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An Exodus

On Sunday, I talked with a friend and former work colleague I’ve known for many years. When I met G he was married to a woman. He came out, divorced his wife and met his future husband all within a year. We were both laid off with weeks of each other from a global telecom company. G called to tell me he was moving to Missouri in a month. G and his husband had sold their business a few months ago. The listed their house on Friday and accepted an offer on Sunday.

Two weeks ago, S, who I also worked with for many years, called to let me know she was moving to Mississippi with her husband and adult son. She had sold her house the day it hit the market.

Six month ago, J, who I’ve known since the early 90’s moved to Alabama. She an executive assistant at the company I’m under contract with. She sold her house in five days.

It’s an exodus of friends from Colorado to cities in red states where the cost of living is cheaper. All are at, or nearing, retirement age. They are cashing in on their home equity and paying cash for houses in less expensive cities in preparation for the final chapters of their lives.

I may making an exodus one day but it may be a while. My cash cow has to die first.

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A Chilling Thought

I occasionally have to remotely access mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc) in a lab in the building across the street using the client’s wireless network. If I try to use the client’s secure network the connection fails. If I use the unsecured network access is always granted. How crazy it that? You didn’t know mobile devices could be accessed remotely? Almost everything can be accessed remotely. I’ll leave you with that chilling thought.

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Help Me Understand

Yesterday, I was finally given assignments. However, there were no instructions and the tool I needed to use was not intuitive. A user guide was non-existent. Also, a database I needed to search was being blocked by the firewall because I’m still using my personal laptop. My mentor, who gave me the work, disappeared for a few hours and was offline so he could not be messaged. I consulted with an employee who transferred to Denver a few months ago. The woman is around my age so we’ve become work friends. She had similar frustrations with her assignments and was ready to toss her laptop out the window of our eight floor office. Thankfully, it’s a new building with non-operable windows. The tools and applications are new to her too. Adding to the frustration is a mentor whose first language is not English. The mentor’s accent along with marginal English language skills didn’t help the situation. The mentor returned a few hours later. The woman corralled him into walking us through the tasks and explaining the tool. The mentor found a company laptop for me to use. The woman and I teamed up to tackle the job. It didn’t take long before another roadblock was encountered. The work was requested by an offshore resource. The sentences in the document were ambiguous. After some head banging and a trip to ninth floor to throw the woman’s laptop off the terrace of the outdoor eating area, a clarifying email was sent overseas. Today is new day full of promise, or more confusion when the man overseas responds with answers that don’t make sense. Help me understand how offshoring and hiring H-1B visa holders with poor communications skills is efficient and cost effective when it takes twice the time to do the work.

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Firings and Layoffs

One of last senior presidents from the pre-private equity regime has been fired. Another was demoted. Of course the replacements are cronies of the new regime. This only leaves two or three senior leaders from the old guard. It’s a sad day here as both of these men are well respected. It is so surreal to watch as the leadership of this company has been slowly replaced. I guess they were all warned and should have expected to be fired. The new CEO publicly stated that everything we have done in the last seven years was wrong and that all of our acquisitions were failures.

People are being laid off as I write this. The rumor is 20% of the workforce will be let go (up to 4,000 people). So far my department has not been hit. However, my coach is not available and is not returning calls. Not a good sign.

Update: A Vice President and Director were fired this afternoon. No layoffs in my department yet.  Next week should be interesting.

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The New Fiscal Year

The conpany starts the new fiscal year today. My boss coach wants my accomplishments by Friday. He will then complete his analysis along with the rating and ranking of the group by October 22nd. The bonus payments will be made on November 28th. However merit increases (a.k.a. raises) will be effective March 2009. I find it unsettling that the fiscal and performance year closed yesterday but company has now chosen to delay salary increases for six months. Just another wonderful benefit provided by the private equity owners. I don’t know why I am disturbed by delay. My coach has already been socializing the idea that merit increases will be on the low end around 2%. Why bother at all?

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