Wasting 60 Grand

Access to the servers was restored late yesterday morning. A guy who said he was too busy to look into the issue managed to find time to implement a fix. The guy sent an email advising it only took him thirty seconds to restore the service. My team sat around for a day and half basically doing nothing. Yet the fix only took thirty seconds. My team costs the company about $5k per hour. The company wasted $60k in salary because this man couldn’t see that he should have made access to the servers the top priority. This guy thought he was touting his success, but in my eyes, he only made himself look like an idiot for wasting $60k.

Dead In The Water

Access to the test servers was down all day yesterday and the problem has carried into today. My team is getting paid to sit and answer the occasional email while waiting for access to be restored. I find it rather odd that I work in an IT department yet nobody in the IT department has been able to resolve the issue.

Mr. I Does It Again

Mr. Incompetent, my work manager, dumped his work on me once again. He sat on two projects for a month. The projects were to be completed by Friday. On Friday morning I discovered he moved the projects into my queue and took off early as most good Catholics do on Good Friday. Mr. I had logged off the network by the time I started on Friday thanks to the eight hour time difference between Denver and his city across the pond. I’m guessing thou shall not dump your work projects on a peer at the last minute is not covered by the Ten Commandments.

Beep Beep Beep

It’s only nine on Saturday morning. I was awakened a little after seven by the beeping sound of a truck in reverse. The house across the street was getting a delivery of smaller boulders to compliment the one ton boulders that were dropped off a week or so ago. The house to south is now getting a concrete delivery. From the family room windows I can see the top of a massive crane hoisting roof trusses onto the house under construction one street to the west. One would think I live in a new housing development instead of an established city neighborhood.

Three In A Row

Kate McGuinness opened a monotype show at Valkarie Gallery in Belmar last week. Jean Smith is opening a show of new clay works tonight at Zip 37 over on Navajo Street. Madeleine Dodge is opening a show of new paintings next week at Spark Gallery on Santa Fe. Three of my favorite local artist working in three different mediums with back to back openings over three weeks. It’s not hard to guess what I’ll be doing tonight and next Friday.

The Queer Seder

I’m going the Queer Seder tonight with Double A at his synagogue. This is only my second Seder. I asked Mike if he wanted to go but he acted like I asked him to saw off his arm with a rusty knife. I’m guessing he doesn’t want to flaunt his gayness at the temple for fear of losing a car sale. I think it will be an interesting evening.

Amazing Incompetence

My manager informed me on Friday that he overbooked me with work for the next production cycle. He asked me to write up an action plan to resolve the issue he created. Really? An action plan? I was inclined to start the plan with the suggestion that he go back to school for a refresher course in mathematics but I restrained myself. I sent him an action plan on Monday afternoon that included a list of project to be transition to another analyst. He acknowledge receipt of the list on Tuesday. I’ve been under the gun to finish a project so I didn’t look at my work queue until this morning. All of the projects I listed for transition are still in my queue along with three additional projects that my work manager assigned yesterday. This is just one example of this man’s amazing incompetence.


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