction was finished on the master suite addition the back yard had been completely destroyed by bobcats, dump trucks and other construction equipment. The backyard landscape consisted of one fifty-year-old maple tree, a few lilac bushes and a field of weeds and dirt. The pond managed to survive but the fish had been killed when a torrential rainstorm filled the pond with mud and toxic construction waste. The pond was rebuilt and restocked. Pavers were laid for the patio and the walkway that curves though the side yard and ends at the driveway. Patty was hired to design our landscape plan. She’s a master gardener and her garden is a work of art. Patty has worked at the Denver Botanic Garden and is proponent of xeriscaping. A water wise landscape was to top priority. Denver was in the midst of a drought and the local water utility was raising prices faster than hemlines in boom times (the “hemline theory” of economics, coined by US economist George Taylor in the 1920s, says hemlines rise and fall in line with the state of the economy). Patty designed a wonderful garden. She recommended planting four columnar apple trees in a half circle planting area that lies between the west garage wall and the walkway. The trees were ordered from a reputable mail order nursery with a guaranteed to produce fruit the following year. The trees have been planted for several years now and have finally produced fruit. The guarantee was worthless.

I should say one tree has produced two apples. I was waiting for K to return from his business trip so we could pick our first apples. Mother Nature was not as patient. I found one of the apples on the ground this morning. I picked the other apple and put both of them in a bowl on the kitchen Island. Thankfully, the apples managed to survive the foraging of the neighborhood squirrels. They seemed to have confined their meals to the plethora of apples on Tom and Sheila’s tree, much to their dismay.

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