Beep Beep Beep

It’s only nine on Saturday morning. I was awakened a little after seven by the beeping sound of a truck in reverse. The house across the street was getting a delivery of smaller boulders to compliment the one ton boulders that were dropped off a week or so ago. The house to south is now getting a concrete delivery. From the family room windows I can see the top of a massive crane hoisting roof trusses onto the house under construction one street to the west. One would think I live in a new housing development instead of an established city neighborhood.

Three In A Row

Kate McGuinness opened a monotype show at Valkarie Gallery in Belmar last week. Jean Smith is opening a show of new clay works tonight at Zip 37 over on Navajo Street. Madeleine Dodge is opening a show of new paintings next week at Spark Gallery on Santa Fe. Three of my favorite local artist working in three different mediums with back to back openings over three weeks. It’s not hard to guess what I’ll be doing tonight and next Friday.

The Queer Seder

I’m going the Queer Seder tonight with Double A at his synagogue. This is only my second Seder. I asked Mike if he wanted to go but he acted like I asked him to saw off his arm with a rusty knife. I’m guessing he doesn’t want to flaunt his gayness at the temple for fear of losing a car sale. I think it will be an interesting evening.

Amazing Incompetence

My manager informed me on Friday that he overbooked me with work for the next production cycle. He asked me to write up an action plan to resolve the issue he created. Really? An action plan? I was inclined to start the plan with the suggestion that he go back to school for a refresher course in mathematics but I restrained myself. I sent him an action plan on Monday afternoon that included a list of project to be transition to another analyst. He acknowledge receipt of the list on Tuesday. I’ve been under the gun to finish a project so I didn’t look at my work queue until this morning. All of the projects I listed for transition are still in my queue along with three additional projects that my work manager assigned yesterday. This is just one example of this man’s amazing incompetence.

Time For Art

It’s Friday so it’s time for art. I’m headed to the Valkaire Gallery tonight for Kate McGuinness’ artist reception. Kate’s show opened on Wednesday. I saw a preview of her new works at her studio a few weeks ago. Her new color palate is quite amazing. Stop by and see the show if you’re in the Belmar area.

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with Fritz and a few his friends for the Doors Open Denver architectural tour. It’s looking like a fun weekend ahead.

It Never Ends

The house in the neighborhood that has been under construction for three years is now a spec house. It seems the wife decided she didn’t want to live on the corner of a periodically busy street. The couple are planning on selling the house. The couple have already started construction on another house in Cherry Hills Village. It sucks that the neighbors have lived for three years with this construction site that has an eight foot chain-link fence and flood lights that make it look like a Supermax prison at night.

In other neighborhood news, the house across the street is undergoing an intense four week renovation. A fleet of trucks arrive every day. It looks like one of those renovations on an HGTV show. Last Saturday a local landscape supply company delivered fifteen one-ton boulders. They are scattered around the perimeter of the property waiting for the softscape to arrive. I’m hoping the plantings soften the look of the boulders which currently look out place on the flat lawn.

It’s good to see people investing in their properties but I’m tired of all the construction noise and trucks that have become a part of daily life. Is progress always good?

Cake And Clutter

I attended a friend’s birthday dinner last night at a local over-rated slophouse chosen by the birthday boy. After dinner the group was invited one couple’s full-floor penthouse condo for birthday desserts. The condo has stunning views of the cityscape but was one the most horrendously decorated homes I’ve ever seen. It seems this couple, who have been together for many years, has kept ever souvenir from their worlds travels. They are all on display in curio cabinets, on books shelves and tacked to the walls. If the clutter wasn’t bad enough, the furniture is a mix of Versailles, inherited pieces and thrift store finds that came together to look like one big cluster fuck of decor. Every period and style of furniture was represented. The house looks like a depot for lost and found furniture. I felt claustrophobic and couldn’t wait to leave. The funny thing is these guys have serious funds. Dessert was served on fine china with sterling silver flatware and tea service. They don’t have an eye for editing and don’t follow the less is more philosophy. I shouldn’t be so critical. I’m the one without a living sofa or dining room table.


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